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New York's Finest: Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana

Authentic Neapolitan style pizza comes to Manila with Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana...

Regarded as one of New York's finest, Mario Batali once described Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana as the "Cindy Crawford of pizza" in New York Magazine. The New York Times also mentioned it as "the city's best pizza." Time to definitely give it a try...

Established back in 2008 by Belgian Chef Mathieu Palombino with his first store in Brooklyn, Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana specializes in authentic Neapolitan style pizza. Today, Motorino can be found in New York, Hong Kong, and Manila, a welcome addition to the metro's culinary landscape.

With their rustic tile-lined wood fired oven, Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana puts it through its paces not only with their signature pizza, but with some of their signature antipasti as well. Start your meal with Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana's signature antipasti...

Motorino's Caesar Salad (P 295), fresh and crisp lettuce with pecorino and anchovy dressing and served with a crunchy crouton. The generous heap of grated Pecorino Romano, an intensely flavored and salty cheese made from sheep's milk, adds that distinct richness to the fresh lettuce coated in anchovy dressing. A good start to any meal at Motorino.

Roasted Corn (P 95), sweet corn with oreganata butter and pecorino, roasted in Motorino's elegantly tiled wood-fired oven. The combination of freshly grilled sweet corn and the flavorful butter sauce is simply perfect, and the grated pecorino adds the finishing touch with its distinct notes. Sweet, salty, and buttery, just can't get better than that.

Motorino Meatballs (P 380), juicy tomato braised pork meatballs with pecorino and fresh basil, another hearty starter bursting with flavor in every bite. The bright red sauce is thick and tart, adding more flavor to the delicate notes of the pork meatballs.

I've always enjoyed meatballs, and Motorino's version is comforting and distinctly Italian with the pecorino and fresh basil.

And there's more. Motorino's Roasted Chicken Wings (P 220), with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, mint, chili flakes, and onions, is another must-try. The nutty olive oil with just a hint of lemon and the sharp notes of onions and chili flakes adds a soothing heat to the dish. Plus the char from the wood-fired oven adds smoky flavors and crisp textures. Not your usual wings, this one's got an Italian twist.

Once done, hold on to the plate. The sauce is great for dipping the crisp crust of Motorino's Neapolitan style pizza...

Then, the first of Motorino's Neapolitan style pizzas arrived, the Prosciutto Di Parma (P 585), with fior di latte, a creamy mozzarella, balanced by the sharp prosciutto, topped with pecorino, fresh arugula, and extra virgin olive oil. In true Neapolitan tradition, it's all about simplicity and balance. Each pizza isn't overloaded with toppings. Instead, you'll find authentic Neapolitan style pizza with bold flavors from the dough, pizza sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, creamy fior di latte mozzarella, and nutty extra virgin olive oil topped with the simplest yet freshest and premium ingredients. You'll immediately notice the charred patterns on the crust from the wood-fired oven, adding extra flavor and texture. The sharpness of the prosciutto and pecorino are delicately balanced by the fresh arugula and extra virgin olive oil. All pizzas at Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana come in one standard size, a hefty 13-inch pizza that's great for sharing.

Margherita (P 495), with tomato sauce, fior di latte, basil, pecorino, and extra virgin olive oil, a true Neapolitan classic. The simplest yet freshest and premium ingredients deliver all the flavors in this traditional pizza. Drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with its pronounced nutty hint to round out the flavors, Motorino's Margherita is definitely one of the metro's best.

Fresh from the oven, two of Motorino's Pizze Prime were then served, the Aglio E Formaggio (P 395), topped with Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano, Italian parsley, garlic, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. Rich, creamy and tart, another winner from Motorino. The simple, no-frills blend of cheese and olive oil are more than enough to deliver all the flavors.

And the Salame (P 495), with tomato sauce, premium salami, fresh mozzarella, oregano, pecorino, salt, and extra virgin olive oil. The sharp notes of the premium and imported salami defines this pizza, and the rich tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella and pecorino, oregano, and extra virgin olive oil add layers of even more flavors.

The rustic and traditional crust follows the classic Neapolitan style of pizza, perfectly charred with its distinct spots for that comforting crispness. And save the crust, best dipped in the sauce of the Roasted Corn and Roasted Chicken Wings antipasti served earlier. The pizza dough, crust, tomato sauce, cheese, and premium toppings, finished in a wood-fired oven with real firewood, sets Motorino Pizzeria Napolitano apart. No wonder the New York Times and Mario Batali raved about Mathieu Palombino's Neapolitan style pizza.

And the best wine to pair with your pizza is the Gragnano (P 195 glass/P 895 bottle), a red semi-sparkling wine that can only be found at Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana, handpicked and selected by Chef Mathieu Palombino. The sweet notes of the Gragnano perfectly complements the richness of the Neapolitan style pizza at Motorino. Want more? Try Motorino's Wine All You Want offer, with unlimited wine plus a choice of one antipasti (patate fritte or roasted corn), for only P 395+ person. Or you can opt for Motorino's Pizza e Birra offer, where you can avail of two free beers with every order of pizza, or go for the Buy One Take One deal on San Miguel beer, daily from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.

After your meal, enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee, like the Caramel Machiato (P 135) made from the sleek espresso machine located at the al fresco area of Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana. Full-bodied and robust flavors topped with a rich and creamy foam, perfect with Motorino's Italian desserts.  

With nine choices for Italian style espressos and lattes, Motorino's got you covered for that perfect caffeine fix. You can also try Motorino's Buon Caffe (P 135), unlimited coffee good for two hours, with a choice of Cappuccino or Americano, available daily from 11am to 6pm. For dessert, go for a tall slice of Motorino's Tiramisu (P 250), with rich layers of mascarpone, coffee, and chocolate...

...or the Torta Al Cioccolato (P 250), a real treat for chocoholics like me. An indulgent Italian dessert with a cup of Italian coffee completes your dining experience at Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana.

Looking for authentic Neapolitan style pizza? Just head over to Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana, and they'll fire up the oven for you. And Mario Batali was right. And the New York Times too...

Motorino Pizzeria Napolitana is located at Level 3, Greenbelt 3, Legazpi Village, Makati or call 754-8018 for inquiries and reservations.

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