Monday, October 31, 2022

#EatLikeAChamp: Fuss-Free Hotpot At Home with the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot

There are some dishes that seem to just taste so much better with the right weather, weaving both the mood and flavors in perfect sync. Like hotpot on a rainy day...

Tracing its origins to China, the uniquely Asian dish has always been a popular staple the world over and its popularity in local all-you-can-eat buffet establishments keeps it high on everyone's list. There's just nothing quite like a simmering pot of comforting broth generously loaded with fresh ingredients to warm both the body and palate on an overcast cloudy day and with the constant rains the past few days, the craving for a sumptuous hotpot becomes real. Enjoying hotpot at home doesn't have to complicated. Sealed and packed in a box, Champion Hotpot makes it easy with their Easy Hotpot Kit...

When that sudden craving for hotpot strikes on another rainy day, you can conveniently enjoy it packed in a box by Champion Hotpot. Specializing in Taiwanese-style hotpot with its wide selection of flavorful soup stocks and meatballs, Champion Hotpot pushes the basic hotpot concept to a whole new level of comforting goodness offering both value and variety neatly packed in a box (for more on Champion Hotpot, see my posts, One Pot to Rule Them All From The Game-Winning Playbook Champion Hotpot on their wide array of hotpot offerings at their Santolan Town Plaza branch from a few days back and ECQ Eats: A Game-Winning Knockout for Home Dining in the ECQ with the New Mongolian Knockout Bowls by Champion Hotpot on another sumptuous option from last year).

Inside, all the essential elements for an all-in soothing hotpot are sealed in individual bags including the broth base, fresh vegetables, assorted balls and noodles good for two. It's hotpot simplified by Champion Hotpot. All you need is a pot to recreate a Champion Hotpot style feast at home. Prices for the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot starts at P 798 depending on the choice of broth and fresh ingredients (be sure to check their FB Page at for cool deals, promotional offers and the latest updates).

#EatLikeAChamp means premium beef in the pot, and Champion Hotpot offers a variety of quality beef, pork and seafood for your customized hotpot meal for two at home. It's this savory punch that adds layers of rich flavors to any hotpot.  

The cooking instructions are simple and easy, with three quick steps to get you started:
  1. Take the bag of Champion Hotpot Signature Broth and pour the desired amount into a pot. You can save the rest for refills.
  2. Bring the broth to a boil. Pour the special sauce to a separate bowl and arrange the meats, vegetables and balls on a serving plate. 
  3. Once the broth starts to boil, you can now toss the various ingredients to the pot.
Easy without the fuss, you can #EatLikeAChamp at home with the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot.

But before you dive in, here are some important tips to consider for that perfect hotpot dining experience at home: 
  • Leafy vegetables and mushrooms take 30 seconds to a minute to cook.
  • Tougher vegetables take about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Champion Balls also take up to 3 minutes. Don't take a bite just yet, the filling can be hot.
  • Noodles take at least 2 minutes to cook in the steaming broth.
  • Meat should be dipped one by one for about 30 seconds.
  • Take each cooked ingredient from the broth and dip them in any sauce you like, best enjoyed in between sips of broth.
  • You can pour a bit of everything in your own bowl, add some broth, and mix a sauce of your choice. Ask about the special Sate "Grand Slam" sauce by Champion Hotpot for that game-winning knockout hotpot feast a home.
Ultimately, you make your own rules so go ahead and enjoy your hotpot just the way you like it.

Champion Hotpot offers a tempting selection of soup bases for your hotpot dining experience at home from the savory and spicy Mala Beef Tomato with its deep and vibrant red hues, the rich and creamy Laksa with its indulgent coconut cream base, the sour and tart Tom Yum that's best paired with seafood, the light Shabu-Shabu with the delicate notes of bonito and seaweed and the sweet umami-rich Sukiyaki broth. But it's the Champion Signature Coconut Broth with its soothingly light and fresh coconut water stock, strips of young coconut meat and chicken unique and exclusive to Champion Hotpot that's on my list of cravings this rainy day (for more on the specialty soup bases and assortment of hotpot ingredients, see my earlier post, One Pot To Rule Them All From the Game-Winning Playbook of Champion Hotpot).

Light with a subtle sweetness, the Champion Signature Coconut Broth complements any ingredient you wish to add to your hotpot feast at home. Build on the flavors by simply adding the other ingredients to the broth, and just let it gently simmer infusing all the flavors. 

The mild sweet notes of the vegetables including sweet corn, carrots, mushrooms and leafy veggies add both textural contrasts and flavors to your soup base, further enriched by the assorted balls and premium beef. A soothing sip and a savory bite of the noodles and assorted toppings elevates your hotpot dining experience at home. A dab in the special sauce completes the flavors. It just doesn't get any easier than this.

Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai or