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Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Tapas, Cocktails, Dinner and Dessert All in One Strip: Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi Now Open at Greenhills Promenade

One strip for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tapas, cocktails, dinner and dessert, now that's a major food crawl at Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi for one memorable dining experience...

Visum Ventures, Inc. continues its aggressive expansion program with the opening of three new branches for Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt at Greehnhills Promenade. Conveniently located right next to each other, start and end your day with the sumptuous breakfast, brunch, lunch, tapas, cocktails, dinner and dessert offerings from Oh My Greek, Zig and Koomi now open daily from 7 am to 12 midnight to satisfy all your cravings in just a few steps. Read on for a tasty peek at the newest trio in Greenhills...

Located at the brand new wing of Greenhills Promenade in the parking building, you won't miss Oh My Greek, Zig (for more on Zig healthy Made Happy, see my earlier post, #HealthyMadeHappy: Add a Vibrant Splash of Color to Healthy Dining with Zig Healthy Made Happy on their specialty offerings) and Koomi (see more on my posts, #GuiltlessGoodness Comes to Robinsons Magnolia with Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt and #GuiltlessGoodness: Avo Nice Day with Koomi PH). The growing network of unique dining concepts from Visum Ventures, Inc. which includes T2 Tea by Leaf Beverages (more on my post, Tea Done Differently with T2 Tea from Leaf Beverages) and Salt and Ice Oyster Bar (see my post, #shuckinglyAwesome: Fresh Oysters and Handcrafted Cocktails at Salt and Ice Oyster Bar) are making its mark in the metro with even more branches in the pipeline. 

And despite the restrictions of the quarantine experience from the last two years, the brands of Visum Ventures, Inc. never even slowed down with its continuous roll-out of new branches. With the sprawling Greenhills shopping and commercial complex in their sights, Oh My Greek, Zig and Koomi are the newest dining destinations in the popular hub.

As the metro slowly and cautiously opens up with the gradual easing of quarantine protocols, the new branches from Visum Ventures, Inc. brings savory Greek dishes, healthy and refreshing meals and all-natural yogurt to the mix of dining options in Greenhills. Oh My Greek, Zig and Koomi offer both indoor and al fresco dining in tune with the new normal...

...with all the necessary layers for health and safety still in place for your peace of mind. The Greenhills shopping center and commercial complex has always been a favorite spot for joggers and bikers and the operating hours of the new branches reflects this starting at 7am all the way to midnight. Oh My Greek and Zig now offer new breakfast dishes to cater to early risers as well as a new yogurt variant from Koomi.  And here's a sneak peek...  

The Mini Croissant Cereal (P 310) from Zig is a hearty and comforting breakfast dish with crunchy homemade mini croissants, fresh strawberries, edible flowers and T2 Tea infused Very Berry Milk. A bowl of cereal is always a good option for breakfast, and Zig Healthy Made Happy recreates a breakfast staple and transforms it with their own specialty homemade mini croissants and T2 Tea infused Very Berry Milk for a new breakfast experience.

Light yet full of flavor and not too sweet, the Mini Croissant Cereal by Zig is just what you need for that perfect start. The fresh berries add a natural tart sweetness mellowed by the T2 Tea infused Very Berry Milk to complete the flavors. But it's the homemade mini croissants that takes it home with its delectable crunch. 

The Yogurt Granola (P 270) from Oh My Greek brings both textural contrasts from the crunch of OMG Granola and the silky smooth finish of the fresh homemade yogurt in a seamless and sumptuous blend with fresh blueberries and strawberries drizzled with tart calamansi jam. All the contrasting notes come together perfectly for that balanced finish.

The blend of fresh flavors from the tartness of the fresh strawberries and blueberries to the creamy yogurt with subtle hints of calamansi play on the palate for another refreshing breakfast option at Zig. With its rich and flavorful base of fresh homemade yogurt, the Yogurt Granola packs both indulgent yet comforting notes with its fresh toppings of strawberries, blueberries and crunchy granola. 

Zig also offers a variety of open faced sourdough sandwiches in its repertoire of breakfast dishes, like the Strawberry & Lemon Ricotta Sourdough (P 350) with soft and crisp toasted sourdough topped with fresh strawberries, creamy and tart lemon ricotta and crunchy homemade granola drizzled with honey. 

The intricate and lavish toppings draws the eye, and that first bite simply leads to another. Zig's culinary philosophy and emphasis on the freshest ingredients comes through with this dish. The subtle nutty and mildly sour hints of the crisp toast becomes the perfect base for the natural tartness and sweetness of fresh strawberries and crunchy homemade granola on a generous slather of lemon ricotta. The lingering notes of honey adds depth to this elegant breakfast sandwich. 

Love salmon? Then, make that a serious schmear of cream cheese with my salmon. The Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sourdough (P 380) is Zig's very own homage to the classic combo. I've always enjoyed salmon with a generous schmear of cream cheese and the Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Sourdough just hits all the right notes with each bite.   

The briny richness of the soft, buttery and melt-in-your-mouth salmon and the velvety smooth finish of the cream cheese are perfectly tempered by the sharpness of the capers and fresh dill. The mildly sweet cucumber and the sourdough completes this flavorful package from Zig. Keeping it simple doesn't mean holding back on flavors. 

That's just two of the hearty sourdough choices at Zig. Other equally tempting options from Zig are the Signature Scrambled Eggs Sourdough (P 340), Smashed Peas & Feta Sourdough (P 370), Mushroom & Truffle Sourdough (P 390) and Peanut Butter Banana Sourdough (P 310) for that cool Elvis spin. 

Oh My Greek serves up its own version with the Smashed Avocado (P 320) with delicately poached eggs on a bed of creamy avocado topped with pan-fried Halloumi cheese on sourdough. It's breakfast with a triple dose of richness from the poached eggs, smashed avocado and Halloumi cheese enjoyed in one bite.

