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A Taste of Asia in Old Town Taguig at White House Taguig

The rich and diverse flavors of Asia are showcased in the metro's newest dining destination in Old Town Taguig helmed by one of the country's noted culinary personalities for a unique dining experience in Manila's culinary scene. All you have to do is look for the elegantly restored ancestral home with its pristine and flawless white fa├žade setting it apart from the rest along the busy streets in Old Town Taguig...

Chef Bruce Lim shares his inspired take on vibrant Asian flavors with a curated menu at White House Taguig, featuring authentic dishes from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan and China. A visit to White House Taguig takes your palate on an Asian culinary journey, experienced one plate and dish at a time in a casual yet elegant setting. Take a drive down Old Town Taguig and experience traditional Asian flavors masterfully executed by Chef Bruce Lim and his team at the newest dining destination this side of the metro...

Tucked away from the metro's usual commercial and business districts, the drive down Old Taguig takes a page from the destination dining concept weaving its own unique and lavish spin on Asian cuisine. And Asian flavors are right up the alley for Chef Bruce Lim, adding his modern and inventive flair to to comfortingly familiar flavors. I've been fortunate to feature Chef Bruce Lim on the blog and his novel approach to Filipino dishes still resonates many years later (for more on Chef Bruce Lim, see my previous posts, Food News: Diamond Hotel's Corniche Features Cocina Filipina with Chef Bruce Lim from 2013 and Rustic Comfort Food at Chef Bruce Lim's Rustique Kitchen from 2014).

And it's easy to spot White House Taguig. The quaint yet impressive structure of White House Taguig is built on the existing ancestral property along ML Quezon Avenue in Old Town Taguig, now the city's newest landmark for sumptuous Asian cuisine. 

In stark contrast, the clean and sleek modern interiors softened by the warm wood and earth tones is a welcoming change of pace from the busy street in Old Town Taguig making you feel right at home the minute you enter. 

Tradition and contemporary modern aesthetics come together in a seamless design...

...setting the stage for a sumptuous dining experience at White House Taguig. Like a hidden sanctuary, the new dining destination is your urban escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Within the metro, yet far enough. 

The spacious layout also includes al fresco dining options on both the ground and second floor of the property. The wide open area is always a good option as we transition to a new normal that's here to stay. Behind White House Taguig, you'll find ample parking as well. 

And this is where Chef Bruce Lim takes you to the fresh and vibrant flavors of Asia. Chef Bruce Lim adheres to a personal culinary philosophy honed with years of experience in the local restaurant scene, and it's about keeping it both simple and real using the finest and freshest ingredients. And there's no need to reinvent traditional Asian cuisine, Chef Bruce recreates authentic Asian flavors taking a cue from the region's diverse culinary heritage and traditions. From tasty starters to savory mains and traditional desserts and even Vietnamese style coffee, White House Taguig presents colorful snapshots of different Asian culinary styles one plate at a time all in one place (you can view their Asian-themed menu here at White House Taguig Menu). 

Once seated, take in the vibe and plot your epic journey to Asian destinations from the curated Asian-centric menu at White House Taguig. Start with the fresh Tamarind Juice (P 150) with its rim lined with Himalayan Salt delivering sweet and tart notes to open up the palate for the sumptuous starters... the Som Tum (P 335) or Thai Green Papaya Salad shredded into thin strips and tossed in a fish sauce dressing topped with fried shallots, mung beans and peanuts. It's been said many times before that freshness is flavor, and the clean and crisp notes of the salad teases the palate with subtle sharp hints from the fish sauce and sweetness from the fried shallots. The fresh mung beans and peanuts add textural contrasts with each bite. It's the perfect start to your Asian feast at White House Taguig.

The Agedashi Tofu (P 495) with breaded and deep-fried silken tofu on sweet soy broth and mushrooms is another must-try at White House Taguig. The soft yet firm tofu with its delicately crisp outer layer delivers a flavorful savory punch absorbing the sweetness of the soy broth.  

A good dish doesn't have to be complicated. It's simple yet classic dishes like this masterfully executed that sets the tone for the rest of the Asian specialties served at White House Taguig. The quality of the tofu down its execution will have you going for another bite, and this dish and many soon to follow provides a continuous stream of rich Asian notes skillfully prepped by Chef Bruce and his team. 

The Gai Lan (P 415) with steamed Chinese broccoli draped in garlic infused oyster sauce and topped with mushrooms is another traditional Asian dish recreated by Chef Bruce Lim at White House Taguig with fresh, clean and comforting notes. The freshness of the soft leafy Chinese broccoli delivers a subtle sweetness with each bite contrasting with the delicate crunch of the stems. The bold notes of the garlic-infused oyster sauce and mushrooms complete the dish.

The Gai Hor Bai Toey (P 780) or Thai pandan chicken with juicy chicken thigh fillets marinated in sweet soy wrapped in pandan leaves is familiar to most diners, and Chef Bruce Lim recreates it perfectly down to the presentation of the dish. The fragrant notes of the pandan leaves are infused with the juicy chicken, draping the palate with its rich flavors. 

Unwrap the pandan leaves and you'll find tasty bite-sized fried chicken that's juicy to the bite. A dip in the thick sauce complements the delicate notes of the juicy chicken with its flavorful burst of sweetness. 

The rains from the past few days makes one crave for noods, and the Malaysian Ayam Laksa (P 700) with tender chicken and seafood simmered in a thick and creamy spiced coconut broth made even more flavorful with galangal is hard to resist even when the sun's out. The medley of fresh vegetables, herbs and crisp cubes of tofu along with the chicken, seafood, noodles and broth complete the complex play on flavors and textures. 

