Thursday, October 16, 2014

A New Dining Experience at Niu by Vikings

Enjoy the flavors of the world, all in one place...

Vikings elevates the buffet experience with its newest dining concept, Niu by Vikings, combining elegance and refined ambience, a wide range of the very best international and local cuisine, premium and fresh seasonal ingredients, world-class chefs, and excellent service in one impressive space.

Inspired by the Nordic word for the number "9" representing the nine worlds, or realms, of Norse mythology, it's a fitting name for Viking's newest buffet dining concept, offering the world's best cuisine high above at SM Aura Skypark.

There are private rooms as well for large groups or corporate functions, and Niu by Vikings is ready for any dining requirement. A group lunch with friends or an intimate dinner for two, there are numerous seating options. The chefs at the different stations then make the final prep before the dinner service...

With each station prepped and ready, the dinner service begins. Pan-Asian, French and Italian, Japanese, Seafood, an impressive Carving Station, an indulgent Dessert Station, a fresh salad station, a Grill Station, a beverage and full service bar and more await diners at Niu by Vikings.

Don't skip the assorted cold cuts and cheeses at Niu by Vikings. Often overlooked by diners, Niu by Vikings features some of the best cheeses, and the staff even prepared a sampler tray to share with the group. Start with a selection of cheeses, nuts and dried fruits before the mains. And take your time, no need to rush at Niu by Vikings.

Why not start with some cocktails, like the cool and refreshing Cloud 9 (L) with vodka, lime, Blue Curacao and a lemon twist. Or the Niu High Street (R), a smooth blend of coconut rum, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, and sour mix. Niu by Vikings' signature dishes were then served...

"The concept is more Chef driven, we are exposing our team to a variety of styles with different backgrounds, we have invested in state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, from a Gelato maker to our very own smoking cabinet right here in our store" says Charles Stewart Lee, Marketing Manager of Vikings Group. To better appreciate the new Chef driven concept, plated samplers of Niu by Vikings' signature dishes were served. An elegantly plated appetizer duo is first served, Dragon Roll with Wasabi Aioli and Oyster Teppan with Apple Salsa and Mango Pinakurat, an intricate and precisely executed dish with fresh and contrasting flavors.

Next, an Asian-inspired Lobster Miso Soup with Silken Tofu, hearty and comforting with subtle and delicate flavors. The fresh lobster adds a subtle layer of briny sweetness to the soup, with the silken tofu completing the dish with its creamy texture and nutty hints.

For the main dish, the chefs at Niu by Vikings present another elegantly plated dish, Pan-Seared Beef Medallion Stuffed with Gorgonzola with Deconstructed Hollandaise, tender beef perfectly grilled with a juicy pink center. The creamy blend of gogonzola and the unique "deconstructed" hollandaise add to the richness of the beef, just a sampler of what awaits you at the buffet.

For dessert, an indulgent Chilled Mango Cheesecake with Fruit Pastille, caps our sampling experience. Rich, creamy, and not to sweet, with that distinct tart note from the mangoes perfectly blending with the cheesecake. The meticulous attention to detail of each dish highlights the Chef driven concept at Niu by Vikings for an entirely new buffet dining experience.

Afrer sampling the signature plated dishes, it's time to hit the buffet. The Carving Station is usually the highlight of any buffet. And that day, the Carving Station at Niu by Vikings was pretty impressive. At the Carving Station, choose from the Herb Spit-Roasted US Prime, the New Zealand Garlic and Rosemary Studded Leg of Lamb, or the tender Beef Ribs...

...the Roast Turkey...

...or the Niu Pork Belly-Chon, each one freshly roasted or grilled before the dinner service. But there's more. Explore the full length of the different stations at Niu by Vikings and you'll definitely find other must try dishes.

At the Chinese Station, you can find a variety of smoked and barbecued meats, including soy chicken, hamonado, pork asado, and crisp pork belly slices.  The station is headed by experienced chefs from Hong Kong for authentic Cantonese dishes.

Over at the Pan-Asian Station, one can find traditional Southeast Asian and Indian dishes like Biryani Rice (L) and Beef Rendang (R) made with the rich spice blends from the region. And the tender Beef Rendang and Biryani Rice are a perfect combo.

Other dishes include the richly flavored Butter-Poached Prawns with Coconut Cream and Pumpkin Sauce (L) and the Filipino classic, Crispy Pork Binagoongan with Grilled Eggplant Relish (R).

Craving for seafood? No worries, you'll find your favorite seafood at one of the many stations at Niu by Vikings, like the Creamy Butter Crab (L) or Asian-inspired Braised Lapu-Lapu with Eggplant (R). 

No buffet is complete without the traditional Sushi, Sashimi, and Yakitori, and the selection at Niu by Vikings is just what you'd expect, with each one freshly rolled or grilled right in front of you by the skilled chefs.

In between plates, have a refreshing shot of Watermelon and Jalapeno Gazpacho and Strawberry Banana Shooters as you go for yet another round...

At the Grill Station, I requested for a plated Grilled Lamb Kofta, and after a few minutes, the station chefs prepped my plate. Juicy ground lamb seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and perfectly grilled, and another taste of authentic global flavors. Other selections at the Grill Station include tender beef medallions, pork belly, lamb, and fresh seafood.

From the Yakitori Station, skewers of teriyaki glazed chicken skin, chicken liver, and pork belly fresh off the grill, plated with a side of refreshing Kani Salad drizzled with Japanese mayo. The smoky hints and sweetness of the glaze complete the flavors.

Niu by Vikings also has a Foie Gras Station, definitely not to be missed. Seriously good.

At the Grill Station, a few slices of tender New Zealand Garlic and Rosemary Studded Leg of Ham on creamed spinach with grilled corn complete my dining experience at Niu by Vikings.

Over at the Italian Station, choose from a variety of pizza fresh off the oven, like the Sicilian Pizza (L). At the Spanish Station, one can find a variety of traditional Spanish dishes, including Callos  Madrillena (R). With so much more to choose from, Niu by Vikings definitely has one of the most comprehensive spreads in the metro.

The dessert selection is equally impressive, featuring a wide variety of pastries, fresh fruits, even a halo-halo station. Dark Chocolate Cupcakes? Go for it.

Or go for the freshly made gelato at the Gelato Station. A scoop of creamy Vanilla and Tiramisu, topped with nuts, just can't get any better than that. From the elegant ambience, the wide selection of dishes, and exceptional service, Niu by Vikings elevates your buffet dining experience to a whole new level. The culmination of experience gained from the success of Vikings' other buffet restaurants, Niu by Vikings is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Niu by Vikings is located at the SM Aura Skypark right across the Samsung Hall. 26th Street corner McKinley Parkway, Taguig or call 478-3888 for inquiries.

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