Monday, January 29, 2018

Coffee with a Cool Kick at Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub

Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub redefines the coffee experience with a wide range of alcohol-infused's coffee with a cool kick.

That additional layer of flavor tingles the palate and warms the body like a refreshing shot of vibrant energy with each flavorful sip, and Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub does coffee and alcohol with an inventive spin that will have you coming back for more for another round.

Located at the heart of Mandaluyong, Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub offers comforting and freshly brewed local coffee with a creative twist. With its Tipsy Hot and Iced Drinks, enjoying your cup of joe laced with just a whisper of alcohol gets you in the groove in no time, just what you need to start or end your day.

The best way to get acquainted with Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub's signature beverages is the soothing Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks (P 125), made with local coffee blended with their signature housemade Irish Cream. The bold and robust notes of the coffee pair well with the Irish Cream delivering rich flavors...

...gaining intensity as the coffee-infused ice cubes melts away releasing even more flavor. It's the kind of beverage that encourages creativity and a whole lot of good vibes. It's no surprise that Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub is a favorite venue for open-mic nights, poetry readings and art exhibits. And with beverages like the Irish Cream on Coffee Rocks, the local art community calls Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub home in Mandaluyong City.

Switch gears at Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub with a hot beverage like the Irish Cream Coffee (P 110) combining delicately brewed coffee with a shot of whiskey and Irish Cream. The distinct notes of the premium coffee plays well with the bold smoky notes of the whiskey and rich Irish Cream in perfectly balanced flavors.

Take a nostalgic trip back to carefree childhood summers with Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub's Milo Chupacabra (P 135), a Milo Godzilla drink with hints of Coffee Liqueur and Tequila topped with ice cream for an adult version of an old favorite. The distinct chocolate and malty notes come together with the intense flavors of the Coffee Liqueur and Tequila in a seamless blend giving it depth, capped by the velvety smooth ice cream. The infused alcohol does not overwhelm the beverage, instead it layers subtle hints of flavor for a unique and refreshing experience.

Be adventurous and dare to swim with the sharks with Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub's Shark-Infested Lemonade (P 85), a sweet and quirky blend of Blue Curacao and rum topped with a gummy shark. Sweet with just the right hint of deep, smoky notes from the rum, the Shark-Infested Lemonade is both refreshing and playful...

...and catching that agile shark is just part of the fun. After a few rounds, you're just about ready for a light snack. Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub offers All-Day Meals, pastas, sandwiches, and desserts, so you don't even have move for a tasty bite.

Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub's Squidball & Kikiam Platter (P 55) takes the popular street food indoors for comforting and familiar familiar flavors, perfect with the Shark-Infested Lemonade.

But if you're after a real meal, the Adobo Flakes (P 159/P 189) with rice, scrambled eggs and tomatoes is a meal in itself.

Refreshing beverages and hearty meals, Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub serves it up for you all day.

Cap your visit to Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub with their signature Cappuccino (P 100 Hot/P 120 Iced/P 150 Large Mug) and you're ready for the day ahead.

Tipsy Beans Coffee Pub is located at 50 Domingo M. Guevarra Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City or call 621-3660 for inquiries and more information.

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