Friday, February 11, 2022

Savory Beef Tendon Cravings Satisfied by Tendon Central

Rich, savory, melt-in-your-mouth and pure collagen bliss, the prized beef tendon has long been an essential element in Asian cuisine. But specialty tendon dishes are not exactly easy to find, limited only to a few dining establishments offering small servings. Tendon Central changes all that...

Satisfy all your beef tendon cravings with just one call or DM to Tendon Central, and your frozen pack of Tendon Curry or Tendon HK Style will soon be on its way to your doorstep. Cravings satisfied, as simple as that. Hungry? Then, read on...

Like all food finds, the story of Tendon Central began when it's founder just couldn't find enough premium quality tendon sold per kilo and decided to recreate the tendon dishes he loved. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention and Tendon Central was the end result. That's good news for tendon lovers, now you can have your tendon conveniently delivered to you with just one call or DM.

Each Boil Bag contains approximately 500g of pure all beef tendon, priced at P 700 per pack. Delivered frozen, the Boil Bags by Tendon Central are an essential addition to your freezer inventory to satisfy any sudden craving. 

Preparing your bowl of all-beef tendon goodness is easy, you can go the Old School route or prepare it the quick and easy way:

Old School
  1. Thaw Tendon completely (frozen Tendon can immediately be re-heated, just add water to avoid burning).
  2. Take Tendon out of boil bag.
  3. Place Tendon in a proportionate sized pot or pan.
  4. Add 2 tablespoons of water.
  5. Boil until desired consistency is achieved.
Quick and Easy
  1. Thaw Tendon Completely.
  2. Dunk the Boil Bag directly into a pot of boiling water.
  3. Boil and simmer for 12 minutes.
  4. Take the Boil Bag out and cut open to serve.
Easy, right? That's because Tendon Central already prepped the dishes for you, all you need to do is heat it up. That's right. Braised for hours, each Boil Bag pack guarantees that melt-in-your-mouth texture you expect from beef tendon. 

Beef tendon is the connective tissue that holds the muscle to the bone and composed primarily of protein and collagen. Tough and fibrous, it takes long hours of tedious and patient braising for eight hours or more to achieve the buttery consistency we all love. Collagen is known to have countless benefits, but it's the unique set of flavors and textural contrasts that keeps beef tendon high on my list of must-have dishes. Tendon Central currently offers two flavorful variants, the Tendon Curry and the classic Tendon HK Style...    

...and both options deliver the punchy beef tendon flavors you've been craving. The fragrant aroma and vibrant color of the Tendon Curry by Tendon Central are sensory clues to the rich and bold unctuous flavors of the dish. Straight from the Boil Bag to your bowl, each order also comes with a pack of fresh spring onions to top on your dish.

The beef tendon is obviously the star of the show with large and generous portions packed in each Boil Bag. But the curry sauce shares equal billing in terms of flavor and consistency, pairing well with the beef tendon. 

Mildly sweet with a gentle and soothing kick from the blend of spices adding depth to the dish, the curry cuts through the savory richness of the beef tendon for balanced yet indulgent notes. One bite delivers a burst of buttery notes from the beef tendon followed by the complex yet flavorful layers of the curry base.

Paired with steamed white rice, it's a meal you'll want to repeat again and again. That's if there's any left.

The Tendon HK Style offers traditional and comfortingly familiar flavors with its rich and dark sauce. Braised for hours, the subtle sweet and salty notes of the braising sauce perfectly complements the richness of the beef tendon. It's a nostalgic dish, taking you back to the first time you fell in love with beef tendon. A sprinkle of fresh spring onions completes the dish.

Like the Tendon Curry, the Tendon HK Style offers generous portions of the prized beef delicacy draped in a rich and flavorful sauce which makes it so worth what it costs. You are, after all, getting premium quality all beef tendon. In fact, beef tendon closely mimics the bite and mouthfeel of high-end beef cuts. That alone is reason enough to order up a couple of boil bags from Tendon Central.

And Tendon Central doesn't hold back on the beef. You don't get small cubes of tendon, you get the real thing with large slabs of pure premium quality tendon with each order that's perfect for sumptuous family meals at home.

If you're still searching for the perfect beef tendon dish, you can end it right now. You'll find it at Tendon Central. Fresh, bold and unrestrained flavors with generous portions are what you can expect from the Tendon Curry and Tendon HK Style packs by Tendon Central. 

Tendon cravings? No worries. Leave it Tendon Central to deliver your savory and satisfying tendon fix with their specialty Tendon Curry and Tendon HK Style dishes, simply call 0917 833 7827 for your orders.

For more on Tendon Central, visit their FB Page and IG Feed at @tendon.central or call 0917 833 7827 for orders and inquiries. 

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