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#EatsAllHere: Eat Together Once More at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings at SM Megamall

Enjoy a sumptuous feast with family and friends once more in a socially distanced setting for the new normal at one of the metro's popular food halls...

Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings is back to welcome loyal patrons at SM Megamall with its wide array of tempting offerings from Filipino to Japanese, Korean to Chinese and Spanish and many more all in one place. And to make your return visit even more special, Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings has a full listing of value-packed daily promotions to make your dining experience even more special. 

Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings is another innovative concept from the same group behind The Alley by Vikings (for more on The Alley by Vikings, see my post, #FoodHallYouCan: The Buffet Dining Experience in the New Normal at The Alley by Vikings at BGC). The country's largest buffet restaurant chain, Vikings has elevated and transformed the buffet game with its innovative and lavish approach with its extensive offerings to suit any craving or appetite. Value and variety remain key attractions at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. But the quarantine experience forced us all to change and adapt, and Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings at SM Megamall is ready to welcome you back in the new normal with the mandatory health protocols in place.

With its spacious layout and seating clearly marked for social distancing following the latest health and safety protocols, enjoy your feast with comfort and peace of mind at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings in SM Megamall. In keeping with the times, the specialty dishes from the different stalls and merchants at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings are also available for take-out and delivery (check their FB Page for more details at

#EatsAllHere at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. Really.

Just like their other dining concepts, Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings offers an impressive array of culinary specialties under one roof. How about some pizza and pasta for starters? Let's go through some of the tempting options one by one...

Classic Comfort Food at Tomas Bistro

Tomas Bistro offers appetizers, buns, burgers and sandwiches to wings, flatbread pizza and pasta for savory and hearty bites. That day, we sampled the Tomas Supreme Flatbread Pizza (P 240 Solo/P 460 Grupo) with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, peppers and olives topped with Mozzarella and chunky salsa drizzled with Marinara delivering solid flavors with each bite. The bold notes of bacon, sausage and pepperoni are tempered by the mild sweet hints of onions, peppers and mushrooms capped by the sharp flavors of olives and rounded out by the Mozarella and Marinara coming together seamlessly.

From their Chef's Premium Pasta selection, the Harry's Special Pasta is a must-try. Soft yet firm and springy linguini pasta draped in creamy Jalapeño Cheddar sauce with juicy chicken and nutty mushrooms combine for a sumptuous, comforting and satisfying finish (for more on Tomas Bistro at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings, visit their FB Page at

Say Hola to Hola Paella

Rich and traditional Spanish flavors are highlighted at Hola Paella, from rustic porchetta to roast chicken and their specialty paella dishes. The Paella Dela Casa (P 710) features the day's freshest catch from succulent shrimps to a variety of shellfish like plump mussels and clams. Slices of boiled egg and lemon wedges complete the dish. The rice is moist and fluffy, infused with the briny sweetness of the fresh seafood. Perfect for sharing, the Paella Dela Casa is ideal for a festive family feast in a socially-distanced dining setting at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings.

The Roasted Chicken Paella (P 235) brings the delicate richness of chicken to the palate for another equally tasty option. Tender and juicy, the roasted chicken is complemented by the flavorful rice for another hearty and complete meal by Hola Paella (for more on Hola Paella, visit their FB Page at

Wingin' It with Chickks

Craving for wings? Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings has that covered too with the specialty offerings from Chickks... the Honey Spicy Wings (P 228 half dozen/P 448 for a dozen) slathered in a sweet, sticky and mildly sharp glaze sprinkled with sesame seeds. Juicy with a delicately crisp outer layer, the special glaze adds that flavorful punch lingering on the palate long after the last bite.  

The Garlic Parmesan variant (P 258 half dozen/P 478 for a dozen) brings the distinct notes of sharp and salty Parmesan with the deep nutty hints of garlic for another winning combo by Chickks. But there's more...

The crisp and crunchy Poppers served with Honey Soy Dip paired with Sour Cream Fries will have you happily munching all the way to the last piece. Make it a real meal with their Unli Rice offer

From wings to poppers, nuggets, fingers and fries, Chickks satisfies your cravings for wings and then some (for more on Chickks, check out their FB Page at 

Meet Me at Nord's...

Known for their fresh-baked bread and desserts, Nord's also offers savory options as well like their rich Bolognese (P 255) with its flavorful sauce topped with sharp Cheddar. Served with soft rolls fresh from their ovens, it's another satisfying meal option at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. My first experience at Nord's from four years ago brings fond memories of their extensive menu (see my post here at Elevating Your Bakery Experience at Nord's Bread Hub, Now Baking at The Block from 2017).

The Nord's Corned Beef (P 375) is one of many dishes on my long list with homemade tender cured beef topped with sautéed onions and tart cherry tomatoes, a side of vegetables, steamed rice and scrambled egg. Each order also comes with soup. 

