Thursday, December 7, 2017

Joyeux Noel: Christmas Flavors with a French Accent at Resorts World Manila's Impressions

Indulge in a French-inspired holiday feast prepared by one of the country's internationally acclaimed chefs...

Resorts World Manila's Director of Culinary Arts and the country's first and only Master Chef of France, Cyrille Soenen, shares his French-themed holiday feast, the Christmas Special, at Impressions for a unique holiday dining experience. The Christmas Special Set at Impressions will only be available for dinner on December 23 and 25, and for lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve. Read on for a tasty peek at Chef Cyrille Soenen's Christmas Special at Impressions...

On your way to Impressions, get into the holiday vibe with an enchanting walk through Resorts World Manila's Lumina, an illuminated walkway with well over 100,000 LED bulbs. Take a selfie and share your post and some holiday cheer with the hashtags #RWLumina, #WalkwayOfLights, and #WorldOfLights.

Chef Cyrille Soenen recreates classic French flavors in an elegant four-course dinner in his classic and elegant style that has earned him the prestigious title as Master Chef of France (for more Chef Cyrille Soennen, see my post Food News: Chef Cyrille Soenen Honored as Master Chef). Our dinner preview of Chef Cyrille Soenen's Christmas Special at Impressions began with an intricate amuse bouche of Smoked Salmon Roulade with Ricotta Cheese garnished with Squid Ink Tuile and Ikura (salmon roe). The distinct notes of the smoked salmon coats your palate with its richness, followed by the subtle briny hints of the salmon roe and the squid ink tuile. And that's just the amuse bouche, and I'm already impressed. 

The first course was then served, a savory appetizer of Pork Terrine with Chicken Liver wrapped in Bacon and topped with tart Cherry Compote and served with a side of Apple and Herb Salad with Cherry Puree. It's a dish marked by contrasting flavors weaving distinct hints, yet everything seems to come together complementing the other for balanced flavors. The deep notes of the pork terrine infused with chicken liver are tempered by the tartness of the cherry compote, and rounded out by the bold smoky notes of bacon. The refreshing salad cleanses the palate with the sweet notes of the paper-thin slices of apples and cherry puree, and you're ready for another bite. The seamless blend of rich flavors sets the tone for the rest of the courses served next...

For the second course, Chef Cyrille Soenen served his hearty and comforting Spiced Pumpkin Soup with Fennel and Sage Cracker and Foie Gras Mousse. The thick spiced pumpkin broth is then poured over the fennel and sage cracker and the foie gras mousse, combining for rustic flavors that's perfect for the season.  

For the main course, Chef Cyrille Soenen's Braised Beef and Mushroom Gratin with Potato Leek Puree and Spinach and Sauteed Vegetables was served. Elegantly plated, the vibrant colors of the dish captures the festive spirit of the season. Like all of Chef Cyrille's dishes, each ingredient lays a colorful palette of rich flavors complementing the other in a delicate balance like a masterfully executed symphony.   

Braised for five hours, the fork tender beef brisket delivers a burst of savory richness followed by the earthy notes of the mushroom gratin and perfectly finished by the potato leek puree. Just perfect. 

Before the final dessert course, Chef Cyrill shares his Mignardises of Red and Green Macaroon with Cherry and Mint Chocolate, Ube Cannele, and Ginger Spiced Pralines, tasty bites that's perfect with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

Chef Cyrille's Christmas Feast ends with the beautifully plated Raspberry Panna Cotta with Red Crumble, Raspberry Spiced Ganache, Coconut Lady Finger, and White Chocolate Vodka Ice Cream for another epic finale at Impressions. The Christmas Special Set at Impressions will only be available for dinner on December 23 and 25, and for lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve. RWM guests will also be treated to a wonderful evening of music and magic with a Christmas Day Show at The Plaza in Newport Mall with a performance by the UP Singing Ambassadors and Nina. Santa will also make an appearance for children of all ages. Book your holiday celebrations now at Resorts World Manila starting with a French holiday feast at Impressions (for more on Impressions, see my earlier posts, Impressed: Beef and Wine Nights at Impressions, Oysters, Foie Gras, Strawberries and Chocolate: A Pre-Valentine's Sunday Brunch at Impressions..., A Lasting Impressions of Resorts World Manila's Maxims Hotel., and A World of Luck...and Flavors for Valentine's at Resorts World Manila's Maxims Hotel).

Impressions is located at Third Floor, Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila, 100 Andrews Avenue, Newport City, Pasay or call 908-8883 for inquiries and reservations.

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