Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Concept for the New Year with Highlands Bistro

The Highlands name remains synonymous with prime quality steaks, and the recent rebranding of its branch in Estancia Mall still bears the name associating it with Highlands Prime Steakhouse. With a more casual and laid-back vibe, Highlands Bistro offers its signature quality steaks along with a new menu to match the new concept...

It may have a new name, but you can expect the same level of quality you loved through the years. The new Highlands Bistro at Estancia Mall by Highlands Prime Steakhouse takes on a more relaxed and easy-going character with a new menu highlighted by their signature steaks. Read on for a peek at Highlands Bistro's tasty new offerings... 

Inside Highlands Bistro, you'll find the familiar rustic country vibe accentuated by light wood tones reminiscent of Highlands Prime Steakhouse in Tagaytay. The wood and stone walls add that distinctive Highlands look, the perfect spot in Estancia Mall for a prime steak lunch or dinner. 

At the helm of Highlands Bistro's kitchen is Chef John Kingston (L) who shares his own take on casual dining favorites and classic dishes from Highlands Prime Steakhouse. The comforting cuisine curated by Chef John Kingston fits the new concept perfectly, and a bowl of crisp Potato Skins served with a side of Ketchup sets you on the right track. 

At the special preview, Chef John Kingston Chicken served Highlands Bistro's signature appetizers, including the Southwestern-inspired Chicken Quesadilla (P 290) with tender chicken seasoned with Cajun spices with cheese baked in a soft and fresh flour tortilla served with a trio of dips, sour cream, guacamole and tart tomato salsa. The clean and bold notes of the fresh ingredients come together for comforting flavors, from the richly seasoned chicken to the creamy guacamole and tart salsa for a light yet tasty starter.

From the kitchen, Chef John Kingston slowly walks up the table with an impressive dome-covered dish for the second starter. As he gently laid the dish on the table and lifts the massive cloche, the fragrant smoke slowly rises to reveal a dozen succulent and fresh-baked oysters. 

Highlands Bistro's Baked Oysters Rockefeller (P 250-3 pcs/P 460-6 pcs/P 810-12 pcs) is an impressive starter, with large and plump oysters baked with spinach and mozzarella and served with lemon. The fresh oysters release a burst of briny sweetness capped by the creamy mozzarella and spinach, followed by the vibrant notes of lemon.  

And you just can't go wrong with the freshest oysters with its clean flavors. Highlands Bistro also offers fresh oysters on a half-shell for even more tasty options.

The ovens at Highlands Bistro are then fired up for the next course. Highlands Bistro's Three-Cheese Pizza (P 465) with mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar on a crisp and rustic thin crust drizzled with truffle oil offers both rich flavors and textural contrasts with every bite with the thick layer of the creamy cheese blend and the crunch of the thin crust. The deep, nutty notes of the truffle oil complete the flavors. 

For the mains, Highlands Bistro offers a variety of savory dishes, including the signature Baby Back Ribs (P 1,100-Full Rack/P 700-Half Rack) served on a wooden board. The fork-tender and fall-off-the-bone pork ribs draped in Highlands Bistro's very own dry rub, served with crisp and spicy potato wedges, adds a festive mood to the feast. Perfectly grilled, the dry rub adds a lightly crisp crust over the juicy pork as well as deep flavors, and the tart barbecue sauce provides the perfect finish with its rich and smoky hints.

I've always preferred dry-rub ribs for its cleaner flavors, and adding the barbecue sauce separately. Grab a piece and watch it come clean off the bone...

The juicy and savory richness of the pork is complemented by the flavorful dry rub with just a whisper of smokiness, and you'll want another piece. And those potato wedges, with its light crispness on the outside, pairs perfectly with the Baby Back Ribs.

The Chicken Parmigiana (P 600), with tender, juicy and lightly crisp pan-fried fillet of chicken drenched in mayo and parmesan topped with tomatoes and mozzarella and served with truffle mushroom pasta is another hearty option at Highlands Bistro. The delicate flavors of the chicken fillet is kicked up by the bold and vibrant notes of the tomatoes, while the truffle mushroom pasta rounds out the dish with its buttery and nutty hints.

And here's the beef. The Classic Prime US Ribeye (P 1,300-8 oz/P 1,700-10 oz/P 3,200-20 oz) is a must-have at Highlands Bistro, perfectly grilled to medium rare with a juicy pink center. The bold beefy flavors punch through with every bite, and great as is even without the sauce. Served with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Corn and Grilled Asparagus, the Classic Prime US Ribeye is what made the Highlands name synonymous with prime steaks. And you can have it too at Highlands Bistro.

After a satisfying meal at Highlands Bistro, it's time for some cocktails. And where can you find classic hand-crafted cocktails in Estancia Mall? Simply enter the convenient passageway through Highlands Bistro to Churchill, more on my next post at Honey or Smoked? Have Your Old-Fashioned Both Ways at Churchill...

Highlands Bistro is located at the Ground Floor of Estancia Mall North Wing in Capitol Commons, Kapitolyo, Pasig or call 532-2324 for inquiries and reservations.

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