Friday, December 15, 2017

Pasta Gets Creative with The Pork Project

You can have the usual pasta this holiday season. Or go for some playfully inventive and refreshingly innovative pasta dishes for a change. Just leave it to Chef Redd Agustin and The Pork Project to take you on a wild and flavorful ride with their not-your-usual pasta offerings...

Chef Redd Agustin and The Pork Project shares their new pasta dishes in time for the holiday season, and if you know Chef Redd, you can expect flavorful spins to make you love pasta even more. Penne Screams Adobo and Linguine Who Wants To Be A Paella, you just know it's not your usual pasta dish. It's the way it is at The Pork Project, and his latest pasta project gets another green light (for more on The Pork Project, see my previous post, Perfecting Pure Pork Love with The Pork Project).

Chef Redd transforms your favorite seafood paella into a tasty pasta dish with all the bells and whistles for something comfortingly familiar yet new and different with his Linguine Who Wants To Be A Pasta. The soft yet firm noodles, the fresh and succulent seafood and the richness of the paella-style pasta sauce come together perfectly. The chorizo adds bold notes to the richly flavored pasta, and this was gone in minutes, making you wish ordered a larger tray. Fresh, creative, different. And it works. It's the kind of pasta dish you'd love to add to your family holiday feast or your next Christmas potluck.

And if you order a tray, serving up this dish is easy. Here's Chef Redd's tips on how to best enjoy his inventive pasta with a multiple personality, starting with the pasta. In a pan, heat some olive oil then add the pasta to cook for about 2-3 minutes. Add some water or stock if needed. Add some chorizo for some love and good measure. Then, finish the pasta with a dab of butter, transfer in a bowl and dive right in.

Adobo and pasta? Absolutely. One wonders why no one even thought of it. Except Chef Redd. Chef Redd's Penne Screams Adobo is all about bold flavors, with penne pasta draped in a rich adobo sauce, topped with crispy adobo flakes and quail eggs. Sounds good? Tastes even better.

Chef Redd's Penne Screams Adobo includes a pack of Adobo Flakes for even more rich flavors and textures. And its easy to prepare. In a toaster or oven, line a baking tray with a paper towel and heat the adobo flakes for 2-3 minutes. And here's a cool tip from Chef Redd, add some bleu cheese and chili flakes for just a touch of happiness. For the pasta, heat up a pan with a little stock or water to loosen up the pasta for about 2-3 minutes. Then, transfer the pasta to a bowl and add the crisp adobo flakes for that perfect finishing touch.

Penne Screams Adobo and Linguine Who Wants To Be A Pasta, both inventive pasta dishes adding new flavors to a holiday feast. It's what makes The Pork Project exciting and different. Knowing Chef Redd, his cooking up another tasty project and you'll just never know what to expect... 

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