Monday, December 4, 2017

#LivinLovinLocally: Quench Your Thirst with Homegrown Local Flavors from Locally

Local is the new premium, and there's one homegrown beverage brand that allows you to embark on a tasty culinary journey around the Philippines with every sip...

NutriAsia recently launched its unique homegrown beverage brand, Locally Blended Juice Drink, offering distinctly local flavors. It's the first of its kind, with all-Pinoy flavors you've never had in juice before. Rediscover comfortingly familiar flavors in a fresh, exciting and new line of juices and begin #LivinLovinLocally...  

Leveraging on the renewed interest in everything local, Locally is entering the competitive beverage market at the right time, providing even more choices for consumers. "There has been a resurgent advocacy promoting homegrown brands and products. The country has seen an increase in fairs selling local produce, restaurants featuring their own take on local dishes, local art and films being recognized, etc. Loving local is definitely in right now, and it's a good thing because it enables us to support our own communities and promote Filipino pride, which is exactly what Locally is all about," says Gretchen King, Group Product Manager for Locally. Whether its exploring local destinations, savoring rich and familiar flavors in classic local dishes, discovering locally-made fashion or simply immersing one's self into our own arts and culture, there a lot to love with everything local. And you can add Locally to your list of local favorites.

Innovation and creativity matched with local pride, that's what it takes to enter a well-developed beverage market so you can forget about the usual juice flavors like orange and mango. Locally digs deep into the Filipino experience offering truly local flavors like Mangosteen, Sineguelas, Dalandan, Tamarind, Guyabano, Calamansi, Pomelo, and Buco triggering fond memories of countless childhood summers like no other juice brand. And Locally does it with a lot of fun too, with witty names like Mangosteenie Miney Mo, Save The Best for Sineguelast, You've Dalandan It Again, Tamarind My Bell, Guyabano-body But You, Calamansi'z The Day, Pomelong and Lasting Love, and Merci Buco. You've got to hand it to Locally for weaving in some Filipino humor to the brand adding to its all-Pinoy character and imagery. And almost immediately, there's an instant connection with the brand capped by a refreshing sip.

The unique portfolio of flavors is the first of its kind, giving Locally a distinct edge setting it apart from the usual juices currently available in the market. The proudly local concept is not only driven by its unique flavors, with it comes commitment to the local community. Locally believes in responsible goodness, providing great-tasting and indigenous flavors that supports farming communities. "Each of our flavors is created from natural, homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the country, there's the tamarind from Central and Southern Luzon, mangosteen from Davao, and Calamansi from Isabela, among others. We aim to raise awareness and appreciation of our local produce, and in turn, support Filipino farmers and the farming community," explained Gretchen King. 

Guyabano from Cebu, pomelos from Quezon, and dalandan from Laguna. Ready for a taste trip around the Philippines? Simply pick your local flavor and take a refreshing sip. And it's as easy as twisting a cap or popping up a can for some uniquely Filipino flavors from Locally.

Made from natural homegrown fruits, the the comfortingly familiar notes come through immediately with one sip, quenching your thirst with its natural sweetness. That day, guests and influencers couldn't resist going for another round and exploring the different local flavors from Locally. 
At the launch, one of the country's premier mixologists, Kalel Demetrio (L), weaves his own local magic with handcrafted cocktails using Locally juices as the base. The natural sweetness of the juices make a perfect base for Kalel Demetrio's inventive cocktails, the Maharlika Mojito and Salaguinto. Another round? Absolutely.

At the heart of the brand lies the commitment to champion a sense of Pinoy pride in an inherently fun way, capturing the Filipino spirit. And the brand makes a relevant connection renewing that sense of pride in a light yet meaningful and engaging manner. There's a whole lot of good vibes with Locally...

And you can start your taste trip around the country by visiting your nearest convenience store or supermarket. Locally juices are now available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets at affordable prices (P 30.95 for bottles/P 24.50 for cans).

Show your support for homegrown and proudly local brands, and start #LivinLovinLocally. And as you enjoy a refreshing sip, you're helping local farming communities too, and that's something to feel good about.

But there's more. One more refreshing surprise from Locally...

Locally also offers !00% made locally and responsibly organic coconut water in tetra packs, Merci Buco, in three refreshing variants: Pure Organic 100% Organic Coconut Water, Coconut Water with Pandan Flavor, and Coconut Water with Lychee Flavor. Using local coconuts from Quezon and Bicol and not from concentrates, all-natural coconut is a perfect source for electrolytes for hydrating with absolutely no fat or cholesterol, gluten-free and non-GMO. 

Take a sip for wellness, and you'll be glad you did with Merci Buco. The Merci Buco tetra packs are now available at leading convenience stores and supermarkets (priced at P 34.45 for 330mL and P 91.95 for 1L).

Things are certainly brewing up in the local beverage market, and I like it. More options, more flavors, and an opportunity to help local farming communities. There's a whole lot to feel good about with Locally.

And now, it's your turn...

...and visit your nearest convenience store or supermarket for a taste trip around the country in a can, bottle, or tetra pack. Start #LivinLovinLocally and rediscover local, homegrown flavors with Locally.

For more information and updates on Locally, you may visit @LocallyPH on Instagram and Facebook.

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