Monday, October 27, 2014

Art and Sushi at Yumi: Now Open at Century Mall

Acclaimed Japanese chef Masaharu Morimoto once said "I'm not making art, I'm making sushi..." and the line separating sushi and art blend and merge making each savory bite a complete sensory experience. And at Yumi, the art of sushi is taken to a whole new level... 

Traditional yet modern and inventive, Yumi's signature sushi creations combine the freshest and premium ingredients with a contemporary approach in each plated masterpiece. And you can now experience Yumi's unique sushi artistry in its second branch at Century Mall.

Yumi opens its second branch at the new Century Mall along Kalayaan Avenue, taking its line of unique and signature sushi creations along with their other Japanese specialties to Makati. The new location features the same sleek and contemporary style similar to its Greenhills branch, reflecting its distinct and modern approach to Japanese cuisine.

A trademark of Japanese cuisine, each dish must first feed the eye, and each plate must be a total sensory experience. At Yumi, this philosophy is given a fresh spin with their modern take on traditional Japanese cuisine. Yumi's elegant Symphony, with layers of kani, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, and fish roe on rice, clearly defines Yumi's approach to presentation and flavor.

The different components of the dish provide distinct layers of flavor that blend perfectly together in a virtual symphony of tasty notes, all in one dish. The heat from the spices don't overwhelm the delicate flavors of the salmon, tuna, and kani, leaving only a gentle whisper of spice that lingers after one bite.  And if you prefer just a bit more heat, simply slide it over the bright red Togarashi spice blend drizzled around the plate. Zen-like aesthetics and pure, fresh, and bold flavors make this dish a must try for first timers at Yumi.

Then, the other signature sushi dishes were served, each one showcasing Yumi's mastery and artistry.

Sake Sushi Balls, with fresh and premium Norwegian Salmon wrapped on a ball of sticky sushi rice topped with a dollop of cream cheese, sesame seeds and crisp salmon skin for added flavor and contrasting textures. The blend of salmon and cream cheese are comfortingly familiar, with its rich and creamy flavors, yet one bite with just a dab of wasabi makes it an entirely new flavor experience. And that's what you can expect at Yumi, with its bold and fresh approach to unique flavor combinations.

Thin shreds of chilled radish and crisp greens cap the dish, topped with red chili threads to complete your sensory feast.

Yumi's signature Unagi Foie Gras Sushi, with Japanese conger eel topped with foie gras, has always been a personal favorite. One bite reminds you yet again why this one is at the top of your list.

The blend of sweet unagi and rich foie gras is one of those combinations that just works perfectly. The delicately seared foie gras adds a buttery flavor to balance the sweetness of the unagi, and both just seem to melt in your mouth with a burst of flavors. Add just a bit of wasabi for even more flavors. And order another one...

Rainbow Maki, another unique roll combining salmon, mackerel and a thinly sliced cucumber topped with cheese sauce and fish roe for another rich medley of flavors. Lika an artist's palette, the rolls deliver a rich tapestry of flavors, from the creamy salmon to the more pronounced notes of the mackerel, and the delicately sweet cucumber, capped by the rich cheese and salty fish roe. So many flavors in just one roll, and there's more...

Yumi pulls another flavorful surprise...

Hamachi Jalapeno Sushi, with yellowtail amberjack and onions rolled with bright red jalapeno flakes topped with crisp potato strings. The mild flavors of yellowtail amberjack and onions are punctuated by the soothing heat from the jalapeno chili flakes and the crisp potato strings for contrasting notes and textures.  

Don't let the brightly colored jalapeno chili flakes scare you, the heat is subtle and easy, perfectly complementing the mild flavors of the roll with a gentle punch. At Yumi, you always discover something new.

Smoked Salmon & Oysters, another refreshing combo with rich salmon and the clean, sweet, and briny notes of buttery oysters. A dab of wasabi and a light dip in the soy dipping sauce rounds out the fresh flavors. Each sushi dish at Yumi is plated perfection, and each one tastes as good as it looks.

Then, there's Yumi's wide selection of fresh sashimi, like the Club Sashimi, a refreshing platter with tuna maguro, ebi, saba, kani, ebiko, and tamago with lemon and pickled radish. Sweet with a subtle briny note and clean flavors are an indication of the freshness of the dish. And the rich vibrant colors are a feast for the eyes.

If you're looking for something new and different, Yumi's got that covered too. Like the playful and creative twist on pasta with their Uni Pasta, a comforting dish with uni, or sea urchin roe. The uni's distinct richness in both flavor and texture pairs well with the pasta, punctuated by the tartness of the diced tomatoes. Definitely different. If you enjoy uni, this one's a must try.

Part of the fun of dining at Yumi is learning new ways to enjoy familiar dishes. Like the traditional tempura. Yumi's Tempura Moriawase Gold, with ebi, kani, sweet potato, eggplant, and the stuff that sets this apart, green tea salt and volcanic salt. Instead of dipping your tempura in the usual soy sauce, squeeze a little lemon and dip in either the green tea salt or volcanic salt. The tempura remains crisp, and the pure and fresh flavors come through. The lemon and salt bring out the natural flavors of the tempura, and you can immediately taste the briny sweetness of the prawns, unlike the usual soy sauce which tends to overwhelm the delicate flavors.

And the tempura batter is light and perfectly crisp. Plump prawns, a light and crisp batter, lemon and salt. And the comfortingly familiar suddenly becomes new and different, and an old favorite becomes a new favorite. Just what you'd expect at Yumi.

And soon, Yumi will be serving a new addition to their line of desserts... the Japanese-inspired Green Tea Cheesecake by Pink Wasabi, a rich and creamy matcha-infused cheesecake topped with black sesame seeds. Velvety smooth, the subtle flavors of the green tea matcha blends perfectly with the traditional cheesecake. This one's the perfect way to cap your dining experience at Yumi. A new branch, new and flavorful discoveries, and comforting old favorites. All the reasons you need to check out Yumi's newest location at Century Mall.

Yumi is located at the 4th Level of the new Century Mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City or call 403-6507 for inquiries.

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