Thursday, June 2, 2016

Drink Better and Live Better with Booch Natural Sparkling Tea

Local. Fresh. Raw. Handcrafted. And oh so delicious...and healthy too.

Booch Manila shares its line of all-natural, handcrafted brews, Booch Natural Sparkling Tea, in a variety of flavors to help you get back on track. Kombucha tea has been enjoyed in Asia and Eastern Europe for over 2,000 years for its flavor and health benefits. Now you too can be part of the #BoochRevolooch, with Booch Natural Sparkling Teas...

Booch Natural Sparkling Tea is brewed, similar to the fermentation process for beer and wine, infused with natural carbonation, probiotics, amino acids, enzymes, and electrolytes that aid in detoxifying the body by extracting and retaining nutrients from food. After being fermented, kombucha becomes naturally carbonated containing vinegar, b-vitamins, and a high concentration of acetic, gluconic, and lactic acid which helps improve digestion, provides increased energy, facilitates cleansing and detoxification, strengthens immune systems, reduces joint pains, as well as enhance weight loss and cancer prevention. Booch Natural Sparkling Tea is low on sugar, but you get all the flavors you need with all-natural ingredients in every sip.

Booch Natural Sparkling Tea is available in Ginger Lemon, Calamansi Turmeric, Hibiscus, Pandan Mint, Berry Blast, and Dayap Langka, all made with natural and fresh ingredients. Kombucha is naturally sour and acidic, with a hint of mild vinegar, but the natural sweetness of the different flavors tempers the acidic notes. The citrus notes of the Ginger Lemon come through with a flavorful punch, while the subtle floral sweetness of the Hibiscus makes it light and easy to drink. The Calamansi Turmeric delivers sharp notes to start your day right, while the Pandan Mint is refreshingly soothing. The Berry Blast is a refreshing blend of both sweet and tart flavors, while the Dayap Langka has its own unique sweetness. The teas are naturally fizzy, with its carbonation adding that extra layer of refreshment.

Each variant is distinct from the other, offering its own unique flavor experience, yet all equally refreshing.  And you do feel energized. And you're now officially part of the #BoochRevolooch.

Here are some tips on how to best enjoy Booch Natural Sparkling Tea:
  • Keep refrigerated. Keeping Booch refrigerated induces the natural probiotics to sleep, and it's more refreshing too, with sharper and crisper flavors. When warm or at room temp, Booch may continue to ferment, causing your stash to pop.
  • Booch Manila recommends having one serving first thing in the morning for best results. You may feel a little flatulent at first, but things will normalize after a day or two. 
  • Booch Natural Sparkling Tea is ideal before meals, but try not to enjoy it late at night as Booch is naturally caffeinated.
  • Consume your Booch within 6 months or less for ideal flavors, though Booch will not spoil since it has already gone through the fermentation process but some sedimentation may occur.

And lastly, Booch Natural Sparkling Tea is best served cold, or with ice. And you can even add some sugar or honey if you find it too sour, tart, or acidic. Better yet, blend it with fresh fruit juices, and even muddled, chopped, or cubed fresh fruit, or even your favorite spirit, white whine, or vodka. The best part is, you're free to customize your own Booch, and enjoy it anyway you want it. Ready for your own Booch experience? Simply click on the link below, and have your Booch.

For more information on Booch, check out their website at, or follow their IG account and FB Page @BoochManila.   

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