Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Designing, Building, and Eating Your Very Own Pizza at Project Pie

Design. Build. Eat. And you're on your way to a unique pizza experience at Project Pie...

One size, standardized prices, and unlimited toppings. Everyday artisan pizza custom built by you, could there be anything cooler? And designing and building your very own pizza creation was never this easy. And fast. 

Located at the new Bluebay Walk along Macapagal Avenue, Project Pie brings a totally new and unique concept to pizza, a fast casual and custom pizza restaurant, creating a whole new category. And a whole new way of enjoying a traditional favorite.

Project Pie's CEO and Founder, James Markham, with General Manager Cito Martelino of DBE Project, Inc., guarantee you'll enjoy your pizza experience at Project Pie. You can simply order by number, from one of seven pizza combinations with different toppings with a set price at P 245, or build your own pizza for only P 285. The novel idea came about when James Markham simply got tired of "bad pizza," limited choices and the high cost of a quality pizza. He opened Mod Pizza in Seattle, followed by Pieology in California, offering an infinite number of combinations with one standard price. But James Markham didn't stop there, in fact, he decided to build on the concept and  move the idea forward, leading to the birth of Project Pie. Project Pie is the culmination of James Markham's learnings and experiences, combining the key elements for the creation of a great pizza: a wide range of fresh, quality and premium ingredients for limitless combinations, customization, and one standard price. And that's what makes Project Pie special. 

And as Project Pie opens for the early lunch crowd at Bluebay Walk, DBE Project Inc.'s Operations Manager, Melodee Isaguirre (second from left), and Joseph Vasquez, Area Manager (third from right), and the rest of the team at Project Pie, fire up the oven and the line is ready for some of the best pizzas in the metro. Building your very own custom pizza is as simple as walking up the counter and pointing at any of Project Pie's premium toppings. 

With twenty-nine fresh and premium toppings, it's really easy to make your very own custom pizza at Project Pie. Simply decide if you want the traditional red sauce or the creamy white sauce. Then choose your toppings. Project Pie offers a selection of cheeses, including Mozzarella, Feta, Gorgonzola, Ricotta, and Parmesan. Then, choose your proteins, including Pepperoni, Italian sausage, crumbled meatballsbacon, grilled chicken, Canadian bacon, prosciutto, and anchovies. Spice it up with red onions, green bell peppers, jalapenos, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, caramelized onions, fresh mushrooms, black olives, cilantro, rosemary, fresh chopped basil, garlic, pineapple, pesto, or bbq sauce

The line springs into action with pizza after pizza freshly pressed, sauced, and topped before hitting the oven. James Markham recalls the early days when he would regularly drive all the way to San Diego with a carload of pizza dough and sauces for testing until he hit the right formula for that perfectly crisp pizza. And you can see the results of all those long drives to San Diego by James Markham with each freshly pressed dough at Project Pie. James Markham describes Project Pie's pizza as a "cross between a New York style pizza and a traditional Neapolitan pizza", bringing the best of both worlds and adding the novel idea of customization in each freshly baked pizza.

Your pizza experience at Project Pie starts at the dough press, warmed and pressed for a consistent thickness. The dough is light, with just the right amount of moisture for an even crispness. It is then gently brushed with olive oil giving it an appetizing sheen, as it goes down the line...
I go for the traditional red sauce to pair with my proteins, and a ladle is scooped and swirled on my pizza dough. Next, choose your toppings. My perfect pizza is a balanced blend of sharp notes from the premium proteins and creamy layers of cheese and vegetables. 

Topped with all my pizza favorites, my custom pizza heads for the oven. Weighing more than two monstrous tons, the massive stone oven "fast-fires" your pizza at high temperatures, and it just takes a few minutes. 

As I wait for my pizza, it's interesting to see how others enjoy their pizza with their own combinations. Pepperoni, prosciutto and feta topped with fresh basil (L) for a classic pizza lover, and grilled chicken with barbecue sauce and peppers (R) for an adventurous pizza fan, just some of the many possible combinations.

And after a few minutes, my very own pizza creation, fresh from the oven, topped with Mozzarella, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Bacon, Prosciutto, Fresh Mushrooms, Red Onions, Garlic, Cilantro, Fresh Chopped Basil, and lightly dusted with Parmesan to complete the flavors. The bold and sharp notes from the various proteins make each bite burst with flavors, perfectly balanced by the creamy mozzarella and rich red sauce, punctuated by the extra bite from the red onions, and rounded out by the nutty fresh mushrooms, garlic, cilantro and fresh basil. With that perfect char on the bottom of the pizza, my custom pizza was consistently crisp from the first bite down to the last. Pizza perfection, right there. 

After completing the orders for the lunch crowd, the team proceeds with creating the next batch of new flavors being developed for possible inclusion in the menu. James Markham believes in constantly pushing the envelope by continuously innovating and developing new variants and combinations.

Fresh from the oven, I sampled some of Project Pie's new flavors, like fresh broccoli, red onions, and prosciutto...

...grilled sweet corn with tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms on white sauce...

...and a unique red cabbage pizza...

...and more, each one unique, refreshing and different. The potential new additions to the menu are like nothing I've seen or tasted on a pizza. And that's exactly what you can expect at Project Pie. And soon, some of these new flavors will be available in all Project Pie stores in the metro.

For dessert, Project Pie offers four sweet pizzas, including Cinnamon Sugar with Icing (P 145), Strawberry Mango Nutella (P 195), Peanut Butter Nutella (P 145), and Banana Nutella (P 145). And here's a potential new addition, Project Pie's Black & White with Cinnamon, icing and Nutella. With a noticeably chewier crust, just perfect with the sweet Nutella.

A perfectly crisp, lightly charred crust, a wide range of premium toppings, limitless combinations for that customized pizza, each one prepared fresh and fast. James Markham and the local management team at Project Pie invite you to design, build, and eat your very own custom pizza creation at their newest branch in Bluebay Walk. Order by number or create your own, it's your call at Project Pie. 

Project Pie is located at the new Bluebay Walk, Edsa-Macapagal, Pasay City or call 463-7122 for inquiries. For information on Project Pie's other locations, check out their FB Page here at https://www.facebook.com/projectpiephilippines.

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  1. Thank you Gerry for supporting Project Pie :)

    1. Anytime Joy! And thanks too, I really enjoyed it!


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