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Classic All-Filipino Flavors with F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes Festival

The much awaited gastronomic event is back...

Now on its fourth year, F1 Hotel Manila launched its latest edition of their annual culinary event, Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes, offering a wide variety of classic local dishes from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Rediscover familiar and comforting regional flavors prepared by this year's guest chefs...

F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes highlights the culinary creations of this year's noted guest chefs, featuring (L-R) Nancy "Adobo Queen" Reyes Lumen representing Luzon, Pauline Gorriceta Banusing for Visayas, and Maria Kristina Collantes with her authentic dishes from Mindanao

I've always looked forward to F1 Hotel Manila's long-running Luzviminda food festivals, showcasing the very best of the country's rich culinary heritage in a month-long culinary celebration at F All-Day Dining (for more on F1 Hotel Manila's annual Luzviminda Festivals, see my my earlier posts on the The First Luzviminda Festival back in 2013, the successful follow-up with The Second Luzviminda Festival in 2014, and last year's edition of the 2015 Luzviminda Festival), and this year's festival continues the culinary tradition that began four years ago with an equally wide selection of local dishes. This year, the all-female roster of guest chefs add their own creative spin to local dishes, drawing inspiration from heirloom recipes. It's a celebration of local flavors from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, recreated by some of the country's best chefs, converging at F All-Day Dining... 

Begin your culinary journey of the country's 7,107 islands with elegant starters created by F1 Hotel Manila's team of skilled chefs...

...followed by the refreshing Kinilaw na Isda sa Gata by Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing...

...and the mildly sweet notes of the Ensaladang Langka, also by Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing. Made with the freshest ingredients, the fresh and clean notes come through with every bite, teasing your palate for the next round of dishes at F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes festival.

Nancy "Adobo Queen" Reyes Lumen's inventive and flavorful Talangka Pate, made with crab fat topped with fish roe and edible flowers, is another must-try dish at F1 Hotel Manila's latest edition of its successful and long-running Luzviminda series.

Iloilo's "palangga", Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing adds even more flavorful dishes to the spread with her Lechon Kawali Croquettas (L) and crisp Kasag Crab Cakes (R), small bites that's big on flavor. 

The iconic street food, fish balls, is also represented with Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing's Coconut Fish Balls, served with a sweet and spicy sauce, adding a uniquely local and festive vibe to the buffet spread.

But there's more, including Baked Mussels topped with tart fresh tomatoes and thin strips of sweet and sour green mango to complement the briny sweetness of the plump mussels...

...and the light yet refreshing flavors of Lumpiang Ubod, all flavorful starters for an all-Filipino feast.

The traditional Ilonggo favorite, Kadyos, Baboy, Langka, or KBL, is a rich and comforting soup with pigeon peas, pork and jackfruit for sweet and savory notes.

Then, there's the familiar and hearty Batchoy to warm your appetite. At the special Batchoy Station, you can create and customize your own bowl of this traditional noodle soup dish with a variety of toppings and condiments.  

A bowl of Batchoy, topped with chicharon and egg, adds a distinct richness to this classic Ilonggo favorite, blending seamlessly with the flavorful broth, noodles, and pork. Nothing like a steaming hot bowl of Batchoy to make the day just so much better.

Your flavorful culinary journey continues with the Pinalmahan na Salmon...

...followed by even more seafood dishes like the Alimango na may Ginisang Guinamos by Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing...

...and the Prawns ala Nancy by the "Adobo Queen", Nancy Reyes Lumen.

More flavors from the south are displayed at the spread, including the classic Chicken Inasal, tender grilled chicken with annatto...

...and crispy Stuffed Squid with a savory filling, capped by a crunchy outer layer for contrasting textures.

The Sinugbang Panga ng Tuna from Mindanao is another favorite, served with a spicy soy vinegar dip with onions and chili, created by Chef Maria Kristina Collantes of Park Inn by Radisson Davao.

Like all previous Luzviminda festivals at F1 Hotel Manila, diners can literally taste and bite their way through Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao with the impressive buffet spread.

Then, there's the fresh seafood with Curracha or Spanner Crabs, Oysters, Prawns, and Mussels...