A fresh squeeze of lime opens up even more flavors, followed by the soothing heat from the chili. Like many Asian dishes, the full range of sweet, sour, spicy, salty and savory are enjoyed with each sip and bite. Keeping it simple and real works.

The Char Siu (P 960) with marinated pork roasted until caramelized and served with sweet BBQ sauce teases the palate with its savory notes and mildly sweet finish with just a hint of smokiness. Tender to the bite, the Char Siu by Chef Bruce has a distinctly nostalgic vibe reminiscent of childhood summers visiting Chinatown.   

The caramelized outer layer with sweet and smoky hints complement the delicate and natural sweetness of the pork just the way you remember it. And Chef Bruce continues to keep it real with the rest of the menu at White House Taguig.

The Vietnamese-inspired Thit Bo Luc Lac (P 675) or Shaking Beef with tenderloin marinated in soy and fish sauces stir-fried with onions and mint is a hearty meal best paired with rice. The name "shaking beef" comes from the frequent and often vigorous shaking and stirring needed to evenly sear the beef. The use of fresh vegetables and herbs common in Vietnamese cuisine gives this sumptuous beef dish a subtle sweetness kicked up by the mildly sharp notes of the soy and fish sauces to tease your palate. 

The beef is fork-tender, infusing its savory richness to the sauce. Cubed carrots with red and green bell peppers complete the medley of fresh flavors. Have some extra rice ready. 

The Malaysian Rendang Daging (P 810) or beef curry with fork-tender shanks of slow cooked beef draped in a rich blend of spices and dry fried in coconut milk before a final simmer in coconut cream for a velvety smooth finish is one of many personal picks at White House Taguig. Creamy with bold curry notes and just the right level of subtle heat tempered by the natural sweetness of the coconut cream, the Rendang Daging takes your palate to the busy streets of KL with one bite. Good food, they say triggers an emotion or memory, transporting you to a different time or place. Think of White House Taguig as your own gateway to Asia's storied culinary destinations.

From various Asian destinations, Chef Bruce takes you back home with a dish inspired by local flavors with the Buttered Shrimp (P 740) delivering rich and comforting notes from the briny sweetness of succulent shrimps to the blend of garlic, butter and oyster sauce. Shrimps and butter always works, add some garlic and oyster sauce and it becomes even more special.   

Each bite of the succulent shrimp is announced by an audible snap, draping the palate with briny notes followed by the deep nutty hints of garlic and creamy richness of butter completed by the bold finish of dark oyster sauce. It really doesn't get better than that. 

From Manila to Malaysia once more, Chef Bruce serves another popular regional staple...

...the Bah Kut Teh (P 780) or Pork Rib Soup with tender, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs simmered in a complex blend of Chinese herbs and spices served with bean curd skin and shiitake mushrooms. A sip of the broth infused with the various flavors of herbs, spices and pork offers soothingly sweet notes warming the palate. The mushrooms and bean curd skin adds its own deep and distinct earthy flavors to the dish complementing the pork ribs. Classic flavors, faithfully recreated. 

The See Yao Gai (P 615) features a half chicken braised in a sweet soy broth and served with a thick soy dip along with steamed bokchoy takes you back to the Chinese mainland with another popular staple recreated by Chef Bruce.

Braised for hours, the crisp skin glistens with the soy glaze for punchy flavors complementing the delicate notes of the chicken. Beneath the glazed skin, the flavors of the moist and juicy chicken comes through delighting your palate once more. It's the finely balanced play of flavors combined with the freshest ingredients that makes each dish at White House Taguig a must-try.

Fresh from the steamer, the fitting finale for an amazing meal of Asian flavors is served. The Quing Zheng Yu (P 980) features a whole steamed pampano in an aromatic soy and ginger blend garnished with fresh herbs and spring onions for a lavish culinary journey of traditional Asian flavors in Old Town Taguig. Simple, uncluttered and traditional, the seafood dish is a perfectly balanced play on flavors with the soy and ginger completing the flavors without overpowering the natural sweetness of the fish. Freshness is flavor comes back to mind, validated once more with each bite. But save room for dessert. And Vietnamese coffee too.

White House Taguig also boasts of an impressive selection of coffee blends for that perfect freshly brewed cup...

And the Vietnamese Latte (P 150) with condensed milk is always a good choice at White House Taguig. Don't forget to ask about their exclusive featured blends, like the Chairman's Brew

For dessert, the Mango Sticky Rice (P 300) with soft glutinous rice draped in coconut cream and sprinkled with sesame seeds with mango puree and sweet ripe mangoes on the side becomes the perfect ending for an Asian-inspired feast... 

...along with the Almond Lychee (P 170) with almond-infused milk jelly served with fresh lychee on finely shaved ice. The same simple philosophy and approach to their specialty savory dishes with real flavors from the freshest and finest ingredients is applied to their dessert menu. Chef Bruce just won't have it any other way.  

Chef Bruce Lim is known for his novel, innovative and creative culinary style and I still remember his inventive take on Filipino cuisine from years back. And Chef Bruce is also quite a traditionalist prioritizing real flavors above anything else. And that's what you can experience at White House Taguig

Perfectly executed with fresh, vibrant, bold and real flavors, keeping it simple and real is expressed and showcased in a lavish Asian menu prepared by Chef Bruce Lim at White House Taguig. Add this to your list of new must-try dining destinations, off the beaten track away from the usual commercial districts. Just take a leisurely drive down Old Taguig for a taste of Asia. And after the long days of the quarantine experience, it's good to see the entry of new restaurants injecting fresh new life in the local culinary scene. 

White House Taguig is located at ML Quezon Avenue, Brgy. Hagonoy, Taguig, Metro Manila just ten minutes away from Acacia Estates (look it up on Waze to be sure). You can call 0960 322 4823 for inquiries or visit their FB Page at for more updates. 

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