Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Peking Duck Kind of Crystal Jade Dining IN.

It was that kind of day, when your week-long craving for Peking Duck transforms what seemed like an ordinary weekend lunch into a memorable dining experience. 

An authentic Roasted Peking Duck simply elevates an ordinary meal to an imperial feast, and Crystal Jade Dining IN excels in serving the classic dish amidst its elegant interiors.  

A wooden table is rolled in with the anticipated first course, Crystal Jade Dining IN's Roasted Peking Duck (P 2,700 Whole/P 1,700 Half). Slow roasted in ovens to allow the fat to naturally drip for a crisp layer of skin over tender and juicy lean duck meat, the iconic dish remains as popular today as it was during the days of the imperial courts in Beijing. The traditional way of serving the duck adds a theatrical element to the dish, as it is prepared right by your table side.

Crystal Jade Dining IN's staff then proceeds with the delicate carving of the Roasted Peking Duck, done by your table side. With skill and precision, the crisp layer of skin and fat are carved and set aside. Then, the lean meat is carved, and the Roasted Peking Duck is brought back to the kitchen for the second dish.

The crisp skin is then rolled in steamed pancakes, along with spring onions, cucumbers, and a sweet bean sauce. In quick succession, the rolled pancakes are stuffed with the Roast Peking Duck are laid and arranged on the plate. The preparation of the dish, from carving to serving, adds to the dining experience. 

One bite of the soft pancake releases a burst of rich flavors from the crisp and juicy duck skin, followed by the subtle sweetness of the fresh cucumber and bean sauce, and the sharp hint of the spring onions to balance the richness. Each ingredient provides layers of distinct flavors and textures that make this dish a true culinary experience. And holding back is nearly impossible as you go for seconds. And thirds.

To complete the feast, other dishes arrived, including the refreshing Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables with Crab Meat (P 420), with the delicate sweetness of the fresh broccoli punctuated by the mild briny flavors of  the soft crab meat. The subtle and delicate flavors of the crab meat enriched sauce allows you to taste the clean and fresh flavors of the broccoli, with its delightful snap in every bite.

Fried Rice with Scallops, Crab Meat, and Crab Roe (P 480), served in a stone pot, adds to the festive feast, with soft and fluffy rice flavored with a variety of seafood. The dish isn't as oily as the usual Cantonese fried rice, with milder yet balanced notes. The Cantonese cuisine served at Crystal Jade Dining IN reflects traditional and authentic flavors, unlike the overly seasoned fare in most establishments tweaked to local tastes.

A bowl of Birthday Noodles completes the feast, soft noodles with vegetables, chicken, mushrooms, and quail eggs. Each noodle is coated with a light yet flavorful sauce, pairing well with the fresh vegetables. And those lightly breaded quail eggs, capping the dish with its rich flavors.

As for the rest of the Peking Duck, we opted for the Minced Duck Meat served with fresh and crisp lettuce as the second duck dish. The remaining Roasted Peking Duck is used for the dish, finely minced with peppers, corn and vegetables on crisp fried noodles.

Simply scoop up some minced duck and place on a lettuce leaf, drizzle some sweet bean sauce, roll up, and enjoy. It's the perfect ending to a Roasted Peking Duck feast at Crystal Jade Dining IN. Craving for Roasted Peking Duck? Make it a Peking Duck kind of day at Crystal Jade Dining IN...

Crystal Jade Dining IN is located at Unit SEUG201, Bonifacio High Street Central, 30th Street corner 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City or call 808-5233 for inquiries and reservations.

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