The slabs of fork-tender beef are perfectly brined delivering the comfortingly familiar corned beef flavors we all love. And it all comes together in a satisfying set at Nord's. 

From tasty appetizers to savory mains, refreshing salads like the Salad Surprise (P 260) with garden-fresh and crisp Romaine lettuce, cucumber, caramelized walnuts, dried cranberry and pesto mayo dressing topped with creamy chicken salad to Filipino Classics like Crispy Pork Kare-Kare and Lola's Binagoongan to pasta and sandwiches and even Breakfast All-Day, give your palate a comforting hug with the specialty dishes of Nord's at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings (for more on Nord's Bread Hub, visit their FB Page at

Street Food Style at Casa Calle

Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings takes you to the streets with the tempting offerings of Casa Calle, like the popular staple of Tapsilog (P 168) that's just perfect any time of day...

...and the timeless Siomai or steamed pork and shrimp dumplings topped with chili oil and served with calamansi (don't forget to ask them about their Unli Siomai offer)...

...or the tasty Inihaw Platter (P 380) with all your nostalgic favorites on a stick like Pork BBQ, Bulaklak, Isaw, Tenga and Betamax. Casa Calle takes you back to simpler times with their take on local flavors. One bite and you're immediately transported to countless childhood summers chasing the neighborhood grill on a cart. All you need now is an ice cold beer. And maybe one more order of the Inihaw Platter by Casa Calle (for more on Casa Calle, head on over to their FB Page at

Turning Japanese at Daburo Ramen

"Daburu" means "double" when translated and for those looking for real value in a bowl of ramen, you'll find it at Daburu Ramen. Daburu Ramen offers a wide range of tasty Japanese specialties from ramen to donburi, gyoza and takoyaki like their Bacon & Cheese Takoyaki (P 178-6 pcs/P 318-12 pcs). Delicately plated topped with bonito flakes, the specialty takoyaki by Daburu Ramen are the perfect starters before your main course.

The flavorful burst from the creamy cheese and the sharp smoky notes of the bacon adds layers of flavors to the takoyaki, and one more bite just settles the deal. The bacon and cheese combo weaves rich and indulgent flavors, and you'll probably want this all to yourself. Other takoyaki options include the specialty House Special and the Crab & Corn

Another excellent side dish to your ramen feast is the Melting Gyoza (P 98-6 pcs/P 190-12 pcs)... 

The aptly named Melting Gyoza is filled with cheese, richly seasoned ground pork and vegetables for that oozing finish. Soft on top and perfectly seared with a crisp bottom, the gyoza offerings from Daburu Ramen are masterfully executed. The juicy filling gets a boost from the cheese for a silky smooth and seamless blend. This one's an absolute must-try. Other equally tasty gyoza options include the traditional Classic and the fully loaded Daburu Gyoza with pork, chicken, vermicelli noodles and special sauce. 

New on the menu at Daburu Ramen is the Grilled Beef Ramen (P 228 Single/P 358 Buy 1 Take 1) with slabs of fork-tender grilled short beef ribs that just melts in your mouth releasing a bold beefy richness for an indulgent ramen experience. The tender beef just adds a whole different character to the usual bowl of ramen, elegantly richer yet refined without overwhelming the palate. And you'll find the Grilled Beef Ramen only at Daburu Ramen in Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. 

Craving for a beefy spin to the usual ramen? the Grilled Beef Ramen does the trick rather nicely. Other ramen options include the Chicken Teriyaki Ramen, Daburu House Special, Tokyo Ramen, Shoyu, Miso and Kamabaku variants. True to its name, you can double your ramen feast with their value-packed Buy 1 Take 1 deals proving you don't need to bust your budget for a good bowl of ramen at Daburu Ramen (for more on Daburu Ramen, visit their FB Page at 

K-Pop Your Meal with Gochu-Run

More Asian flavors come your way at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings with Gochu-Run for your Korean fix. Bibimbap, Kimchi Jjigae and savory pork, beef and chicken from the grill and even their own spin on the bento awaits, like the Honey Pork Samgyup K-Bento (P 229). Served with rice, lettuce, assorted kimchi banchan and special sauce, it's another complete meal this time with that K-Pop vibe. The fork-tender beef marinated in Korean spices and grilled for that smoky finish delivers full-on flavors pairing well with the lettuce, rice and banchan.

Add a savory spin to your traditional bibimbap with the Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap (P 239), another complete set from Gochu-Run. Mix it all up and enjoy all the flavors of the classic bibimbap with the savory richness of beef bulgogi for a flavorful package (follow their IG feed at @gochurunph for more updates on Gochu-Run).

Let's Do Hot Pot at Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Express

The popular hot pot has been part of countless memorable dining experiences, and you can relive those memories at Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Express. A familiar name in hot pot, Tong Yang rolls out their selection of meats, seafood and shabu-shabu balls for a sumptuous hot pot feast. It's also one of the many dishes you sorely missed during the prolonged quarantine.  