The poached eggs and smashed avocado combine for a rich and indulgent seamless weave of flavors followed by the subtle sharpness of the Halloumi. Each bite drapes the palate with a smooth and lavish richness rounded out by the sourdough for that perfect bite. Mornings just can't get any better at Zig and Oh My Greek in Greenhills...  

...but it does. Back at Zig, the Mushroom & Truffle Sourdough (P 390) brings the flavorful and textural play of woody, earthy and nutty mushrooms with the deep hints of truffle for yet another light and savory breakfast option.

Large mushrooms and strings of enoki form the base of the savory 'shrooms on sourdough made richer with a drizzle of truffle oil. The meaty texture of the mushrooms deliver a flavorful punch for a hearty breakfast. Like all the open faced sourdough sandwiches at Zig and Oh My Greek, the generous toppings make it a real meal any time of day.  

As the day winds down, why not enjoy a refreshing tipple without even leaving the strip? From the soothing Red Sangria (P 360) from Oh My Greek with its blend of Shiraz, oranges, apples and strawberries... the Mixed Berries Mojito (P 390) with white rum, mint, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and lime...

...and the Cinnamon Whiskey (P 340) with the deep smoky notes of whiskey complemented by a light hint of cinnamon for that mildly sweet finish. 

The Cinnamon Whiskey tops my list from Oh My Greek, and The Last Word (P 350) from Zig with its bourbon and mint combo is next on my to-try list. Other refreshing libations from Oh My Greek include the Vodka Lychee Martini (P 330), Pomegranate Margarita (P 380) and Tequila Espresso Martini (P 310). 

From Zig, loose yourself in the wittingly named concoctions like Never Enough (P 390) with raspberry and peach liqueur, vanilla vodka and T2 Tea infused Packs A Peach; the Red Lips (P 360) with vodka, watermelon and lemon; the Green Mist (P 370) with gin, cucumber and lemon; the French Kiss (P 380) with Amaretto, bourbon, lemon and cherry and You Are My Sunshine (P 360) with vodka, peach liqueur and dalandan. Now all you need are some savory tapas for that perfect tipple on the strip...

...and both Zig and Oh My Greek have the goods. The Tuna & Avocado Tartare (P 390) from Zig with fresh tuna, sweet and smooth avocado, sesame oil and micro greens served with crunchy chips brings clean and crisp flavors to pair with your cocktail.

Simply add a dab of of fresh tuna and avocado on a chip and enjoy. Freshness and quality of ingredients deliver all the bold and uncluttered flavors with this dish. 

The Squash Blossoms (P 380) with goat's cheese and garden fresh micro greens on a bed of thick Napoletana sauce offer even more tasty bites with the subtle sweetness of the squash blossoms coming through followed by the richness of the tart red sauce. The light and delicate crispness of the batter completes the dish.

The Pumpkin Ravioli (P 420) is an elegant dish with soft pasta filled with sweet pumpkin, fresh zucchini and roasted pistachio draped in burnt butter and sage noisette...  

...while the simply named Corn (P 210) offers sweet corn rubbed with paprika and Himalayan salt for sweet, salty and smoky hints. Similar to the Mexican street style grilled corn or elote, Zig's own creative take is a flavorful variation of a classic. The premium Himalayan salt and paprika just brings out the natural sweetness of the corn. 

Oh My Greek shares their spin on another comforting classic with the Hot Chips Overload (P 295) with thick hand-cut potatoes slathered with melted cheese, pork gyro meat and chopped cilantro. It's time to order another round of cocktails, don't you think?

Now it's time for some indulgent sweet endings to your food crawl at Greenhills Promenade with Mike's Mess (P 410) from Zig for an inspired take on the traditional Eton Mess with fresh cream, strawberries and passion fruit topped by a meringue dome. Simply crack the dome and mix it up for a glorious mess of a dessert. 

Then of course, you can go for the yogurt selections at Koomi just a few steps away from Oh My Greek and Zig and try their new Froyo offerings. You've loved their natural drinking yogurt (the Avo Nice Day and Nuts About You are always on my list), and you'll love their new Froyo selections too.

The Snowy Fuji Froyo (P 175) with silky smooth yogurt, mango, red beans, purple rice and waffle cone offers layers of flavors and textures...

...while the Waterberry Wonder Froyo (P 145) with yogurt, strawberry, watermelon and pistachio makes for another perfect ending at the strip along Greenhills Promenade. You can also enjoy Froyo with the uncluttered goodness of Simply Koomi Froyo (P 115) drizzled with fruit honey. The new Froyo offerings by Koomi is a welcome addition to their growing menu anchored by their specialty natural drinking yogurt and one more reason to stop by Greenhills Promenade.

If you prefer a more classic ending to your food crawl, the traditional coffee selection from Oh My Greek should do the trick like the bold and robust Greek Coffee with milk (P 110) prepared in brass cups also available in Sketos (sugar-free), Metrios (50% sugar level) and Glikos (100% sugar level). The Frappe (P 120) is a frothy brew served over ice with creamy milk and sugar guaranteed to satisfy your caffeine fix.

Oh My Greek. Zig. And Koomi. That's three reasons to visit Greenhills Promenade. From the authentic Greek-inspired menu of Oh My Greek... 

...and the healthy offerings of Zig... the indulgent new Froyo creations of Koomi...

...along with their extensive specialty yogurt based menu, enjoy a world of flavors with Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi now open at Greenhills Promenade for a memorable food crawl from 7am all the way to midnight. 

Oh My Greek, Zig Healthy Made Happy and Koomi are located at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade (below the parking building) or visit their respective FB Pages at and for updates.

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