Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Calfornia Dreamin': Bring The Endless Summers of California to Your Kitchen with California Raisins

Recreate the vibrant flavors of California's endless summers at home with the all-natural sweetness of California Raisins. Let three of Manila's top chefs show you how to add that cool California vibe to your kitchen with their inventive naturally sweet creations...

Noted chefs Edward Bugia, Buddy Trinidad and Jackie Ang Po share their creations using California Raisins for that cool California vibe. The baked creations also showcase the versatility and natural sweetness of California Raisins as a snack or as a special secret ingredient. Like sunshine in a bag, California Raisins add that flavorful burst of all natural sweetness with every bite or with your baked and savory dishes. Read on and inject some of that sunny California mood to your kitchen with California Raisins.

Sweet. Naturally.

The process of naturally sun-drying grapes began with the ancient Greeks and Romans and not much has changed since. Known for its sweetness, sun-dried grapes have become a popular and all-natural snack the world over, and widely used in kitchens for many dishes and desserts. Today, some of the best come from the state of California. The fertile, sun-kissed and vast lands of California produce some of the finest produce in the world and the production of California Raisins ranks as one of The Golden State's top agricultural industries. Over 2,000 California Raisin growers produce the entire output of the US, that's approximately 300,000 tons annually from the San Joaquin Valley. While most of the produce are consumed domestically in the US and Canada, California Raisins are also exported to over 50 countries around the world led by Japan and the United Kingdom. That's a whole lot of California Raisins for a sweet story, indeed. 

All natural with absolutely no chemicals or additives, California Raisins have become iconic elements in The Golden State's colorful palette. Tasked with its promotion around the world is their charismatic mascot, Mr. Raisin, following the success of the sunglass-wearing raisins from the advertising campaign of the eighties (who can forget their rendition of "Heard It Through The Grapevine," right?). In true California style, there's a whole lot of good vibes with California Raisins.

Three Chefs. Three Unique Creations with California Raisins.

Chefs around the world have used California Raisins to add that bright, tangy and zesty layer of flavor to their dishes. Chefs Edward Bugia, Buddy Trinidad and Jackie Ang Po show creative ways of using California Raisins with their own baked creations...

...like Chef Edward's Tita Cora Cookies, Chef Buddy's Bread Loaf and Chef Jackie's Ensaymadas, each one made way cooler woven with that sunny and vibrant California spin. 

White chocolate chips, coconut shavings and California Raisins combine for moist decadent bites with the Tita Cora Cookies by Chef Edward Bugia. The rich yet distinct notes of the white chocolate and coconut shavings gives the cookie an indulgent finish, while the sweetness of the California Raisins give the cookie a depth of flavor.

It's amazing how adding a single ingredient like California Raisins can change and elevate any baked creation or even a savory dish. And adding some California sunshine to any dish is as easy as pulling out a bag of California Raisins.

Chef Buddy Trinidad shares his take on the California vibe with his rustic and comforting Bread Loaf. Warmed for just a few minutes in the toaster, the buttery aroma lingers as you go for a tasty slice.

Soft yet dense, each bite delivers the rounded sweetness from the California Raisins for a naturally sweet treat. Perfect with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, the bread loaf has comfortingly nostalgic notes triggering countless memories of carefree summers.

The deep, natural sweetness of California Raisins transforms the classic Ensaymada by Chef Jackie Ang Po for yet another unique spin. It's the first time I tried ensaymada with raisins and it works.

The soft and moist texture of the ensaymada is complemented by the mildly sharp notes of the cheese and the creamy silky smooth finish of the butter. The California Raisins add that finishing touch with its deep, natural sweetness. From cookies to bread and even ensaimada, California Raisins add a unique layer of flavor to make it different, better and special (for recipes, visit their FB and IG Feed, link details below).

California Raisins have been part of the local culinary mainstream with many Filipino fiesta favorites from the enduring Fruit Salad to savory dishes like Embutido, Menudo and Picadillos. Reconnect with culinary traditions in your kitchen today with a bag of California Raisins and rediscover its all-natural sweetness and versatility.

A natural, sun-dried fruit, no sugar is added to California Raisins. The use of California Raisins in many recipes eliminates or reduces the need for sugar because of its natural sweetness ideal for cooked food, baked treats and even beverages. California Raisins may be conditioned and used as a starter for bread or processed to create paste or juice. Go ahead and be creative with California Raisins in the kitchen (see more recipes on their website here at https://caraisins.com/).

As is, California Raisins are great for snacks for all ages. Enjoy it on your next movie night or game day as an all-natural alternative to the usual processed and salty snacks. And you'll be glad you did.

100% fruit, easy to eat anywhere, fun nutrition for kids and energy booster for adults, California Raisins is the perfect addition to the home pantry. Have a bag handy in the kitchen too...

...and create your own dishes with a cool California vibe with California Raisins. Maybe all you need is a little California dreamin' in the kitchen and rediscover the fresh, vibrant and sunny flavors of California Raisins. 

For more on California Raisins, visit their website at https://caraisins.com/. You can also check out their FB Page at California Raisins Asean and IG Feed at @california.raisins.asean for more updates.

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