Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding Clarity...at Mama's Fish House Along Diniwid Beach.

There's just something about walking the famed white sand beach of Diniwid. A sense of clarity takes over, bringing back all the reasons why you loved Boracay so many years ago before the crowds...

...and the seemingly endless stretch of Diniwid's fine white sand beach leads you to Mama's Fish House, with their inspired international cuisine. A sumptuous lunch and a glass of JD on the rocks capped with an impressive view, that's hard to beat. But it's just another typical day along Diniwid Beach.

Diniwid Beach, with its iconic white powder-soft sand and clear turquoise waters, reminds you of Boracay the way it was, pristine, tranquil, and laid-back without the rush. Here, the hours roll by slowly, giving you enough time to breathe it all in, making you fall in love with Boracay all over again.

Children run across the beach with colorful kites soaring high above, and for a moment, time stops. Clarity. Since Day 1 of our Boracay getaway, clarity has become a recurring theme, starting with our elegant accommodations at Rieseling Boracay Beach Resort (more here at The Other Side of Boracay's Newest Resort), cruising aboard Boracay's ultimate pleasure party boat (see my post on The Boracay SunCruiser), and meeting an old friend (see my earlier post, The Other Side of Boracay Meets Pedro), and it just keeps getting better.

After getting recharged and rejuvenated at The Mandala Spa & Resort Villas (see my post here at The Mandala Spa & Resort Villas Experience), a refreshing glass of JD gets you in the island groove in no time.

A special lunch by the beach was prepared at Wahine Beach House (L) just a few steps away from the beach, with dishes prepared by Mama's Fish House (R), known for their wide range of international dishes. 

We began our feast by the beach with Mama's Fish House's signature starter, the Prawn and Cheese Croquettes, perfect with another glass of JD. The savory filling bursts with rich flavors, contrasting with the crisp outer layer's texure with each delectable bite.

Pork love at the beach? Absolutely. Mama's Fish House is also known for their Crispy Pork Belly Bagnet, tender and juicy pork with a layer of perfectly crisp crackling that slowly melts in your mouth. 

We also sampled their signature seafood dish, Lemon Pepper Mahi-Mahi, delicately seared Mahi-Mahi in lemon pepper salt with sauteed leeks, onions, and tomatoes topped with sweet mangoes. The subtle sweet notes of the mahi-mahi are punctuated by hints of lemon-pepper, with the sweet mangoes giving it a distinct tropical island vibe.

The rich flavors of an exotic spice blend come through with the Vegetable Curry, with the natural sweetness of the fresh vegetables tempered by the complex spice notes...

...and the Prawn Curry, another favorite. The briny sweetness of the plump prawns blend with the rich spices of the curry for balanced notes, perfectly finished by the fresh vegetables. As with any good curry, it's really not about overpowering heat, but the gradual building of distinct layers of flavors. You'll definitely go for extra rice with this dish.

Mama's Fish House offers a whole range of dishes, including desserts, to satisfy any craving, each elegantly plated and presented. And there's just nothing better like a leisurely lunch by the beach...

And with another round of JD, each refreshing sip adds even more clarity to a perfectly sunny day at Diniwid Beach...

...and time seems to stop as the laid-back island vibe sets in, with the gentle surf casting its magical spell.

It's just another typical day at Diniwid Beach...

...and it just can't get any better than that.

Mama's Fish House is located at Microtel Suites Resort at Diniwid Beach, Boracay. Visit their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Mamasfishhouseboracay/ for more information.

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