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Be Inspired At U Hotels Makati, The First Art Hotel in Poblacion.

It takes more than a single visit or even a full day to feel that unique bohemian vibe of Makati's Poblacion. A night out gives you a sneak peek at the neighborhood's vibrant character, but spending a night immerses you in its captivating charm. And you can experience all that in Poblacion's very first art hotel...  

U Hotels Makati, Poblacion's very first art hotel, combines both culture and comfort for a novel staycation experience right at the heart of the neighborhood's bustling street scene. Showcasing original art works from local artists in each suite and floor, U Hotels Makati adds yet another colorful layer to the Poblacion experience...

A unique concept that fits right in the eclectic and diverse personality of Poblacion, U Hotels Makati is a "destination within a destination" promising guests a multi-sensory experience infused with the local urban flavor of the dynamic neighborhood. Rediscover Poblacion with a new and fresh perspective at U Hotels Makati...

Smart and practical yet quirky and fun, U Hotels Makati is a welcome addition to Poblacion. For young hoteliers Carter and Alex Yu, the need to be different was not just a concept or vision. The traditional no-frills budget hotel model was no longer enough to survive in the competitive landscape. By infusing the uniqueness of the local urban flavor to the experience, U Hotels Makati brings a relevant and meaningful point of differentiation to the clutter of options in the metro while keeping it real and affordable. It's an inspired concept, integrating culturally engaging activities in the area of the hotel while being a unique experience in itself. 

Inside the spacious open lobby layout, guests are welcomed by the warm, homey earth tones of plush leather and red brick-lined walls punctuated by vivid splashes of greens for a modern industrial yet cozy vibe. Look up and be welcomed in different languages with the inspired artwork of calligrapher Avin Del Rosario....'s little touches like these that give U Hotels Makati an edgy yet laid-back and casual character. And you'll find many of these creative visual cues scribbled on the walls and doors at U Hotels Makati. It's easy to feel at home at U Hotels Makati, and your experience begins with a warm smile at the reception.  

Comfort is what you'll find at U Hotels Makati with their well-appointed suites. From the Five-Star quality mattresses draped in 350 thread count linens to the LED TV, personal ref, work desk and chair, coffee and tea making facilities, towels and toiletries, and fast wireless internet access, all neatly configured in a smart and efficient layout for the modern traveler. Even when you're out all day, or all night, you still need some decent creature comforts. And U Hotels Makati goes the extra mile for a well-rested and good night's sleep. All these, inclusive of breakfast. Now that's a cool deal. But what sets it apart are the commissioned and curated murals in each suite. Each suite at U Hotels Makati features original art from noted local artists, such as Mercedes Olondriz, Kris Abrigo, Avin Del Rosario, Anina Rubio, Exldmanila, Trip63, Chillersssss, and Archie Oclos aka Tatak A. Think of your suite as your own private museum. Each suite and each floor showcases the vision and art of selected local artists, adding a fresh and bold shot of inspiration to your staycation experience. When staying at U Hotels Makati, it's easy to start a conversation with fellow guests over a cup of freshly brewed coffee or a glass of wine. So, what's on your walls? 

U Hotels Makati offers a variety of accommodations to fit any requirement or budget, from Standard Double, Superior King, Deluxe King all the way to Deluxe Triple with published rates ranging from P 3,000 to P 6,000. Located near the main commercial and business district of Makati, you're never too far away from business or pleasure without busting your budget. It's a smart option for smart travelers. Or weekend warriors ready for an epic night out in Poblacion.

Down at the lobby, guests can help themselves to unlimited refills of brewed coffee, iced tea and light snacks all day long. Simply pick your own cup and press the machine for a fresh brew. As simple as that, why complicate things? 

Consistent with its advocacy for local art, U Hotels Makati also organizes special art classes and art-themed activities. That weekend, an art class for children was conducted with their works displayed at the lobby. Without a doubt, it's inspiring to see how children recreate their vision on canvas, making us all step back and pause for a moment and revisit how we see things.  

And while your mind wanders off in a moment of reflection, a glass of wine goes a long way in jumpstarting your own creative process. And that's just the way it is at U Hotels Makati, where the experience can lead to fresh new ways of seeing things. That special moment of clarity or a light buzz from too much wine or both, it's the Poblacion vibe creeping into your system. More wine?

Soon, guests can enjoy special wine nights at the lobby of U Hotels Makati. And you can expect even more good things to come from U Hotels Makati.

