Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sweet Temptations at Hops & Brews

The new taste of comfort meets temptingly sweet indulgence for a memorable Saturday afternoon in Makati's Poblacion neighborhood...

Hops & Brews recently hosted the Pilmico Research & Training Bakery showcasing its decadent treats one Saturday afternoon for some good eats and good vibes (for more on Hops & Brews, see my earlier post, Experience The New Taste of Comfort at Hops & Brews). Read on for a tasty peek at Hops & Brews' comforting dishes and some cool gift ideas for Mother's Day from Pilmico Research & Training Bakery...

The food and agri-business subsidiary of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Pilmico Foods Corporation is one of the largest flour milling companies in the country. And this Mother's Day, Pilmico Research & Training Bakery is rolling out some sweet indulgence made with the finest baking ingredients under the Pilmico brand.

Pilmico Research & Training Bakery is a special facility where the company conducts their bakery training programs as well as recipe research and development. With the company's full range of baking products in their pantry, you can expect some real good treats from Pilmico Research & Training Bakery guaranteed to satisfy any sweet craving like this decadent Classic Chocolate Cake. Thick and moist with the deep notes of chocolate lining your palate with every bite, what's not to love? 

And if you can't have enough of chocolate, Pilmico Research & Training Bakery's sinfully indulgent Blackout should do the trick. The name just says it all.

A tall and moist layered chocolate cake, this one's pure chocolate love and aptly named too. A slice through the smooth sheen of thick chocolate icing reveals the dark dense texture of the cake packed with all the deep chocolate goodness you love. This one's a personal favorite.

But there's more. Pilmico Research & Training Bakery's ornate Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake is another lavish reinterpretation of the cheesecake, this time with sweet caramel inspired by a local delicacy. The traditional milk-based confectionery just adds a whole new layer of flavor and decadence to cheesecake, masterfully executed by Pilmico Research & Training Bakery.

One slice brings a smile, going for another brings you to a happy place. The creamy richness of the cheesecake pairs well with the comforting sweetness of the milk caramel for a sugar rush. It's dessert the way it should be, with no holding back.

Pilmico Research & Training Bakery's elegant Strawberry Creme Cake is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, rich and tart with a velvety smooth creamy texture. Like what you see? Call Pilmico Research & Training Bakery at 541-0763 or 0917-839-6939 for orders (additional contact details listed at the end of this post).

After sampling the indulgent treats prepared by Pilmico Research & Training Bakery, it was time for a hearty lunch at Hops & Brews. Our feast began with their signature Virgin Madras, a refreshing blend of orange and cranberry juice to cool you down from the summer heat.

Your favorite nachos is given a cool local spin by Hops & Brews with their Longga Nachos (P 250) with crisp nachos draped in cheese, fresh salsa and herbs topped with the sweet, smoky, savory and sharp notes of the local sausage. The contrasting textures and flavors come together perfectly with every bite. And another. Like they say, once you start...

Fresh from the oven, Hops & Brews' rustic 5 Cheese Flatbread (P 320) brings its over-the-top five cheese blend on a rustic crust topped with fresh micro greens. Each slice delivers the richness of the gooey cheese blend for bright and bold flavors. Another slice? Absolutely.

More cheese? Hops & Brews' Mac & Cheese (P 365) is a comforting pasta dish with large rigatoni covered in a rich cheese blend of cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and kefalotyri cream sauce topped with crisp applewood-smoked bacon. The rigatoni is the perfect choice, soft yet firm with a large surface area for even more cheesy flavors. And the sharp notes of the crisp bacon perfectly tempers the creamy notes of the cheese blend for balanced flavors.

At Hops & Brews, even the simplest dishes can bring out the boldest flavors like their Sardinas Aglio Olio (P 355), with the briny notes of sardines and nutty hints of olive oil capped by the soothing heat of fresh chili coming together in another satisfying pasta dish. 

Yet all the contrasting notes complement the other in a delicately balanced dish. This one's another winner at Hops & Brews.  

But there's one dish that truly sets Hops & Brews apart, and that's the Hainanese Fried Chicken (P 485). Ever since I first tasted this dish, along with the other signature mains, I knew then that the inventive culinary style at Hops & Brews is a welcome addition to the emerging food scene at Makati's Poblacion (for more on Hops & Brews' other signature mains, see my post, Experience The New Taste of Comfort at Hops & Brews).

Sous-vide then fried to crispy perfection, Hops & Brews' Hainanese Fried Chicken reinvents the Singaporean classic and it works. Tender and juicy with a crisp outer layer, the delicate notes of the lightly seasoned chicken come through, and a dab of dark soy, ginger and spicy sauce completes the flavors. Extra rice? Yes, please...

The Shrimp Tempura is an elegantly plated dish that not only looks good, it tastes great too. Lightly battered and delicately deep-fried for that light and airy crispness, the fresh and clean briny sweetness of the succulent shrimps are retained without being overwhelmed by the batter. A gentle dip in the tempura sauce completes the flavors. A perfect Saturday afternoon at Makati's vibrant Poblacion neighborhood made even better...with Pilmico Research & Training Bakery at Hops & Brews.

For more on Pilmico Research & Training Bakery, check out their FB Page at and website at or call 541-0763 and 0917-839-6939 for orders and more information.

Hops & Brews is located at the Ground Floor of I'M Hotel, 7682 Makati corner Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati or call 0916-785-0568 for inquiries and more information. You can also visit their FB Page for more updates at

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