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Power Lunch at Flame, Cocktails at Edge...

A sumptuous lunch followed by a round of cocktails, the new year is definitely off to a great start at Discovery Primea...

Executive Chef Luis Chikiamco continues to push modern European cuisine infused with bold Asian notes for unique flavor experiences at Discovery Primea's fine-dining restaurant, Flame. The refreshing repertoire of dishes reflect the inventive style of Chef Luis, from classic and familiar Asian-style cuisine prepared with indulgent western ingredients like foie gras down to the Chinese take-out box plated for one of their signature mains, Flame takes you on an exciting culinary journey, crossing and pushing borders, with its exquisite cuisine prepared with a casual yet modern edge.

Lunch or dinner, the elegant interiors of Flame at Discovery Primea never fails to impress (for more on Flame, see my previous posts, Igniting The Next Culinary Standard at Discovery Primea's Flame Restaurant and Flame Restaurant Fires Up For Lunch). Since its opening in the middle of 2016, Discovery Primea's Flame has caught the attention and palate of the metro's discerning foodies with its savory offerings of fresh seafood and premium steaks perfectly grilled on the Josper Oven. House Smoked Duck Breast, Crispy Sea Bass Cakes, Chili Lobster Spaghetti, and US Wagyu Bistro Steak, these are just some of the many tempting offerings at Flame. 

Start your feast with a refreshing cocktail, like Flame's French 75 (P 600), an elegant blend of Chandon Sparkling Wine, Bombay Sapphire Gin, sugar and lemon; or the Kir Royale (P 600) with Chandon Sparkling Wine and Creme de Cassis. Flame's Sazerac (P 300) with Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Absinthe and bitters works for me.

Chef Luis reinvents the comforting flavors of the traditional Japanese-style egg custard with his Foie Gras Chawanmushi (P 550) topped with mirin and sashi broth reduction and indulgent foie gras in an inventive east-west fusion unlike any other. The silky soft egg custard is enhanced by the flavorful broth for deep flavors and textures, followed by the melt-in-your-mouth richness and nutty notes of foie gras. Just can't get better than that.

The Crispy Pork Belly Doughnuts (P 390) served with Butterscotch Miso Dip is another playfully inventive and unique dish with a sweet and savory blend of flavors. The comfortingly familiar sweetness and texture of doughnuts and the savory notes of pork come together in a flavorful starter and one bite will have you going for another, perfectly finished by a dip in the butterscotch sauce blended with the mildly salty hints of miso. 

The Soft Shell Crab Tempura (P 790), a refreshing salad with radishes and spicy miso remoulade, offers contrasting textures and flavors in a seamless blend for another satisfying dish at Flame. The subtle sweetness of the crisp garden-fresh greens and the briny notes of the succulent soft-shell crab coated in a light tempura batter release a burst of flavors with every bite. And now, you're just about ready for the mains...

Flame's Hainanese Chicken (P 850) features imported corn-fed chicken laid on flavored Thai Jasmine Rice with sweet ginger, soy and spring onions for a winning take on a classic Singaporean favorite. The dish brings together a tapestry of delicate flavors, from the juicy and succulent chicken to the soft and fragrant rice capped by the trio of dips with the chili, hoisin and ginger sauces. A meal in itself, each spoonful layers the palate with its delectable richness.

The "Take-Out" Lobster Fried Rice (P 890) adds an element of fun to your feast at Flame, plated with a take-out box filled with Citrus Jasmine Rice, pork sausages, 63 degree egg and lobster remoulade. The soft rice, flavored with the different components of the dish, becomes the base for another elaborate dish with the sharp notes of Chinese pork sausages blending with chunks of lobster rounded out by the 63 degree egg. Just perfect. 

Bold Asian flavors are recreated with Flame's signature Chili Lobster Spaghetti (P 720), an old personal favorite, with soft yet firm noodles draped in a spicy Sriracha bisque for that soothing heat topped with scallions and coriander. Succulent chunks of lobster adds that indulgent touch to the east-west pasta creation, with its briny sweetness punctuated by the Sriracha bisque. Yet all the contrasting notes are delicately balanced, innovative and deliberate reflecting the unique culinary style at Flame.

Flame also offers diners even more tasty options with their Power Lunch (P 880++ for two courses/ P 980++ for three courses). Flame's Power Lunch includes a choice of appetizers, entree and dessert inclusive of Lavazza Coffee or TWG Tea. Start with the Yellowfin Tuna Tataki with delicately seared tuna crusted with spices and seasonings served with edamame, chukka wakame, bonito flakes, and drizzled with lemon-togarashi dressing. The fresh and clean flavors of the tuna, with its pink center, are kicked up by the lemon-togarashi dressing for a light yet boldly flavored starter. Other appetizers for the Power Lunch include the Grilled Octopus Salad with radish, carrots, endives, and pears and Chicken Consomme with chicken-vegetable dumpling, bok choy and lemongrass-ginger essence. 

For the entrees, inspiration from local flavors highlights Flame's Power Lunch, like the Adobo US Beef Short Plate, another intriguing play from Chef Luis Chikiamco's playbook combining fork-tender beef simmered in a flavorful adobo sauce and laid on egg noodles topped with crispy garlic, chili and scallions.

The rich flavors of adobo pair well with the egg noodles for another surprising dish, complemented by juicy and beefy notes. It's adobo with a creative spin, and it works.  

The Braised Lamb with grilled eggplant, French beans, hearts of palm, peanut sauce and bagoong rice is another inventive take on a local favorite, presented in a refreshing new way. The fork-tender braised lamb is an upgrade on the usual kare-kare, adding its own unique richness to the dish. And just like Flame's many signature dishes, this dish brings together layers of distinct flavors for another memorable dish. Diners can also opt for the Roasted Barramundi Fillet in Sake Broth served with hon-shimeji mushrooms, wasabi potato mousse, grilled leeks, miso and sake broth for a lighter lunch option.  

For dessert, cap your Power Lunch at Flame with the indulgent Coconut Panna Cotta with pineapple granita, lemongrass mousse, and gingerbread crumble. The decadent creamy notes of the panna cotta are spiked by the sharp hints of pineapple and lemongrass capped by the gingerbread crumble for balanced flavors, perfect with Lavazza Coffee or TWG Tea.

Whether you go for Flame's Power Lunch or opt for one of their many signature mains, diners can enjoy bold, inventive and unique flavors elegantly executed and served for a memorable dining experience sixteen floors above the Makati commercial and business district at Discovery Primea.

And what better way to end a satisfying meal at Flame than a few rounds of refreshing cocktails at Edge with its panoramic views of the metro...

Located at the very same floor as Flame, Edge offers stunning views of the metro and it's the perfect spot for a tipple. Simply pick your spot...

...and wait for the shifting light to unveil yet another facet of Makati.

On one side, you'll find both Rockwell and The Fort with their towering structures against a vivid blue sky, changing hues as the sun sets in the distant horizon. Time for a cocktail...

Edge offers a wide range of spirits including handcrafted cocktails, just what you need to start the year and end the day right at Discovery Primea. With its casual garden setting, Edge becomes an experience in itself, offering guests dramatic views of the dazzling nightscape.

The Orchards Old-Fashioned, infused with oranges, adds a sharp and citrusy hint to the deep, smoky notes of bourbon. Just what you need to catch the sunset at Edge. Power Lunch at Flame, cocktails at Edge, starting the year and ending the day right begins at Discovery Primea...

Flame and Edge are located at the 16th Floor of Discovery Primea, 6749 Ayala Avenue, Makati City or call (632) 955-8888 local 71610 for reservations and inquiries.

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