Sunday, April 18, 2021

The Lady Bakes Too. Fresh Baked Croissants and Pain au Chocolat Delivered to Your Doorstep by the Croissant Lady PH

Lightly crisp, buttery and flaky, a warm and fresh-baked croissant with a generous dab of butter paired with a soothing cup of coffee just transforms any breakfast or afternoon snack. Now you can enjoy a fresh batch of Buttery Croissants and Pain au Chocolate conveniently delivered to your home by the Croissant lady PH...

Another dear friend joins the growing ranks of home-based food businesses with flaky, buttery and indulgent Viennoiserie creations to make dining at home special. Croissant Lady PH shares classic all-time favorites like the Buttery Croissants and Pain Au Chocolat for delivery with just one quick call or message. Available in both frozen ready-to-bake and baked ready-to-eat options, Croissant Lady PH lets you enjoy your indulgent layered baked treats just the way you want it. 

Intricately layered, rolled and folded several times over and generously dabbed with butter in a process called lamination, the resulting puff pastry-like texture gives the much-loved croissant its elegant finish. Making your own croissants can be quite tedious. Or you can let the Croissant Lady PH do all the work for you, and have your fresh batch conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

The origins of the elegant staple can be traced back to the historic siege of Vienna where vast armies from the east were defeated putting an end to the westward expansion of the Ottoman Empire. To commemorate the victory, the crescent-shaped croissant was created evolving into countless equally indulgent varieties. Mornings and afternoon snacks with fresh-baked croissants in this new normal take on a special meaning that warms both the palate and body, allowing us all to enjoy the simple and comforting pleasures of little indulgences in these challenging times.

Croissant Lady PH shares her curated picks from selected suppliers so you can experience fresh-baked creations at home without the fuss. A box of ready-to-eat Buttery Croissants (P 260 Box of Six/P 470 Box of 12) just transforms breakfast at home with its hearty fresh-baked goodness. Simply warm it up in the oven for just a few minutes and enjoy its rich and buttery aroma before taking a lightly crisp and flaky bite.

You can also opt for the Frozen Ready-to-Bake packs of Buttery Croissants (P 360 per pack of 12) and be the home chef for the full experience. Fast and easy, having fresh-baked croissants on the table doesn't have to be complicated. 

And the results are consistent with each frozen pack, taking the tedious work out of the equation so you can savor the authentic goodness of a perfect croissant at home. From the lingering buttery aroma to that first lightly crisp and flaky bite, a perfect croissant delivers a sumptuous richness paired best with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Dining at home, the rise of the food delivery culture and the increased online usage have defined the new set of emerging consumer habits in this new normal, and the Croissant Lady PH is ready to satisfy your cravings for fresh-baked croissants with just a few clicks and taps on your mobile device.

All you need now is a slab of premium butter...

...and a soothing freshly brewed cup of coffee for breakfast or an indulgent afternoon snack at home.

If your craving for a sweet treat, the baked ready-to-eat Pain Au Chocolat (P 290 Box of 6/P 530 Box of 12) by the Croissant Lady PH should do the trick. Imagine the same layered, buttery and flaky pastry filled with the rich and deep notes of chocolate...

...for another decadent flavor experience. Like the Buttery Croissants, the Pain au Chocolate is also available Frozen and ready-to-bake (P 420 Pack of 12) so you can conveniently finish it off in the oven. Both the frozen variants of Buttery Croissants and Pain au Chocolat can be safely stored in the ref for months and popped in the oven for those croissant and Pain au Chocolat cravings at home.

And just like the Buttery Croissant, the delicate layers of crisp and flaky dough adds that delectable crunch with each bite with a rich and buttery finish followed by the indulgent notes of chocolate. The Croissant Lady shared that her search for the perfect Pain au Chocolat began after a memorable trip to Ireland where she experienced the best Pain au Chocolat at the prestigious Farnham Estate Spa & Golf Resort in Cavan. That search led to the Pain au Chocolate currently in her roster of fresh-baked offerings. 

A good dish or meal often triggers fond memories, and for the Croissant Lady, the Pain au Chocolat passes the test and is a worthy addition to her growing portfolio of product offerings. 

Baked and ready-to-eat or frozen and ready-to-bake, the classic Viennoiserie offerings by the Croissant Lady PH are welcome additions to your growing list of food delivery options in this new normal.

Buttery Croissants and Pain au Chocolate, classic Viennoiserie offerings conveniently delivered to your doorstep by the Croissant Lady PH are just some of the countless tempting options available in the metro. The surge of innovative food businesses coupled with a food delivery format continue to grow due to the quarantine experience, and the Croissant Lady PH is ready for this new normal. Buttery Croissants and Pain au Chocolat at home this weekend? Absolutely. Just give the Croissant Lady PH a call or send a quick message on FB and IG...

For more on the Croissant Lady PH, visit her Facebook Page at and IG Feed at @croissantladyph or call 0917 522 6009 for more information, updates, orders and pricing details.

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