From Individual Sets like the Vegetarian (P 290) all the way to the Wagyu Beef Set (P 720) to the Couple Set and Family Set, Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Express at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings brings variety to your hot pot game from fresh vegetables... a selection of premium meats including Australian Lamb, Angus Beef and Wagyu Beef...

...and the freshest seafood like squid, mussels, shrimps and scallops for that customized bowl of hot pot to warm both your palate and body. There's just nothing like a comforting bowl of rich broth infused with the flavors of various ingredients, served hot and fresh to your table. You know you've really missed your hot pot after you take that first sip...

A soothing sip of the broth seems to cleanse all the worries from the quarantine experience, while the fresh and bold flavors from the different ingredients completes yet another perfect hot pot feast from Tong Yang Shabu-Shabu Express (for more on Tong Yang, visit their FB Page at

On the Right Track with Recovery Food

Feel good food done right. Recovery Food shares its own take on comfort food at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings with unrestrained flavors. That's the right path to any recovery, and Recovery Food takes it a step further with their impressive Sizzlers like the wittingly named Tomarrow Never Dies (P 295). A massive bone sliced cleanly in half revealing its dense and rich layer of marrow on a bed of fork-tender beef is a sight that will trigger your appetite, and all your senses, on overdrive. Served with a sizzle, the aroma lingers calling you for that first bite. And scoop of the marrow. The juicy beef and the marrow combine for a sinful combination of pure beef bliss. 

The enduring sisig is faithfully recreated with the Sizzling Sisig (P 225) by Recovery Food. The traditional sisig for me has always been all about texture followed by its unctuous richness. It's not just the one-dimensional crunch, it's about weaving the soft and chewy with the crisp grilled finish for that perfectly layered textural play. And Recovery Food is spot on with their take on sisig. Your own road to recovery after the long quarantine experience begins with the Tomarrow Never Dies and the Sizzling Sisig at Recovery Food (for more on Recovery Food and their take on feel good food, visit their FB Page at

Thinking Chinese?

Hawker Lane at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings fires up the kitchen for their repertoire of familiar Chinese style dishes, including all-time classics like the Sweet and Sour Pork with Peach (P 320 a la carte/P 270 with Rice)...

...and the Stir-Fry Beef Oyster with Broccoli (P 360 a la carte/P 250 with Rice). A special family feast always includes Chinese dishes, and Hawker's Lane revives this connection with their wide selection of authentic and familiar dishes like Honey Barbecued Pork Asado, Seafood Crispy Noodles, Deep-Fried Salt and Pepper Pork Ribs, Crispy Butter Shrimps and Shrimp Egg Fuyong. Take the fast lane to all your favorite Chinese dishes at Hawker's Lane. 

Let's Roll with Sazanami Rolls

Sazanami rolls out a lavish selection of innovative and playfully inventive rolls combining both flavor and texture for unique and indulgent bites at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. The Yin Yang Roll (P 265) is a reflection of that playful style with its crunchy deep-fried tempura roll filled with mango, cream cheese and special unagi sauce...

...while the signature Sazanami Maki (P 265) spins an elegant weave of luscious richness with its baked sushi topped with salmon, sesame seeds, scallions, spiced garlic mayo, mango and kani finished with unagi sauce. It really just doesn't get better than this.

And that's how Sazanami rolls. With well over ten creative options, Sazanami is just one more addition to your list of dining experiences at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings (for more on Sazanami, visit their FB Page at

Wash it all down with the refreshing beverages at the Beverage Station of Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings with the thirst-quenching House Blend Iced Tea, Four Seasons and Cucumber Juice in addition to soda, beer and other beverages.  

Round Two...

Still hungry? Maybe you need the Daburu Burger Steak (P 128 Single Patty/P 188 Double Patties) served on a sizzling platter from Daburu Ramen at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings.

Save Room for Dessert...

Cap your dining experience at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings and head back to Nord's for dessert. If there's one dessert to try, it's the Sylvana Cake by Nord's recreating the same texture of the indulgent frozen cookie sandwich filled with buttercream. Try the Red Velvet Sylvana Cake... 

...or the equally colorful Ube Sylvana Cake for that decadent finish to a sumptuous feast at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings. 

But it's the Original Sylvana Cake that completed my own memorable experience at Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings paired with a freshly brewed Americano.

Food halls are back, and Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings at SM Megamall is once again ready to serve you. Dining in the new normal now includes countless layers of health and safety protocols, but it's part of the ongoing transition to protect everyone from the lingering bug. Dine in with a socially distanced setting, order take-out or delivery, Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings is ready for the new normal...

Eatogether Food Hall by Vikings is located at the 2nd Level, Building A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong or call 0995 1045593 for inquiries and reservations. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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