Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guten Apetit! Brotzeit's New Valentine's and Lenten Specials

A healthy yet filling seafood dish and a cold beer, with a fondue on the side. Things are definitely brewing over at Brotzeit for Valentine's and the coming of Lent.  

Brotzeit introduces its new line of seafood Lenten Specials, including a pasta and risotto with that distinct Bavarian touch paired with their signature brews, plus two fondue dishes for Valentine's. There's more to Brotzeit than just beer and sausages...

Brotzeit's newest branch, located at Glorietta 4, was the venue for the sampling of the new dishes. Similar to the original Shangri-La branch, the signature wood and leather tones, and the bar, provide that distinct look and feel of Brotzeit. There's just no better place for an authentic Bavarian meal paired with German beer. 

Brotzeit also introduced its newest brew, the revered and iconic Weihenstephaner, from a historic Bavarian brewery established way back in 1040. Known for its line of pale lagers and wheat beers, Weihenstephaner is yet another reason to check out Brotzeit.

And there's no better way to start your dining experience at Brotzeit than with a tall, refreshing cold glass of authentic Bavarian beer. The crisp notes of the Weihenstephan wheat beer lends itself well to the wide variety of Bavarian dishes. Like fine wine, a good premium beer can hold its own when paired with the curated dishes at Brotzeit. And it's about time too...

Our feast began with Brotzeit's Kasefondue (P 890), a cheese fondue served with premium tenderloin beef, Bavarian sausages, freshly baked pretzels, and olives, one of two fondue dishes made specially for Valentine's.

The tender chunks of beef and slices of Bavarian sausages deliver bold and robust flavors, and the creamy cheese amplifies the flavors even more. The freshly baked chunks of pretzels soak up the cheese well, releasing a flavorful burst in every bite. The olives provide a salty note to balance the richness to complete the dish.

And the cheese binds all the elements together with its thick and smooth texture. The cheese dip is a blend of Gouda and Emmental cheese, spiked with Lager Beer, giving it that distinct Bavarian twist. Go for one more dip and another glass of Weihenstephaner...just can't get better than that.

The first of Brotzeit's Lenten Specials was then served, Fischklopse Sassnitzer Art (P 390), a dish inspired by the seaside resort of Sassnitz known for its seafood, with hefty yet light seafood meatballs, roasted vegetables and lemon butter sauce.

The meatballs, blended with cod fish, crab, and shrimps, are soft and juicy, releasing mild and delicate flavors. The creamy butter lemon sauce adds a layer of richness perfectly complementing the delicate seafood. Try dipping the fresh vegetables on the butter lemon sauce too. Butter and lemon always works with seafood, and this dish reinforces that.

Pair your Fischklopse Sassnitzer Art with a cold Schneider Weisse Tap 1 Mein Blonde (P 340), a light golden colored wheat beer with crisp and refreshing notes. The clean and mildly sweet hints make it an ideal brew with light dishes, including salads and seafood.

Kreuterkrustete Kabeljaus (P 590), herb crusted cod fish with beer infused risotto and just a hint of mustard. The risotto is perfectly moist and creamy, and the infusion of beer adds that Bavarian flavor into the dish. The subtle flavors of the herb crusted cod fish are brought out by the mild heat from the mustard. A meal in itself, this is one comforting dish, familiar yet refreshing different.

The rich and creamy notes of the beer and mustard infused risotto pairs well with a tall Schneider Weisse Tap 4 Mein Grunes (P 340), with a more robust and full bodied flavor to match the hearty risotto. The noticeably darker hue of the beer is an indicator of its deeper, yet refreshing, flavor. An organic beer, the Schneider Weisse Mein Grunes is a welcome addition to Brotzeit's range of authentic brews.

A pasta dish is the third dish in Brotzeit's line of Lenten Specials, the Meerfruchtesfleckerin (P 450), a baked seafood pasta topped with breaded shrimps served in a skillet. The bowtie-shaped farfalle pasta adds a festive touch to the dish, coated with the rich and creamy white sauce.

The comforting seafood pasta is best paired with the new Weihenstephan Lager, a light yet sharp brew that cuts the richness of the pasta dish.

The final dish in Brotzeit's line-up of Lenten Specials was then served, Thunfisch (P 450), lightly seared tuna on pesto wild rice topped with pickled vegetables, a rustic dish combining the subtle flavors of tuna with the nutty notes of pesto with long-grained wild rice.

The sharpness of the pickled vegetables add a contrasting and flavorful punch to the nutty pesto, and the perfectly seared tuna delivers its own layer of subtle flavor to the dish. The pesto seafood dish goes well with the boldly flavored Paulaner Original Dunkel Lager, a dark beer with a light caramel-like sweetness. Brotzeit's new Lenten Specials will be available starting February 18, 2015.

For dessert, go for Brotzeit's Schokoladenfondue (P 990), a rich chocolate fondue with Emperor Cake crumble, grapes, oranges, and apples. A dark beer always works well with chocolate and dessert. Pair this with another dark Paulaner Original Dunkel Lager for another winning combo.  New dishes and a new brew. Just some of the reasons to go back to Brotzeit.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant is located at the Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City.

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