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ECQ Eats: Inventive Spins with The Croissaymada by The Croissant Lady and Empanaditas from The Empanada Lady

Flaky and buttery croissants in a variety of creative and inspired expressions, The Croissant Lady takes viennoiserie to a whole new level with her traditional and inventive offerings...

The Croissant Lady ups her baking game with the introduction of new and unique croissant variants to tease your palate. From classic viennoiserie with its light, flaky and buttery texture to novel creations, The Croissant Lady expands her growing menu offerings with the Croissaymada along with the rustic and homestyle specialty Empanaditas from her new line, The Empanada Lady. With a convenient online ordering system in place via, The Croissant Lady and The Empanada Lady are more than ready for the new normal. Ready to try some fresh baked treats at home? 

The sweeping impact of the quarantine experience has transformed our daily routine with dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and increased online usage emerging as new consumer habits defining a difficult and challenging new normal. The food service sector continues to adapt and pivot to keep in pace with these strange and trying times, forever altering the culinary landscape. The Croissant Lady stays ahead of the game with its seamless transition to the new normal through a constantly flowing pipeline of creative new offerings supported by a solid online ordering system in place to showcase her wide repertoire of fresh baked products (for more on The Croissant Lady, see my earlier posts, The Lady Bakes Too. Fresh Baked Croissants and Pain au Chocolat Delivered to Your Doorstep by The Croissant Lady PH and Have It All with The Croissant Lady Product Sampler). 

Having mastered the art of baking in the traditional viennoiserie style, The Croissant Lady boldly goes out of the box and transforms the delicate laminated dough into new expressions of buttery and flaky goodness. Like combining the much-loved local ensaymada with the elegant flaky and buttery texture of the croissant. The result is a unique flavor and textural experience unlike any other fresh-baked viennoiserie style treat. 

The Croissaymada (P 270-P 750) blends the familiar shape and flaky texture of the croissant with the lavish and indulgent toppings of ensaymada including brown sugar and butter with twice the cheese for a decadent richness. The brown sugar adds a depth of sweetness while the cheese brings that punchy sharpness mellowed by the smooth butter to compliment the light and flaky texture of the Croissaymada. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds in one lavish creation from The Croissant Lady.

Fresh from the oven, the warm and soft Croissaymada offers comfortingly familiar flavors and textures while being distinctly different from the usual baked offerings in the metro. The croissant and ensaymada pairing is a stroke of genius, begging the question why no one else even thought of it. Then again, that's The Croissant Lady for you. From classics to unique contemporary spins, The Croissant Lady takes on an unconventional approach rooted in traditional baking techniques. That means there are always surprises in store from The Croissant Lady.

What makes a good croissant or ensaymada better? More butter. A jar of melted butter is packed along with your order of Croissaymada...

...which you lavishly drizzle on the warm Croissaymada for that luscious finish. Butter, and more butter, always works in my books. The lightly crisp and delicate layers of buttery dough topped with brown sugar and cheese all come together for an experience you just won't find from the usual bakeries. And there's more...

...from the kitchens of The Croissant Lady, as the croissant becomes the base for another inspired creation. Garlic and Parmesan weaves its own savory notes, setting the tone for yet another flavor experience from The Croissant Lady.

The Garlic Parmesan Butter Croissants (P 280-P1,200) brings the deep, nutty hints of garlic and the vibrant sharpness of Parmesan together for bold savory flavors. The delicate lightness of the buttery laminated dough is the perfect base for the duo of rich and flavorful notes.

Everything you're looking for in a good croissant is right here, with the added bonus of garlic and Parmesan for that burst of savory richness. The play of garlic and Parmesan and the buttery finish of the layered and lightly crisp dough is another perfect match in the impressive book of tricks by The Croissant Lady.

Your search for croissants with bold flavors ends right here with the Garlic Parmesan Butter Croissants by The Croissant Lady. But there's always room to discover even more baked treats from The Croissant Lady's fired up kitchen...

