Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Class Act: The Lugaw Pang Mayaman by Fat Roast PH

Lechon, lechon bone broth, beef tendon, bone marrow and chicharon bulaklak. That's right. This is the undisputed superbowl of lugaw...

The popular and ubiquitous staple gets a lavish upgrade with the amusingly-named Lugaw Pang Mayaman by Fat Roast PH for a sumptuous meal that sets it apart from the usual. From the same group behind Leonardo's Lechon and The Lechon Shop, Fat Roast PH levels up your lugaw game with their own fully loaded and indulgent spin on an everyday classic. 

Packed and sealed in a box and delivered conveniently to your doorstep, the Lugaw Pang Mayaman (P 800 good for 3-5/P 250 Solo) by Fat Roast PH is aptly named. When a common and ordinary dish is elegantly transformed, that's worth trying. And once you open the box...

...the concept for this over-the-top version of the lugaw slowly sinks in. Still warm, the savory aroma triggers your appetite. Unapologetically rich, the new offering is made with lechon and beef tendon topped with bone marrow and chicharon bulaklak. It's lugaw elevated. The different components are packed separately, including boiled eggs, spring onions, crunchy garlic bits and calamansi. The specialty lechon by Leonardo's Lechon clearly makes this variation of the everyday lugaw stand out from the clutter of available options in the metro. In fact, it's probably in a class of its own.

And Fat Roast PH knows their lechon, after all, it's from the same group behind Leonardo's Lechon. Leonardo's Lechon is well known for their traditional whole roasted pig and since 1947, they've been doing lechon right offering inventive variants along the way like their Carnivore Lechon and Lechon Gallena (for more on Leonardo's Lechon, see my previous posts, A Family Affair: Leonardo's Lechon at Heirloom Kitchen from seven years back, Single Malt, Lechon and Sisig...Round Two with the Carnivore Lechon by Leonardo's Lechon featuring one of their many specialty stuffed variants, Just Another Day at Leonardo's Lechon on an exclusive peek at the charcoal pits, Meet The Drunken Lechon by Leonardo's Lechon and Pedro Brewcrafters... on a creative collab for another specialty variant, Double The Flavor: The Lechon Gallena by Leonardo's Lechon... on a savory stuffed variant, Meanwhile, Down at the Charcoal Pits: A Preview of The Lechon Shop by Leonardo's Lechon on the launch of The Lechon Shop from five years ago and Have Some Pork Love by the Kilo or Rice Bowl at The Lechon Shop by Leonardo's Lechon... on the sumptuous a la carte offerings of The Lechon Shop). 

The popular and common staple is said to be one of the earliest documented Filipino food, popular in all 7,107 islands and enjoyed in both savory and sweet variants. Since then, the humble local porridge endured to represent both good and hard times cutting through socio-economic demographics and even political persuasions. It is what it is, a hearty, filling and comforting meal that warms the palate and body gently simmered until all the flavors come together. 

Unlike other Filipino dishes, the everyday and common lugaw doesn't get much of the limelight. Until now. Fat Roast PH unapologetically unleashes an unrestrained, no holds barred creation of the simple staple for the most extravagant and flavorful version yet. Simply follow the easy instructions and you're on your way to a lugaw experience unlike any other. 

The flavors are just what you'd expect from something sinfully indulgent, and you just can't stop. With Leonardo's Lechon, bone marrow, beef tendon and chicharon bulaklak, how can you? Let's break it down and take a closer look at the individual components of the Lugaw Pang Mayaman...

Simmered for hours in lechon bone broth, the rice is soft and smooth like edible silk infused with the savory richness of the fork-tender shreds of pork. The lechon bone broth adds a sticky, gelatinous texture and finish to the porridge. The consistency of the flavorful broth drapes the palate with full on flavors with nothing held back. 

The beef tendon brings its own richness into play while the toppings of bone marrow and chicharon bulaklak  adds both textural contrasts and flavor to your bowl. Start with a spoonful of porridge, and let the flavors linger on the palate. And you'll agree this is probably the most indulgent bowl of lugaw ever, forever changing your perception on the local staple. 

The bone marrow is perfectly roasted, intensifying its rich and buttery notes to complement the soft strips of lechon with each bite. Using lechon in lugaw is a masterful stroke of genius, from the lechon bone broth to the tender strips of pork that can only come from Fat Roast PH and Leonardo's Lechon. Then, there's the crunch of the chicharon bulaklak. It just keeps getting better with each succeeding spoonful.

The boiled egg, spring onions, crisp garlic bits and calamansi completes the familiar set of flavors. The savory notes of the Lugaw Pang Mayaman are layered by the nutty hints of garlic, fresh and sharp bite of the spring onions and vibrant burst of calamansi to make it pop cutting through the richness for complex yet comforting and balanced flavors. 

Also known for their specialty Roasted Heritage Chicken and Roasted Pork Pata, Fat Roast PH has another winner with the Lugaw Pang Mayaman. It's just one of many innovative new offerings in a continuing story of Leonardo's Lechon, The Lechon Shop and Fat Roast PH as it evolves while preserving a family's culinary tradition.

Leonardo's Lechon, lechon bone broth, beef tendon, bone marrow and chicharon bulaklak. This is one real class act in a bowl of pure and unrestrained indulgence. The humble lugaw gets a flavorful upgrade by the creative innovators at Fat Roast PH with the aptly named Lugaw Pang Mayaman, and just like that, the humble bowl of porridge is transformed and elevated for a unique flavor experience for some well-deserved time under the culinary limelight. 

For more on Fat Roast PH, the new Lugaw Pang Mayaman and other savory lechon-based specialties, visit their FB Pages at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Product-Service/Fat-Roasthttps://www.facebook.com/thelechonshopPH/ and https://www.facebook.com/leonardoslechon/ for updates or call 7745 3104, 8724 3068, 0917 883 3391 and 0917 883 3392 for orders.

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