Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pizza Love at Forty: Shakey's Celebrates Forty Years of Fun, Family, and Pizza

That very first slice of the classic thin crust Manager's Choice from childhood remains an enduring memory to this day. Like a rite of passage, that first slice was also a first taste of the way a good pizza should look and taste like, a far cry from the usual pizza served way back then. The Friday Special and Chicken 'N Mojos completed my list of favorites, and Shakey's became a part of your life.

Decades later, Shakey's continues to be a favorite, with all-time classics and new dishes that reinforce its core values of fun, family and pizza. Shakey's celebrates forty years of good times and great memories with its unique "1 TO 40" meal deal where you can pick four items from 40 all-time favorites for your own customized combo of Shakey's favorites. 

Since it first opened back in 1975, the brand has enjoyed tremendous success with its signature freshly baked pizzas, gourmet pastas, and mojos. The brand has evolved through the years, going through some transformations, and finally back to its original roots in a full circle. Shakey's has always been a family restaurant. The logo may have changed slightly, giving it a refreshing and more updated look, but its time-tested and iconic products remain all-time classics.

Inside the new and spacious Aseana branch, the classic brick and wood tones are washed by vibrant splashes of the  familiar red and orange hues, colors that have remained a part of the brand's identity. 

With its dynamic new look, friendly and courteous service remains at the heart of your Shakey's experience. The cheerful staff are always ready to serve your all-time favorites at Shakey's.

The kitchen picked up its pace as the lunch crowd arrived, and familiar favorites are prepared and served by the friendly staff. That familiar and comforting aroma fills the air, and suddenly you're brought back to a happier place from so many summers ago.  

And with obvious pride, the staff served their signature pizza and other all-time favorites... the Captain's Choice with crispy fish fillet, crunchy calamari and thick cut Belgian fries...

...the hearty Chicken 'N Mojos...

...and even more pizza. Now wouldn't it be great to have your own feast for four, with all your favorite all-time classics from Shakey's? Now you can. You choose your all-time bestsellers and make your own combo, all for one cool price.

A plateful of all-time favorites just brings back so many fond memories. And you can relive those good times with the new "1 TO 40" meal deal by Shakey's. "We really wanted something that's never been done before for our 40th anniversary" shares Jorge Q. Concepcion, Shakey's General Manager. "We just kept thinking 'we need something unique', and then it hit us--what could be more unique than individually-customized meals? A meal for you, by you."

From January 2 to March 15, 2015, diners can select any three food items and one dessert or drink from a preset selection of Shakey's bestsellers and put them together for a personalized and customized meal with all your Shakey's favorites. All items included in the selection are good for four. Guests can choose from large thin crust servings of the brand's 17 pizza flavors, family sized Chef, Caesar, Tuna Caesar, Greek an American Salad, Classic Spaghetti, and Carbonara Supreme Platters, Five-Piece Buddy Pack Chicken 'N Mojos, Mojos Supreme, and 4 Solo servings of Hearty Italian , Chicken 'n Corn, and Creamy Mushroom Soup. All these for only P 1,240.00.

"This is such a great way for people to either try items that they've never had before or enjoy their favorite Shakey's treats together. Shakey's is a brand that's all about making even the simplest of celebrations all the more special with great food. Everyone has a story or a fond memory about Shakey's. With this new offering, we promise more good times and great memories with Shakey's," Concepcion adds.

Now you can have it your way, with your own favorites, with the Shakey's "1 TO 40" meal deal. Shakey's management pose with the celebratory anniversary sign, with (L-R), Koi Castillo, Brand Manager; Jorge Cocepcion, General Manager; Chez Manalaysay, Marketing Director; and Vic Gregorio, EVP and CEO. Here's to more pizza love in the next four decades of fun, family and pizza...

Shakey's ASEANA is located at President Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard corner Bradco Avenue, ASEANA City, Paranaque.

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