Saturday, June 26, 2021

Tasty Duo from Boss John's Fried Chicken & Sisigan

Fried chicken and sisig. One or the other guarantees a comforting meal. And when you can have both, that's a winning tandem...

Boss John's Fried Chicken & Sisigan Magsaysay Branch brings this tasty duo to your doorstep at prices everyone can afford. Simple, no-frills and just downright tasty, the specialty Fried Chicken and Sisig by Boss John's delivers on both quality and value for money for a satisfying meal at home.

Back to basics isn't a bad thing, more so when it's done well. Sometimes getting it right with the simplest dishes can be the most difficult to recreate. But Boss John hits it right on the nail with their specialty Fried Chicken. No heavy breading with just the most basic seasonings deep-fried to a crisp and juicy texture, keeping it simple works.

Fresh off the box, the Fried Chicken arrives still warm and fresh with its delicate crispness. A bite through the crisp layer releases even more flavors from the juicy chicken. Boss John's serves their specialty Fried Chicken with a light gravy to complete the flavors. Packets of UFC catsup are also included.

Then, there's the specialty Sisig. Soft, chewy and crunchy, the version by Boss John has all the familiar elements of the ubiquitous pork dish. Boss John's then adds slabs of crunchy chicharon to complete their play on porky flavors and textures.

It's a dish best paired with steamed white rice for a real, no fuss meal. The fresh chili brings that layer of soothing heat while a squeeze of calamansi adds vibrant notes to the dish. 

And the best part? Both the Fried Chicken and Sisig at Boss John's are reasonably priced so there's no need to bust your budget.

Enjoy the tasty duo of Fried Chicken and Sisig from Boss John's with the Combo Meal for only P 120, add Extra Egg (P 15) for a satisfying and value-packed meal. Extra rice? Go ahead. The reasonable price points add value to your meal options while enjoying real homespun flavors. That's a pretty good deal.

Fried Chicken and Sisig? Leave it to Boss John's Fried Chicken & Sisigan for a hearty meal without breaking your budget...

Boss John's is located at 41 Magsaysay Road corner Banaba Street, Brgy. South Signal Village, Taguig City, Metro Manila or call 0976 046 1956 and 0968 412 7318 for orders and inquiries. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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