Friday, February 20, 2015

Donuts and a Cup of Coffee the J.CO Way at J.CO Donuts & Coffee

Coffee and donuts. It's one of those iconic and comforting pairings that work on the go or a leisurely afternoon.  And J.CO takes this pairing to a whole new level with their handcrafted coffee beverages...

Since it first opened last March 2012, the love affair with J.CO Donuts & Coffee remains as strong as ever. And J.CO Donuts & Coffee starts the year on a high note with their signature line of "J. COFFEE" handcrafted beverages to pair with your favorite donut. That's coffee and donuts the "J.CO Way".

J.CO has long been known as a lifestyle cafe back  in Indonesia, serving their "J.COFFEE" line of handcrafted beverages. Soon, J.CO will be opening their first cafe concept  themed store at the Forbes Town Center with an entirely new look to showcase their line of signature "J. COFFEE" beverages.  
J.CO's special blend of Italian roast coffee beans form the base for their steaming cups, complemented by a selection of premium Indonesian Arabica beans from Sumatra and Sulawesi, internationally-acclaimed coffee producing regions known for their unique coffee flavor profiles and characteristics. 

Quality coffee begins at the time of harvest, tediously hand-picked and processed with care. The acclaimed Sumatra coffee beans are delicately processed using the wet-hull method to remove the outer skin, and then stored for a day for reduced acidity and increased body, resulting in rustic yet bold flavors. Sulawesi coffee beans are sourced from the southeastern highland region, and known for its deep, well-rounded and subtle fruity notes. J.CO's special Italian roast blend offer a full-bodied medium acidity profile with just a whisper of bittersweet citrus notes ideal for espresso shots, and best enjoyed in J.CO's signature JCoccino.

J.CO's version of the cappuccino, the JCoccino (P 115 Uno/P 130 Due/ P 140 Tre) offers a creamy and frothy head adding a layer of richness to balance the bold notes of the espresso base. The bold coffee notes are deep and full-bodied, yet without a hint of bitterness, instead a distinct chocolate richness comes through in every sip.

The signature JCoccino also serves as the canvas for J.CO's resident baristas, the Coffee Experts, adding their own creative touch to each cup of coffee with delicate swirls of patterns that elevate the coffee experience. A cup of coffee at J.CO is no longer just a cup of coffee, but an elegant and refined blend of rich flavor and latte art.

And there's no better way to enjoy your coffee than with J.CO's signature donuts, the Alcapone (L) topped with Belgian white chocolate and roasted almonds, and the Don Mochino (R), topped with dark Belgian chocolate with cappuccino cream filling. Unique, delicious and cleverly named, J.CO's signature donuts are rich in flavor yet not overwhelmingly sweet. With over twenty-six varieties to choose from, you'll definitely find a favorite at J.CO. Have a couple of donuts with your J.COFFEE handcrafted beverage for a perfect pair.

J.CO offers a full range of espressos to ice blended coffee beverages, including the unique and playfully inventive Cafe Avocado Frappe (P 120 Uno/P 135 Duo/P 150 Tre), a fun and quirky combo with creamy avocado and robust coffee. The refreshing Cafe Avocado Frappe is just one of many specialty beverages unique to J.CO, which include Strawberry Yogurt Frappe, Green Tea Frappe, Mixberry Frappe, Chocomint Frappe, Choco Forest Frappe, and Oreo Frappe. Different yet comfortingly refreshing, you'll always find something new to discover at J.CO.

Pair your Cafe Avocado Frappe with the equally fun and flavorful Jackie Chunk, topped with dark Belgian chocolate, chunky peanut butter and peanuts. Other interesting and flavorful donut personalities include Black Jack, Berry Spears, and Avocado Dicaprio.

J.CO's Coffee Experts are ready to serve your perfect brew along with a Glazy donut, served free for every J.COFFEE purchase. Donuts and coffee? Make that J.CO Donuts and Coffee.

J.CO Donuts & Coffee is located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 2 or call 955-1317 for inquiries.

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  1. I love J.Co's donuts! Especially the al capone. And I love that they are always freshly made, makes eating more enjoyable. I think I've only tried their drinks once, and I hardly remember it. Maybe I should go back one of these days and have some again.

    1. Hi Marjorie, the new line of J.COFFEE specialty beverages are just perfect with J.CO's signature donuts for a classic combo! And that Alcapone is a winner! Thanks for visiting my site!


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