Friday, December 15, 2017

Reyal Unveils New Look For Its Sauce-Sarap, Sauce-Sulit Litson Manok

Tender and juicy roast chicken served with that comforting sweet, spicy and garlicky sauce, you just know this one's another winner chicken dinner from Reyal Litson Manok.

Great tasting chicken needs a good sauce, and you get both in a flavorful one-two punch with Reyal, a name synonymous with the saucy and flavorful litson manok that's become a well-loved brand in just two years. The local brand has given local consumers a tasty new alternative, proving again and again that a great chicken meal is always better with sauce, consistent with its tagline "mas masarap 'pag may sauce!" And one juicy and savory bite is all you need to absolutely agree with Reyal. 

On it's second anniversary, Reyal unveils a fresh and vibrant new look with a bright orange thematic color replacing the previous yellow shade along with a typeface featuring a more striking and cursive form. You can say the new look is a much saucy-er evolution of the brand, but for many of its loyal fans, the rebranding simply refocuses their identity on what Reyal is known for, their signature litson manok sauce. It's what sets Reyal apart from the other brands, a unique and compelling competitive edge that continues to gain even more loyal fans.

For many families, Reyal offers an affordable and flavorful ulam option for meals at home, turning family dinners into a festive feast without busting the bank or the wallet. Slow-roasted, the chicken is both tender and juicy delivering a savory richness with every bite, followed by the smoky hints from the charred outer layer. But it's the sauce that completes the flavors. Made with honey, chili oil, and toasted garlic bits, the sweet and spicy notes add flavorful layers capped by the nutty hints of garlic for both rich flavors and texture. 

Unlike the usual liver-based lechon sauce or the soy-calamansi dip served by other litson manok brands, Reyal's sweet and spicy sauce allows you to enjoy the flavors of the chicken without overpowering its delicate notes. The subtle notes complements the mild flavors of the roast chicken, yet leaving distinct hints that linger long after the first bite. And with sauce like this, you'll go for seconds and thirds....

In fact, drizzle some of the signature sauce from Reyal on garlic fried rice for a hearty and comforting meal at home. Extra rice and chicken? Absolutely.

With its signature butterfy-cut chicken slow-roasted and served with their own proprietary sauce, it's a ready-to-eat meal you can bring home for everyone to enjoy.

Perfect for take-out, your meal from Reyal is packed and ready to go.

And with Christmas fast approaching, families can enjoy a festive holiday feast at home with Reyal Litson Manok in convenient take-out packages. Potluck emergencies? No worries. Just bring along some Reyal Litson Manok on your get-together.

Ready to serve and ready to eat without the fuss, you can have a savory meal as soon as you open the take-out containers. All you need is a pot of freshly steamed white rice. Aside from their popular Litson Manok, Reyal also offers other tasty local favorites like the Reyal Pork BBQ and Reyal Pork Liempo. Reyal may be sporting a new look, but its loyal fans can still expect the same savory, sweet, and spicy flavors that made it a favorite for the past two years. And with Reyal Litson Manok, it's all about the sauce. It definitely still is "mas masarap 'pag may sauce."

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