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Where To? LUMU...

Beer joint, watering hole, kambingan, tambayan, call it what you like, your nostalgic beerhouse has been revived and is now better known as LUMU...

In a classic throwback to the days of the iconic Filipino tambayan, LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen offers inventive reinterpretations of traditional Filipino beerhouse favorites that pair well with endless rounds of ice-cold beer. And it's all happening right here in Greenbelt 3...

Located at the Third Floor of Greenbelt 3, LUMU Beerhouse and Filipino Kitchen takes you back to the glory days of the Filipino beerhouse with its wide range of savory pulutan or local pub grub prepared with a contemporary spin. Call it an upgrade on the beerhouse of the old days for a refreshing alternative at Greenbelt 3.

The creative force behind the restaurant is one of the metro's rising culinary stars. Luigi Muhlach, Executive Chef of the Red Crab Group of restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo, was at the helm of LUMU's kitchens for the special tasting (and you can probably make a guess on the inspiration for the restaurant's name).

Inside LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen, the newest hotspot at Greenbelt 3 exudes a comforting vintage vibe with its quirky interiors. Old wooden doors and windows with iron grills and painted brick walls reflect an aged patina that takes you back to your favorite drinking joint. It's details like these that complete the look and feel of the Filipino beerhouse, capped by a curated playlist that just makes you go for another ice-cold beer.

Tomadors unite. And when you need a drink, LUMU is definitely the place. Premium local and imported beer and cocktails, LUMU's got it. Margaritas? Make that a LUMU  Megaritas. Upsized and and ready to party, the LuMu Megaritas like the Frozen Weng Weng (P 399) should get you in the groove in no time.

Melon Breezer, Lambanog Sangria, or The Ultimate Tomador, LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen offers a wide selection of libation for a whole lot of good vibes. Pick a spot outside and enjoy the breeze and the view with a pitcher of LUMU's signature cocktails... the Tropical Mojito (P 399/Pitcher). And LUMU's got it right down to the short round glasses for that mandatory tagay with the gang.

More liquor? The Gin Pomelo a la Tambay (P 399/Pitcher) is another cocktail option for endless rounds of fun with the group.

You can have the usual Sago't Gulaman or go for the spiked Lokong Sago't Gulaman (P 399) for that well-deserved break. Other premium cocktails include the LUMU Sour (P 320), Pearl Julep (P 365), Dear Cheenie (P 320) with Jose Cuervo Reposado Tequila and Chambord and the Ultimate Copa (P 459) with Wild Turkey Bourbon.

The creative cocktails are just a teaser to what LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen has to offer, from tasty skewers to hearty meals. LUMU offers a wide range of barbecue to complete any drinking session, including Pork, Chicken, Chicken Isol, Chicken Isaw, and Pork Isaw, take your pick. That day, we sampled two unique skewers...

...starting with the Tocino BBQ (P 95/2 Sticks), your favorite pork dish on a stick. Who knew the pork tocino would taste even better when barbecued on a stick? One bite and you'll want some rice for the next skewer, but Chef Luigi Muhlach has even more tasty surprises up his sleeves. And that's what Chef Luigi Muhlach brings to the table at LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen, all-time classics with a fresh and playfully inventive twist for a whole new dining experience that's different. 

The Bulaklak Skewers (P 95/2 Sticks) takes the traditional chicharon bulaklak and gives it a barbecue makeover for another tasty side pairing perfectly with a cold beer. The soft and tender ruffled fat of the pork innards release a savory richness that line your palate followed by the light crispness of the charred outer layer for both contrast and flavor. The spicy vinegar dip and homemade atchara cleanses the palate and tempers the richness, and you're good to go for another flavorful bite.

Now that you've seen what Chef Luigi Muhlach can do with skewers, you'll be amazed with his take on the familiar longganisa. After a few more skewers and another round of beer, why not go for the signature homemade flavored sausages, the LUMU Pag-Ibig Bangers? And no, these are not the usual regional variations of longganisa, these are totally different. Chef Luigi Muhlach draws inspiration from traditional local dishes for these uniquely flavored hand-stuffed sausages. Love the heat from the spicy Bicol Express? You'll find it in a fat homemade sausage wittingly named Kupido (99). How about some pork sisig? Knock yourself out with Chef Luigi Muhlach's Sisig Love (P 99). You'll find even more tasty sausages behind cool names like May Asim Ba Talaga (P 149) stuffed with sinampalukang kambing, Cheesy Mo (P 149), a richly flavored sausage stuffed with kalderetang kambing with cheese, Walang Kamatayan (P 99) with the enduring chicken & pork adobo, Like An Explosion (P 99) filled with savory menudo and the aptly named Nagdurugong Puso (P 99) with dinuguan. And there's more. You'll also find sausages stuffed with Kansi (P 99) and Humba (P 99). Definitely not your usual longganisa, and it works. Perfectly.  

Can't decide which homemade flavored longganisa to try? No worries. Go for all the flavors with the LUMU A-Bangers Sampler (P 499), with the mildly spicy Kupido, Sisig Love, Kansi, Happy Humba, May Asim Pa Talaga, Cheesy Mo, Walang Kamatayan, Nagdurugong Puso, and Like An Explosion and find your favorite with another round of beer. Each variant is different from the other, with its own unique nuances and flavors. Going through the sampler adds yet another layer to your dining experience at LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen.

In between tasty bites, enjoy even more flavorful munchies with LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's crisp Taro and Kamote Nachos Overload (P 165) topped with pork and drizzled with cheese. The subtle sweetness of the taro and sweet potato chips add a distinct local flavor, and you can't stop once you start. Another beer? Absolutely.