...for even more flavorful options.

Delicately poached in butter and garlic, it just keeps getting better with each succeeding plate and trip back to the buffet.

The Tuna Tail Stuffed with Yellow Rice by Chef Maria Kristina Collantes brings the fresh flavors of Mindanao with an inventive dish, with the delicate notes of the tuna absorbed by the yellow rice stuffing. Known for its tuna, Mindanao is well represented at F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes festival.

And just in case you still want another serving of local flavors, you can try the Apan-Apan na may Inihaw na Baboy (L) by Chef Pauline Gorriceta Banusing and the Mixed Mushrooms with Tuka by Nancy Reyes Lumen, light dishes before hitting the Carving Station. 

And don't forget a bowl of garden-fresh greens for a balanced meal, with a selection of local-inspired dressings for unique flavors like the Coco Balsamic, Pesto Malunggay, Calamansi-Patis, Creamy Bagoong, Mango-Guava Peanut Dressing, and Santol Dressing.

For the main course, go for a slice or two of Nancy Reyes Lumen's savory Rodrigo's Roast, tender pork slow-roasted for hours with a sweet glaze. And go ahead, you'll  probably want extra rice with this dish. The dishes are rotated daily for the Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes festival, but you get a taste of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao throughout the entire run of the festival.

Later that evening, we dined once again with a wide selection of local flavors, including Chicken Inasal (L) and Rellenong Bangus (R) for another comforting dining experience at F1 Hotel Manila. 

For the main course, Executive Chef Decker Gokioco served his signature Fernando's 4-Day Marinated Pork Belly, a tender and juicy slab of pork with a subtle sweetness. Savory and smoky, each juicy bite releases a burst of rich pork flavors.

A bowl of Chicken Binakol, with its distinct light broth made with coconut, starts you off with another round of local flavors.

For dessert, we sampled the "Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog", with Aging's Food Delight's suman specialties, or glutinous rice cakes cooked in coconut cream, to round out our feast of local flavors.

Wrapped in banana leaves, the glutinous rice cakes add that uniquely Filipino twist to the feast at F1 Hotel Manila.

And with a Latik Fountain set up by the side, you just know this is going to be a special treat. Made with sweetened coconut, draping your suman with the thick latik just completes the suman with its comforting sweetness. 

You can pair your Suman Latik with your choice of toppings, like fresh mangoes and pistachios, capped by a generous helping of sweet latik.

The delicate notes of the soft and chewy glutinous rice cake is punctuated by the sweet and tart mangoes and nutty pistachios, finished by the sweet latik.

Aging's Food Delight also offers other suman delicacies, including the Suman Espesyal with Leche Flan and Ube (L) and the Halayang Gabi (R) coated with coconut, adding their own unique spin to the traditional suman. 

But save room for even more sweet treats. Aging's Food Delight also served their other indulgent desserts, including the Queso de Bola Ensaymada (L) and Yema Butter Cake with Cheese (R)...

...and the moist and chewy Fudgy Tablea Brownies with Malagos Chocolate. Made with Davao's very own Malagos Chocolate (more on Malagos Chocolate on my previous posts on the Davao Gourmet Collective and their new 65% Dark Chocolate Bar), the deep, rounded flavors of the premium chocolate punches through, lingering long after the first bite.

Cap your feast with a sweet shot of Kapeng Barako Jelly, and you've just completed a day of festive Filipino flavors at F1 Hotel Manila. Go on your own culinary journey of local flavors with F1 Hotel Manila's Luzviminda 4 Heirloom Recipes at F All Day Dining Restaurant from June 10 to June 25, 2016 for only P 1,499 net per person. The culinary festival is in partnership with Figaro Coffee, Charles Seafood Supply, Top Chef Enterprise, Seagull Manila, Masflex, Aging's Food Delight, Crescent Moon Cafe, Maybank, Raflora Enterprises, and the Tourism Board of the Philippines.

F All Day Dining Restaurant is located at the 3rd Floor of F1 Hotel Manila, 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City or call 928-9888 for inquiries and reservations. 

For more information on Aging's Food Delight and their line of signature suman delicacies, call 671-0172 for inquiries.

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