Monday, December 11, 2017

Be Prepared For The Season of Giving: Scout's Honor's Tempting Holiday Cookie Sets

This Christmas, it helps being prepared at all times for the festive season of giving. And just like the scout's motto, being prepared takes on an indulgent twist with Scout's Honor's Holiday Cookie Sets...

And what better way to spread some love this Christmas than with a dozen decadent Cub Scout Cookies from Scout's Honor, right? Scout's Honor's Holiday Cookie Sets are the perfect holiday gifts this Christmas with a dozen more reasons to celebrate the season of giving. Read on for a sneak peek at Scout's Honor's Holiday Cookie Sets...

Ever since my very first bite of Scout's Honor's signature cookies two years ago, I've been hooked. One bite of Scout's Honor's Cookie Inception, a cookie within a cookie within a cookie with Oreo, double chocolate fudge, and chocolate chip, and it's game over. And Chef Miko Aspiras continues to impress with his growing selection of handcrafted cookies for some cookie love this Christmas (for more on Chef Miko Aspiras and Scout's Honor, see my earlier posts, Choose Your Cookie, Choose Your Milk for Your Very Own Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Milkshake, Bite and Sip: Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop's Craft Cookie Milkshake Version Upgrade, Ready for Cookie Camp at Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop, and A Cookie in a Jar from Scout's Honor).

Scout's Honor's Holiday Cookie Sets include an attractive box (L) containing a dozen of your favorite handcrafted cookies neatly stacked and arranged (R), ready for a cookie feast. The lucky recipient of your Holiday Cookie Set from Scout's Honor will love you forever. Guaranteed.

For only P 575, you get a decadent dozen of your favorite Cub Scout's cookies from Scout's Honor, including Matcha White Chocolate, Ultimate Triple Chocolate, Rocky Road, White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal, Cashew Macadamia & Dark Chocolate, and Gooey Ube. Get one for yourself for a well-deserved treat too. Get six Holiday Cookie Sets from Scout's Honor, and you get another dozen Ultimate Triple Chocolate cookies on the house. Now that's one cool deal. And it's available until December 31, 2017.

Start the season of giving with a couple of boxes from Scout's Honor, and don't forget to treat yourself with your own dozen. Head on over to Scout's Honor at Hole in the Wall in Century Mall for a dozen tempting reasons to share some cookie love this holiday season.

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