Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buon Appetito Fridays: Going Italian at Spectrum

Here's an Italian feast you can't refuse, all the pasta, pizza, slow-roasted porchetta, osso bucco and cannoli you want at Raffles and Fairmont Hotel Makati's Spectrum.

Every Friday night, Spectrum celebrates the rich flavors of Italy with Buon Appetito Fridays, a sumptuous buffet featuring classic Italian favorites.  

A quick scan of Spectrum's Italian buffet spread brings you through an impressive range of dishes, including the premium Roast Ribeye...

...the classic Slow-Roasted Porchetta...

...and the rustic Herb Roasted Lamb with vegetables. But there's more...

At the Pasta Station, indulge in a variety of freshly made pasta, including Spinach Pasta, Saffron Pasta, and Whole Wheat Pasta, plus an equally extensive range of sauces and toppings. Just tell the chef at the station, and they'll prepare your fresh and hot pasta dish in no time.

Other meat selections include the Bistecca Florentina (L) and the Pork Saltimbocca alla Romana (R), both hearty and comforting dishes. The buffet spread also features a wide variety of other savory dishes, including Chicken Cacciatore and fresh seafood.

At the Pizza Station, create your very own pizza and choose from an extensive selection of toppings. All meat, all seafood, all cheese, or all vegetables, you can have it any way you want it. For dessert, why not have a dessert pizza?    

Start your Italian feast at Spectrum with a comforting bowl of creamy Zuppa Toscana with peppers and vegetables. Spectrum's Buon Appetito Fridays also features a variety of authentic Italian antipasti and artisanal deli and cheese for starters, plus rustic homemade bread.

Follow it up with a medley of fresh greens and Italian salads, including Beetroot Salad, Prosciutto with Arugula, Panzanella, Caprese Salad, Penne with Tomatoes and Mozzarella, and Pinzimonio, with fresh romaine drizzled with blue cheese dressing to complete the dish.

At the Risotto Station, watch Chef Carmela prepare the delicately simple yet flavorful risotto. First, onions and butter are browned on the pan, then the risotto is added. Before plating, the hot and freshly prepared risotto is set on the largest parmesan cheese ball I've seen for more flavors...

...and my Risotto is served. Rich, creamy, buttery, soft and fluffy, just the way a risotto should be. 

Vivid colors and flavors combine in this hearty Ravioli dish stuffed with beef and mushrooms, and topped with cheese. The colors of Italy come to life with the flavors of peppers, spinach and cheese.

It was then time to try the Herb Roasted Lamb. Chef Jovito proceeds with plating my dish...

Tender, slow-roasted lamb with grilled vegetables and mint jelly, as plated by Chef Jovito. The rich flavors of the lamb are great as is, add a little mint jelly for even richer flavors.

In between plates, go for some fresh and plump shrimps in olive oil, olives, and capers and some fresh mussels at the Seafood Station. The Seafood Station also offers premium Norwegian salmon, as well as a selection of sushi and sashimi, regular staples on the buffet.

Ready for another round, this time it's the premium Roast Ribeye, again plated by Chef Jovito. Chef Jovito plates my dish with two thick slabs of tender roast ribeye  with au jus and drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Served medium rare with a juicy pink center...perfect.

For dessert, stop by Spectrum's popular Honey Station, and sample their Honey Truffles and Honey Toffee drizzled with honey.

Spectrum's Honey Flan, a sweet custard generously layered with honey, with Honey Truffles and Honey Toffee and a healthy helping of honey make up my honey trifecta for dessert.

Still can't get enough of honey? Try a few slices of bleu cheese with honey on the side for a sweet and creamy kick to cap your Italian feast at Spectrum. Pair it with Spectrum's rich and frothy Latte to complete your dining experience at Spectrum.

Joern Schwaiger, Director of Food and Beverage; and Loni Kristine Balagtas-Bayangos, Marketing Communications Manager of Raffles and Fairmont Hotels Makati, await your visit to Spectrum's Buon Appetito Fridays. Buon Appetito Fridays is available at P 2,450 net per person, every Friday evening at Spectrum. When you're feeling Italian this Friday, make it Buon Appetito Fridays at Spectrum.

Spectrum is located at the Lobby Level of Raffles and Fairmont Hotel Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City or call +632-555-9840 for inquiries and reservations, or email

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