Sunday, June 27, 2021

Crunchy Munchies with the Taiwan Chicken Chop and Taiwan Chicken Pops by G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken

Missed your travels to Taiwan before the new normal? Relive your Taiwanese escapades with a juicy and delectable crunch...

G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken takes you back with their specialty Taiwan Chicken Chop and Taiwan Chicken Pops. With the recent opening of their newest branch in Amoranto, Quezon City celebrating the grand opening with a Buy 1 Take 50% OFF on your 2nd Order offer, you can now enjoy the classic Taiwanese specialty without going too far (more on the grand opening on my previous post, Munch and Crunch: Awesome Deals at the Grand Opening of G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken and GoodGoodPH Amoranto Branch Opening Today!).

Available in Original or Spicy variants, the Taiwan Chicken Chop and Taiwan Chicken Pops by G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken combines the tender, juicy and savory meat draped in a crisp coat of crunchy goodness with each big bite. 

The specialty Taiwan Chicken Chop features thick slabs of tender chicken sliced into strips with its crunchy outer layer. Richly seasoned and spiced, the strips of crunchy chicken deliver rich and bold notes. But it's that textural contrast from the juicy chicken and crunchy layer that makes these chops special.   

The flavor's all here, no need for any sauce. Merienda or as a meal, the Taiwan Chicken Chop is a solid option from G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken. Crisp and not at all too greasy, the crunchy savory delights are the sure-fire way to beat the munchies.

Then, there's the Taiwan Chicken Pops. Each bite-sized piece is pure crunchy bliss. Just like the Taiwan Chicken Chop, the Taiwan Chicken Pops are also richly seasoned for a flavorful burst. And once you start, you just can't stop...

The seasoning blend of salt and pepper, chili powder and garlic with hints of fried basil and five-spice powder give these bite-sized morsels that flavorful punch. True to its street food origins, thin skewers are included with each order so you can easily pierce the crunchy pops for a bite.

Don't hold back and go for another piece. G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken also offers Twisted Fries, String Fries and Chicken Wings for even more tasty options. 

Just right next door to G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken is GoodGoodPH, a popular milk tea brand from Ximending in Taipei with its specialty milk-blended fruit teas. GoodGoodPH offers a whole selection of specialty beverages from classic teas, fruit teas, cream cheese, brown sugar, smoothies and fruit juices. Everything you need for that authentic Taiwanese experience within just a few steps.

When the munchies strikes, rest easy. G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken is ready to satisfy your cravings with that perfectly delectable and satisfying crunch...

G&G Taiwan Famous Chicken and GoodGoodPH are located at 161 Kanlaon Street corner N. S. Amoranto in Retiro, Quezon City, right across The National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. You can also visit their respective Facebook Pages at and for more information and updates.

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