The Pares Cuapao (P 145) with LUMU's signature Beef Pares in soft cuapao buns presents another classic dish executed in a refreshingly new interpretation, offering rich flavors in a hand-held treat. It's just one of many creative culinary expressions from Chef Luigi Muhlach that makes LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen a must-try at Greenbelt 3.

A sumptuous feast is mandatory in any typical drinking session with the gang, and LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's got the goods. The LUMU Tortang Talong (P 178) with grilled eggplant and Vigan longganisa topped with fresh watercress served in a cast-iron skillet gives this homestyle favorite an elegant finish. The creamy eggplant with its lightly crisp top and bottom bursts with rich rich flavors with every bite, kicked up by a dip in ketchup. The charred and caramelized sides add both texture and flavor to the dish, making this dish one of many personal favorites at LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen.

The beerhouse vibe isn't complete without the familiar sizzling dish, and LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's Sizzling Chicken Dinakdakan (P 199) fits the bill. Tender chunks of chicken topped with egg, mix it all up and enjoy. The richness of the egg is tempered by the sharp notes of the chili and spring onions for balanced flavors. 

The LUMU Bistek Tagalog (P 229) is another inspired take on the homestyle local dish with fork-tender beef in a flavorful gravy. The thin slices of beef almost melts in your mouth with bold beefy notes balanced by the sharp hints of calamansi. This and a bowl of rice, and it's a satisfying meal in itself. 

But there's more. Chef Luigi Muhlach showcases the wide repertoire of local flavors at LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen with the next round of dishes, like the Oyster Sisig (P 230) with plump and succulent oysters coated in a light batter and draped in a savory sauce topped with red onions. The briny sweetness of the fresh oysters come through followed by the savory notes of the thick gravy for a burst of rich flavors. LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen also offers fresh oysters, like the Kinilaw (P 299) with oysters prepared in the local ceviche-style, Kwatro Keso (P 299) with baked oysters topped with four cheeses, and the LUMU Tortang Talaba (P 299), Chef Luigi Muhlach's take on the famous Chinatown oyster omelette. Fine de Claire oysters? LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's got that too. Enjoy it fresh with LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's Premium Fresh Oysters (P 299-2 pcs) and Premium Baked Oysters (P 360-2pcs) topped with cheese. 

You'll also find other beerhouse staples like sinuglaw, a local dish combining fresh seafood with grilled pork. It's kinilaw and sinugba in one delicious union of flavors. LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's version, Patty's Sinuglaw (P 199), is a flavorful upgrade offering contrasting textures and flavors featuring tuna, pork belly, chicken skin, crab fat and chili. And when you add crisp chicken skin and crab fat to any dish, it's game over. 

The familiar pork and tofu dish gets the signature touch of Chef Luigi Muhlach with his Tokwa't Bulaklak (P 189) with soft and crisp tofu topped with crunchy chicharon of pork innards topped with scallions. You've found your beer match with this dish.

Goat meat is LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's specialty, a staple of beerhouses and a dish that isn't common in Greenbelt 3. But you'll find it here at LUMU, served in a variety of tasty options. LUMU offers an extensive selection of dishes made with local goat meat, including the LUMU Papaitan (P 179), Adobong Kambing Ribs (P 179) or twice-cooked goat ribs in adobo sauce, Love You Kaldereta de Vino (P 179) with goat ribs, red wine, tomato sauce, chorizo and shitake; the Miss You Kaldereta (P 179) with goat ribs, tomatoes, green olives and coconut cream; Sate Kambing (P 179) or goat meat skewers served with peanut sauce, the Ala Eh! Gotong Batangas (P 179), Kambing Curry Penang Style (P 179), Alberto's Luto sa Toyo (P 179) with goat shank simmered in soy sauce and tomato paste, the LUMU Sinampalukang Kambing (P 179) flavored with tamarind, and Kilawin (P 179) with goat skin marinated in vinegar, calamansi, chili, garlic and onions. With so many options, LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen makes it easy for you with the Hardcore Kambing Sampler (P 449), a tasty trifecta of local goat meat dishes with LUMU Papaitan, Ala Eh! Gotong Batangas, and Kilawin. Each dish is prepared perfectly, from the sharp vinegar-spiced notes of the kilawin to the mildly sour and salty finish of the papaitan and the savory flavors of the Gotong Batangas. The papaitan made me go for another bowl of rice, and why not, just go with the flow. Many claim these dishes are a surefire cure for hangovers, so why not have a bowl with your beer for a flavorful jumpstart. 

There's bagnet, and there's The Tomahawk Bagnet (P 329), an elegantly plated bone-in slab of pork deep-fried to crispy perfection. Boiled, dried and deep-fried twice, there's a tedious process that goes behind each beautiful slab of crispy pork belly, and LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen's version is right up there with the metro's best. Pork and beer, just can't get better than that.

Dessert? LuMu's got that covered too. The Pastillas Cheesecake (P 299) takes the cheesecake on a whole new level with carabao milk pastillas topped with dulce de leche which, surprisingly, pairs well with a beer. The Pichi-Pichi Skillet (P 255) is an inventive spin on a local delicacy with warm cassava cake topped with coconut cheese custard.

From cocktails to appetizers and savory mains, LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen brings back the beerhouse experience with inventive dishes prepared and curated by one of the metro's rising culinary stars. It's a welcome addition to Greenbelt's food scene, with its own unique vibe. Where to? LUMU...

LUMU Beerhouse & Filipino Kitchen is located at the 3rd Floor, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati or call 504-5240 for inquiries and more information.

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