...with her assortment of savory pastries. Wrapped in the same light and flaky buttery dough filled with spinach or mushrooms, the specialty pastries by The Croissant Lady are another tasty option from her menu. 

The pastries include an option topped with white sesame seeds and Parmesan for that added flavor and textural contrast. It's the attention to even the minutest detail that makes these fresh baked goodies from The Croissant Lady even more special. 

The long days of quarantine at home makes it essential to have a stock of fresh and tasty bites in the fridge or freezer, and the selections from The Croissant Lady fits the bill to satisfy any craving. 

The Spinach Puff (P 320-P 650), available in plain or topped with Parmesan, brings the fresh and clean flavors of spinach along with the light and buttery dough for another tasty combo...

...while the Peppered Mushroom (P 340-P 690), also available in plain or topped with Parmesan, combines the deep, nutty and earthy hints of mushrooms with subtle spicy notes wrapped in a crisp pastry. Both variants pair well with a glass of wine or beer for a leisurely tipple at home.   

Or some freshly brewed coffee. The lingering aroma of both coffee and buttery pastries at home combine to brighten up another day in this new normal. 

One of my favorites from The Croissant Lady has to be the Pain au Chocolat (P 300-P 1,120) with pillow soft and buttery dough filled with indulgent and velvety smooth chocolate. Available in two sizes, the Pain au Chocolat by The Croissant Lady is one of the best options in the metro. 

The buttery finish and indulgent chocolate richness combine for a decadent pastry experience. And ordering from The Croissant Lady is fast and easy...

Ordering your fresh-baked viennoiserie is simple, just head on over to her easy to navigate online store for the full and updated product offerings at Fill up the order form with your selection of fresh baked items including frozen croissants as well as shipping and payment information and your box of baked indulgence will soon be on its way to your doorstep.  

We've witnessed a wave of new homebased food businesses during the quarantine and more than a year later, saw a few standouts that have remained and endured. The Croissant Lady is one of these homebased food businesses. Along with her new offerings, the timing seemed right to expand her line with the creation of another brand, The Empanada Lady.

The specialty Empanaditas (P 200-P 650) by The Empanada Lady offers familiar and comforting flavors baked in the same quality you expect from The Croissant Lady. The line and brand extension is a logical move in the continuous growth and evolution of the The Croissant Lady, leveraging on her baking experience. 

The Empanaditas with richly spiced and savory filling wrapped in a light, flaky and buttery dough allows you taste more of the filling with each bite. These bite-sized pockets pack a whole lot of flavor, rounded out by the buttery crust.

But the dough takes on more than just a supporting role, it shares equal billing with the meat filling for a complete empanadita experience. A closer look reveals the intricate layers of dough...

...for tasty savory bites. The Empanada Lady offers six tempting variants, including Beef Curry, Veggie Potato, Chicken Asado, Chicken Sisig, Cheesy Tuna and Spicy Tuna (check out her IG Feed at @empanadaladyph).  

From traditional Butter Croissants (baked and frozen) to Garlic Parmesan Butter Croissants and the Croissaymada, Pain au Chocolat to Spinach Puff and Peppered Mushroom, The Croissant Lady brings freshness and flavors to your home with just a few taps on your mobile device. And now, you can also enjoy the specialty Empanaditas from The Empanada Lady too.

Staying home means dining at home in this new normal. As mobility remains restricted, it's always a good idea to stock up on essentials for the home pantry. And you don't have to leave home, The Croissant Lady and The Empanada Lady comes to you. Just click on the link and leave it to the lady for a taste of fresh-baked goodness delivered to your doorstep. 

For more on the Croissant Lady PH and The Empanada Lady PH, visit her Facebook Page at and IG Feed at @croissantladyph or call 0917 522 6009 for more information, updates, orders and pricing details. View the full menu and order online at You can also visit the IG Feed of The Empanada Lady at @empanadaladyph

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