Friday, May 4, 2018

Go Japanese with the All-New Katsu Pork Ribs by RACKS

Fall-off-the bone juicy goodness with every bite, capped by a comfortingly delectable crispness on the outside...

RACKS continues to bring you the flavors you love with its latest creation, the tasty and inventive Katsu Pork Ribs. Your favorite fall-off-the-bone, hickory-smoked and savory flame-grilled pork ribs is given a fresh new spin with a lightly crisp katsu breading for a new flavor experience. It's yet another tasty surprise from RACKS, infusing hints from global flavors to their best-selling Pork Ribs. Turning Japanese? You bet.

RACKS has been serving the taste you remember for generations, along with seasonal fresh twists on their classic offerings from their best-selling ribs with creative and flavorful Mexican and Chinese influences. Now, RACKS goes Japanese with their new Katsu Pork Ribs (P 465). Imagine a slab of RACKS' signature Pork Ribs draped in a crisp layer of katsu-style breading drizzled with a thick and savory katsu sauce, sliced and served with two sides of your choice (I recommend the Coleslaw and Skinny Fries), and you get the idea. And it works.

It's a cool fusion of flavors that will have you going for more. One bite and the deep-fried crispness of the breading adds a contrasting layer of texture followed by the familiar fall-off-the-bone goodness that can only come from their best-selling and popular Pork Ribs. The Katsu Pork Ribs is all about textural contrast, followed by the richness of the ribs capped by the savory flavors of the katsu sauce. The comforting hickory-smoked hints linger long after the last bite, reminding you of the classic flavors you love from RACKS. Different and definitely not the usual, this Japanese meets the American South creation just works perfectly for a unique east-west fusion. Craving for your favorite fall-off-the-bone, hickory-smoked and flame-grilled pork ribs with a fresh Katsu-rrific spin? Head on down to RACKS for the new Katsu Pork Ribs but better hurry. The new Katsu Pork Ribs will only be available for a limited time only. Visit your nearest RACKS branch between April 5 to June 30, 2018 and experience your favorite juicy pork ribs from RACKS with a cool Japanese Katsu twist.  

And while at RACKS, why not indulge in more of the taste you remember for another memorable feast like the Southern-Style Fried Chicken (P 755 Whole/P 465 Half) served with gravy, buttermilk biscuits and honey...

...and a Quarter Rack of the RACKS Classic Pork Ribs (P 435) with Mac & Cheese and Potato Salad for an all-out feast from the best ribs in town. Pair it with one of three refreshing Summer Fizz (P 115) beverages from RACKS, like the Dalandan Cooler, Pink Lemonade, and Peach Apple Tea and enjoy. 

Rustic and comforting flavors of the American South and an inventive infusion of Japanese flavors, the new Katsu Pork Ribs is definitely a must-try. Ready to cross culinary borders? RACKS lets you discover the east-west connection with their newest offering, and it's katsu-rrific.

Racks is located at 70 Timog Avenue, Quezon City or call 374-0343 for inquiries and reservations.

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