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Pancakes, Waffles and Rustic Mornings at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant

Your favorite pancakes and waffles from Rustic Mornings brightens up Sunday Brunch at Flavors Restaurant...

Holiday Inn & Suites Makati collaborates with one of the metro's favorite breakfast spots, Rustic Mornings, for Sunday Brunch at Flavors Restaurant starting May 6, 2018. Pancakes, waffles and more, indulge in a cozy yet sumptuous Sunday brunch to end the week on a high Flavors Restaurant. 

For former advertising exec turned chef and restaurateur Portia Baluyut, "Sundays at Rustic Mornings are the best," sharing how families, friends and couples would start to queue up at her restaurant. And why not, her intimate garden restaurant in Marikina has been named the top breakfast place in the metro by Looloo for three straight years. "We have loyal customers coming from the far south of Manila who continually ask me to open a branch in their area so it's easier for them to visit and dine. Having this collaboration with Holiday Inn & Suites Makati really excites me and is such a welcome opportunity because it gives those who would like to experience our food again a chance to do so without having to travel too far," added Chef Portia. Offering all-day breakfast, her Buttermilk Pancakes with her own special Buttercream and homemade Classic Syrup remain popular favorites at Rustic Mornings (for more on the tasty pancakes from Rustic Mornings, see my earlier posts, Mornings Made Better with Rustic Mornings by Isabelo and Time for Pancakes with the Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix from Rustic Mornings by Isabelo). And now diners can enjoy Rustic Mornings' signature Buttermilk Pancakes and more at Flavors Restaurant without driving all the way up north. You can also discover one of Chef Portia's latest breakfast creation...

Chef Portia's newest concept, Waffable, is also featured at Flavors Restaurant's Sunday Brunch. From her Classic Waffable with Blueberry Compote and Monkey Butter to the popular Churro Waffable topped with Bananas, Buttercream, and Yema Fudge and the tempting Brownie Waffable...'s another potential best-seller and you can have a taste right here at Flavors Restaurant. The novel waffle on a stick is perfectly crisp on the outside and soft inside for textural contrast delivering comforting flavors. A hearty snack on the go, it's a cool and innovative concept. Add a variety of tempting toppings and create your own customized Waffable. The Brownie Brittle, with the Brownie Waffable topped with fresh mango and strawberries, chocolate chips and drizzled with Yema Fudge is a personal favorite. Dense and chewy with a lightly crisp outer layer just like a brownie, one bite delivers all the chocolate goodness you love capped by the fresh tartness of the fruits and perfectly finished by the sweet Yema Fudge. One more? Absolutely. Also try the Blueberry Burst with the Classic Waffable topped with Buttercream, Blueberry Compote and Monkey Butter.

Then, there's Rustic Mornings' signature Buttermilk Pancakes, thick yet soft and fluffy pancakes that's perfect when generously slathered with smooth and rich Buttercream and drizzled with their very own Classic Syrup. Draped in buttercream and oozing with syrup, it just doesn't get better than that. Add your favorite toppings like fresh mangoes, bananas, strawberries, kiwi fruit, blueberry compote and chocolate chips, and you've got that perfect Sunday brunch on a plate. Sunday brunch just isn't complete without pancakes.

Other indulgent breakfast and brunch treats from Rustic Mornings include this temptingly sweet French Toast Bake with Berry Cream topped with fresh fruits. Almost like a pudding, the moist bread base is infused with the concentrated flavors of the various ingredients, coating your palate with a decadent richness.

And there's more. Indulge in more of Chef Portia's signature breakfast favorites like Open-Faced Omelets at the Omelet Station, healthy Smoothie Bowls (L) including the Acai Bowl and Apple Smoothie Oats or tasty Open-Faced Toasties at the Toast Bar. And when you want more bacon, simply grab a jar at the Bacon Bar... 

At the Bacon Bar, diners can also enjoy Hashbrowns and Sausages from Rustic Mornings for that second round of Buttermilk Pancakes.

Perfectly crunchy and crisp, the Hashbrowns by Rustic Mornings are an ideal side to bacon and sausages paired with Rustic Mornings' signature Buttermilk Pancakes.

Sunday Brunch with Rustic Mornings at Flavors Restaurant also featured some of Chef Portia's hearty mains like the Curry Kofta Balls with savory meatballs draped in a thick and flavorful curry, perfect with steamed white rice.

The juicy meatballs are kicked up by the deep notes of the curry, followed by a soothing heat that lingers long after the last bite. This one's a personal favorite.

Another not-to-be missed dish from Rustic Mornings at Flavors Restaurant is Chef Portia's Pinoy Burrito with Parsley Garlic Rice and Tinapa Flakes wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep-fried to crispy perfection. Served with a creamy white sauce, the distinct smoky hints of the tinapa come through with each bite. Different yet comfortingly familiar, it's just one more reason to visit Flavors Restaurant for Sunday Brunch.

It's the variety of flavors that make Sunday Brunch at Flavors Restaurant special, capped by that unique Rustic Mornings touch. It's a month-long collaboration not to be missed. "We look forward to this partnership with Rustic Mornings as we always want to bring a new and delightful experience to our guests. Having the top breakfast place in the metro team up with our chefs to bring fun, relaxed and comforting brunch experience is something we've been wanting to do for a while and is an experience I think our guests will find enjoyable," explained Andy Belmonte, Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Hotel Manager.

After enjoying the comforting flavors of Rustic Mornings, diners can also indulge in the sumptuous buffet selections of Flavors Restaurant, including a curated selection of Filipino (try their Kare-Kare, another favorite), Southeast Asian, and Western dishes. At the Carving Station, enjoy a slice or two of premium Angus Beef Rump...

...or indulge in some pork love with Flavors Restaurant's Roast Pork Belly.

At the fresh Seafood Station, load up on the day's freshest catch, from succulent crabs... plump clams, mussels and razor clams.

Lightly sauteed with garlic and butter? Yes, please. From fresh salads and starters, cheese and charcuterie to savory mains and desserts, you'll find all your favorites and more at Flavors Restaurant (for more on Flavors Restaurant, see my post All-American: The American Food Festival and Burger Bar at Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant ).

Cap your Sunday brunch with a stop at Flavors Restaurant's decadent Dessert Station with its wide selection of cakes and pastries, including their signature Ube Cheesecake. Perfect. For the month of May, indulge in the comforting flavors of Rustic Mornings at Flavors Restaurant for Sunday Brunch from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for only P 1,900 net with complimentary Sparkling, White and Red Wine from Philippine Wine Merchants. Pancakes, waffles, and Rustic Mornings at the heart of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati's Flavors Restaurant.

Flavors Restaurant is located at the Lobby Level of Holiday Inn & Suites Makati, Palm Drive,  Ayala Center, Makati City or call 632-909-0888 for inquiries and reservations.

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