Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Perfect Day for Ramen: Ippudo's New Hakata-Style Nikusoba Ramen

Grey clouds and afternoon rains mark summer's end. But no worries. It's the perfect day for ramen...

Ippudo introduces their newest ramen creation, the Hakata-style Nikusoba, perfect for rainy days. Or any day...

Ippudo's constant drive to offer new customer experiences results in another flavorful variant, the Nikusoba. And the newly opened Ippudo branch at the bustling Bonifacio Global City seemed the perfect place to try the newest ramen innovation. New digs. New ramen. New experiences.    

Pair your ramen with Ippudo's signature sidekicks, like the Gyutan (P 380), a personal favorite, with tender melt-in-your-mouth Australian beef tongue served on a hot cast iron plate, delicately stewed for hours until perfectly tender, topped with onion leeks with a side of Yuzukosyo paste for a soothing spicy heat...

...and the best-selling Pork Bun (P 125), Ippudo's signature steamed bun with tender and juicy braised pork belly draped with Ippudo's original sauce..

...or go for the new Menchi Bun (P 125), with panko-crusted menchi patty glazed with Yakiniku sauce on shredded cabbage and Japanese mayonnaise in the signature steamed bun. The sidekicks are light yet full of flavor, pairing well with any of Ippudo's signature ramen.

But if you're craving for beef, the new Wagyu Maki Onigiri (P 320) does the trick, with thinly-sliced Wagyu rolled in a Japanese rice ball glazed with Yakiniku sauce. Each bite delivers rich flavors from the savory rice filling and bold, beefy notes from the premium Wagyu. It's one solid sidekick with a beefy punch.

Then, it was time for Ippudo's new Nikusoba (P 490), a Hakata-style ramen made with the light and creamy signature Tonkotsu broth topped with thin slices of pork belly and served with thin flat noodles, stewed onions, sweet chili soy sauce, negi, and nori. The rich and creamy broth just brightens up any cloudy day with its comforting notes.

The Hakata-style Tonkotsu broth lines your palate with its rich and creamy notes, lingering long after the first sip, just the kind of flavor that makes any day so much better. The thin strips of pork belly adds its own unique layer of flavor to the comforting ramen, punctuated by the mildly sweet stewed onions kicked up by the chili soy sauce. The thin flat noodles add that extra bite, with its soft yet firm and chewy texture.

Complete your Nikusoba ramen feast with Onsen Tamago (+P 40) or Onsen Tamago and Rice (+P 50) for a real meal. The upfront flavors of the broth makes it perfect with some steamed white rice. As for the afternoon rain, let it rain.

Ippudo is located at the Ground Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 776-3345 for more information and inquiries.

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