Creative, trendy, irreverent, hipster, call it what you want and Poblacion is probably all of that. But that's exactly what makes Poblacion different. U Hotels Makati places you right in the middle of the Poblacion experience, where everything is within easy walking distance. From U Hotels Makati, you can take a leisurely walk along the neighborhood and discover a wide array of dining options. A comforting and hearty meal is just a short walk up the street at Hops & Brews where you can indulge in their inventive signature dishes like Hainanese Fried Chicken (P 485), Chashu Alfredo (P 365) and Galbi Short Ribs (P 655) or the rustic Sardinas Aglio Olio (P 355), a simple yet satisfying pasta dish with rich flavors...

...or the equally comforting Mac & Cheese (P 365) with soft yet firm rigatoni draped in a rich cheese blend of mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and kefalotyri cream sauce topped with applewood-smoked bacon (for more on Hops & Brews and their signature dishes, see my my previous posts, Experience The New Taste of Comfort at Hops & Brews and Sweet Temptations at Hops & Brews). After lunch, the short walk back to the hotel is a great way to work off a sumptuous meal at Hops & Brews, capped by a cup of freshly brewed coffee at the lobby of U Hotels Makati.

As the sun sets, the Poblacion neighborhood reveals another side to its multi-dimensional character. In fact, the neighborhood seems more alive when the last rays of daylight fade. Just a stone's throw from U Hotels Makati is Taqueria Seta, Chef Ian Padilla's latest culinary concept offering authentic Mexican cuisine. Trained in classic French cuisine, Chef Ian Padilla of Common Table in Salcedo Village approaches Mexican cuisine with the same passion for the finest ingredients, uncompromising freshness and authenticity. And you can taste it in all his dishes at Taqueria Seta. With an extensive menu, Taqueria Seta is an ideal spot for both dinner or drinks with tasty bites. And the tacos at Taqueria Seta are the real deal. From the savory richness of the Carnitas (P 110) with slow-braised tender shredded pork topped with avocado bean puree, fresh and tart tomato salsa and crunchy pork chicharon on a soft corn tortilla... the Pollo Frito (P 90) with crisp and juicy fried chicken layered with fresh cabbage, jalapeno crema, radish, and pickled onions... the crunchy Chicharron de Pollo (P 90) with crisp chicken skin topped with avocado, cilantro, pico de gallo and salsa verde, Taqueria Seta takes you far down south of the border without leaving the streets of Poblacion (for more on Taqueria Seta, see my earlier post, Seriously. Just Good and Honest Mexican Food at Taqueria Seta...).

But the night is always young at Poblacion. And there's always time for another round of Tequila. Head up to Fyre Rooftop Lounge along Guerrero Street in Poblacion for a tipple and let Chef Kel Zaguirre, the same culinary rebel behind the popular Locavore, show you what Poblacion is all about (for more on Locavore, see my other posts, Let's Do Lunch...Lovavore Style and A Weekend Brunch at Locavore).

The raucous din of the late night crowd fill the rooftop blending with the cool beats, just good vibes all around. High above the street, summer evenings feel much cooler at the roofdeck. Maybe it's the beer. Or the Tequila. Maybe you just need another round of both. That's the Poblacion vibe right there.

No visit to Fyre is complete without Chef Kel's Spicy Noodles (P 290), a fiery number with noodles draped in a rich sauce with fresh oysters and served with a soft brioche. The soothing heat lines your palate without the overwhelming burn and bite at the back of your throat, but keep your ice-cold beer close in case you get carried away. This one's a surefire hangover cure. You can always expect the unexpected from Chef Kel, and Fyre is right up there. 

Need some sparks? Leave it to the Fyre Team from Fyre Rooftop Lounge and enjoy your night out at Poblacion with another round of drinks. 

Going all-out on a night out in Poblacion is no problem when home is just a few steps away at U Hotels Makati. There's that added sense of security, and calling it a night means a restful snooze in your own five-star quality mattress with plush 350 thread count linens. Refreshed and recharged, early mornings at U Hotels Makati includes a hearty breakfast to start the day right. Longsilog?

Or Waffles and Bacon? Your call. Breakfast includes fresh seasonal fruits, fruit juice, and unlimited brewed coffee. And I just can't think of a better way to cap an awesome weekend in Poblacion. Excellent value with real urban local flavor in a seamless blend, it's what makes the destination special. If work or leisure, or both, requires you to spend a day or two in Makati, choose Poblacion as an alternative. And be pleasantly surprised and U Hotels Makati.  

U Hotels Makati is located at 5091 P. Burgos Street corner San Mateo Street, Poblacion, Makati City or call (02) 820-1000, (02) 820-1001, (02) 828-1002 and (63) 933-816-3333 for more information and reservations. You can also send an email to Check out their cool FB Page at for more updates.

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