Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Binding Flavors: Exploring Flavors with the Korean Beef Birria Taco, Inihaw Na Liempo Burrito and Sisig Sinigang Burrito by Tila MNL PH

Sounds like. Seems like. Looks like. You can now add another interpretation to the word "tila" translating to inspired and inventive fusion of flavors...  

Comfortingly familiar flavors woven in a seamless and flavorful blend, that's what Tila MNL PH brings to your table with their unique fusion-inspired offerings like the Korean Beef Birria Taco, Inihaw na Liempo Burrito and Sisig Sinigang Burrito. Ready to take your palate on a tasty and savory ride? Then, read on...

Classic flavors combined with another, Tila MNL PH brings hearty and satisfying meals inspired by global cuisines for new flavor experiences wrapped in a taco or burrito. The choice of tacos or burritos offer infinite possibilities, and Tila MNL PH shows you just how far they can go with a simple concept for that tasty winning play.  

The Korean Beef Birria Taco (P 250) is one example of the creativity behind Tila MNL PH. Filled to the brim with fork-tender slow-cooked beef shanks draped in savory Korean sauce (choose from mild or spicy) topped with crisp garden-fresh vegetables including carrots, bean sprouts, leeks and greens sprinkled with sesame seeds and crowned by torched Mozzarella cheese, the Korean Beef Birria Taco delivers fresh and bold flavors with every bite.  

The richness of the savory beef filling is perfectly tempered by the Korean spices for depth and balance, finished by the medley of vegetables for contrasting notes and textural layers. The topping of torched Mozzarella adds the finishing touch, binding all the flavors with its creamy consistency. The range of distinct flavors come together perfectly. 

The beef is obviously the star of the show, slow-cooked and simmered for hours with a rich blend of Korean spices for that near melt-in-your-mouth texture. That familiar blend of savory and sweet notes kicked up by a gentle and soothing heat from the spices brings that Korean style punch to the dish. But it gets better with a dip in an equally rich broth served with each order for even more flavor. The unctuous beefy notes of the broth adds an elegant layer of smoothness with each bite to complete the experience. Each order of the Korean Beef Birria Taco comes with two tacos and a serving of soup for dipping. 

Who doesn't love grilled pork belly? The Inihaw na Liempo Burrito (P 150) brings local flavors with juicy charcoal grilled pork belly wrapped with Mexican inspired Java Rice topped with grilled chili pepper and torched Mozzarella cheese for another flavorful and inventive fusion.  

The delicate sweetness and subtle smoky hints of the pork belly are kicked up by a dab of soy sauce included with each order. The Java Rice, grilled chili pepper and torched Mozzarella round out the flavors in this savory and filling burrito. It's a combo that works, hitting all the right spots. 

But there's more. Tila MNL PH combines two iconic and uniquely local flavors with the Sisig Sinigang Burrito (P 180), a tasty number with crunchy pork sisig wrapped with sinigang rice topped with kangkong, diced tomatoes and onions. The densely packed and moist sinigang-infused rice delivers the sour and tart hints we all love for that layer of contrasting notes to complement the pork sisig. The sisig adds both the crunch and savory finish to the burrito. The addition of kangkong, tomatoes and onions completes the tasty duo of sinigang and sisig in a burrito. Comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different, that's what you can expect from Tila MNL PH.

You can have the usual burrito, or change it up a bit with the Inihaw na Liempo Burrito and Sisig Sinigang Burrito by Tila MNL PH. Whatever you choose, expect a whole new world of flavors created by the inventive innovators behind Tila MNL PH. 

The quarantine experience witnessed the rise of food businesses and the food delivery culture, and bringing that point of differentiation is what sets one apart from the other in the metro's cluttered culinary landscape. Tila MNL PH takes a different path with its unique fusion of flavors, adding to your growing and long list of must-try options.

Tila MNL PH also offers indulgent Brownies for that perfect ending...

...so be sure to check out their deals for the month (visit their FB Page for more information at https://www.facebook.com/tilamnlph). 

Soft and fudgy with the bold notes of chocolate, these Brownies are just what you need after a bout with the savory Korean Beef Birria Tacos, Inihaw na Liempo Burrito and Sisig Sinigang Burrito. 

How to order? Easy. Just call 0927 866 9254 or order online via https://form.jotform.com/tilamnlph/tila-order-form

Sounds like. Seems like. Looks like. All good. Tacos and burritos with a unique global spin, Tila MNL PH offers tasty twists that works with its creative blend of flavors. And you won't find it anywhere else. Craving for tacos and burritos? Hit up the links below for your orders...

For more on the creative fusion inspired offerings of Tila MNL PH, visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/tilamnlph/ for orders, more information and updates or view their IG Feed at https://www.instagram.com/tilamnlph/. You can also call 0927 866 9254 for orders and inquiries. 

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