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Cooking at Home Made Simple with the Easy Cook Pancit Malabon and Kare-Kare Sauce by Simple Dining

Everyone and anyone who loves Pancit Malabon or Kare-Kare knows it's a tedious dish to recreate at home. But when we all have so much time on our hands staying home in this new normal, long hours in the kitchen doesn't sound so bad. But Simple Dining now offers a more convenient solution that takes long hours of kitchen prep out of the equation so you can spend more time enjoying your home-cooked dishes...

Simple Dining by Chef Hazel Moreno-De Jesus lets you recreate authentic local dishes like Pancit Malabon and Kare-Kare at home without the fuss with their specialty Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon and Kare-Kare Sauce, conveniently packed in pouches. Fast and easy yet full of flavor, cooking at home becomes so much easier with Simple Dining.

We've seen quite a number of culinary innovations during the quarantine, and the Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon and Kare-Kare Sauce by Simple Dining are just some of the latest new finds from the fast-growing home-based food business front. New consumer habits like dining at home, the continued rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage are just some of the sweeping changes as a result of the quarantine experience. Simple Dining adapts to these emerging consumer habits with innovative offerings that bring a comforting home-cooked vibe to your table with popular local staples. Packed and sealed, everything you need for that perfect homemade pancit malabon or kare-kare comes in handy pouches by Simple Dining. From pouch to pot, that's how easy it is to prepare these authentic local dishes in your own kitchen.

The Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon by Simple Dining contains noodles, the special pancit malabon sauce mix and a bag of crushed pork crackling or chicharon. For kitchen novices like me, Simple Dining does all the prep work for you. All you need to do is take a pot and fire up your gas range. The special thick and deep red sauce by Simple Dining, dubbed as the Quelver Sauce, is prepared with a variety of special ingredients, spices and seasonings for comfortingly familiar notes. And it just takes minutes to prepare. 

Just how easy is it make pancit malabon with the Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon by Simple Dining? Boil. Drain. Toss. And that's it. First, gently boil the noodles and drain. Next, pour the special sauce mix to the pot and let it simmer. Add some of the crushed pork crackling to the sauce and save some for the final topping. Then, add the noodles to the pot and mix so each strand of noodle is evenly coated with the rich and flavorful sauce. Sprinkle the remaining crushed chicharon to the sauce-draped noodles. In mere minutes, you have an authentic local noodle dish that's ready to serve. 

To make it even more special, you can add more ingredients to customize your own homemade Pancit Malabon by topping it with fresh boiled shrimps, garden-fresh bok choy and other vegetables. Or simply find whatever's available in your ref or pantry. Boiled eggs, fresh leeks and slabs of crunchy Pupor from The Pork Project by Chef Redd Agustin completes my homemade Pancit Malabon prepared in minutes.

A forkful of soft yet springy noodles delivers a rich burst of flavors. That's because Simple Dining adds its own proprietary blend of spices, seasonings and fresh ingredients to their special Quelver Sauce including fish sauce, calamansi and crab fat draping the palate with a rich and indulgent finish.

The noodles are great as is with the special sauce delivering all the rich and authentic flavors you love. But adding more ingredients like boiled egg, spring onions and the crunchy Pupor completes the dish. Customizing your own Pancit Malabon is easy, just add your favorite ingredients like succulent shrimps, squid and even oysters with a fresh medley of vegetables for a sumptuous noodle dish.

But the sauce really does the job. Thick, rich and flavorful, each bite weaves complex and contrasting notes in a seamless blend. It's the kind of rich flavors that takes hours to prepare and simmer using a variety of fresh ingredients. Authenticity and convenience come together perfectly with each bag of the Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon by Simple Dining.

Preparing the special sauce usually takes hours in the kitchen requiring a variety of fresh ingredients but Simple Dining makes it easy for you. All you have to do open the pouch and pour the sauce to a pot and just let it simmer. And you have a local heritage dish prepared right in your own kitchen. 

The traditional kare-kare is another dish that's part of the colorful tapestry of our local culinary heritage and just like the Pancit Malabon, is an equally tedious dish to prepare. A uniquely Filipino dish with a thick peanut sauce as its base, it's the sauce that really sets this dish apart. Preparing the sauce can be tricky and time-consuming but not anymore. Simply open a bag of the Kare-Kare Sauce by Simple Dining and let it simmer in a pot.

Once you empty the contents of the pouch, just stir the sauce in the pot. Add ¼ cup of water to the sauce for the desired consistency. And just like that, your traditional kare-kare sauce is ready. What usually takes hours in the kitchen is done in minutes. But that doesn't mean losing out on the flavors you love with kare-kare. Simple Dining packs in all the flavors and familiar richness with its traditional Kare-Kare Sauce. And that's some sauce. It just perfectly recreates the richness from long hours of simmering in a pot packed in a convenient pouch. 

You can use chicken, seafood, pork or beef for your kare-kare or stay traditional with ox-tail and tripe. That day, I had a remaining slab of crisp and crunchy roasted pork belly along with eggplant and string beans for my homemade kare-kare dish. The Best Bagoong Ever by The Pork Project completes my homemade feast. Simple Dining allows you to be creative in the kitchen, so go ahead and run with it. 

The rich sauce takes hours to build up well-defined layers of flavors, but you can enjoy these flavors straight out of the pouch and simmered in minutes. Thickened with crushed peanuts, the sauce just hugs the palate with a lingering richness that's perfectly tempered by the sharpness of shrimp paste for balanced notes.

The Kare-Kare Sauce by Simple Dining makes it easy for you to customize your own creative spin on the traditional dish by adding your favorite ingredients. With the specialty Kare-Kare Sauce by Simple Dining as your base, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination or what's available in your ref and pantry.

Dining at home in this new normal presents its own set of challenges, and preparing a home-cooked meal is easy with Simple Dining. Like the Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon, the specialty Kare-Kare Sauce brings back all the flavors you love triggering fond childhood memories with each tasty bite. Thick, velvety-smooth and even creamy in texture, it's a richly-flavored base to your customized homemade kare-kare without the fuss. And the long hours in the kitchen.

In this new normal, sometimes all you need is a taste of the comfortingly familiar to get you through another day in quarantine. Cooking at home is a breeze with Simple Dining, and you can find out for yourself with their Easy-Cook Pancit Malabon and Kare-Kare Sauce straight out from the sealed pouch to your pot and plate and just sit back and enjoy each flavorful bite in the safety of your own home. 

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