Monday, January 29, 2018

Tickle Your Fancy with Doghnuts by Tickled Pink

The local food truck scene wheels in an indulgent sweet treat with its newest addition to the growing fleet...

Tickled Pink enters the emerging food truck parade with a decadent selection of dazzling doughnuts in a tempting variety of colors and flavors guaranteed to tickle your fancy (for more on local food trucks, visit the FB Page at

For the metro's newest doughnuts, pink is definitely the color making it easy to spot the newest food truck loaded with boxes of doughnuts.

And what a selection. From doughnuts glazed with chocolate and topped with colorful candy sprinkles to filled doughnuts oozing with creamy custard, Tickled Pink indulges your cravings with its range of doughnuts.

Enjoy a bite and go for a dozen, you'll find it all here at the Tickled Pink Food Truck. Soft, light and fluffy yet firm, the artisan doughnuts are prepared the old school way with the finest premium ingredients.

And if you just can't have enough of the fried dough confectionery, just follow the hard-to-miss Tickled Pink Food Truck for a tasty pitstop.

For more on Tickled Pink Food Truck, follow their IG Feed at @tickledpinkfoodtruck for updates.

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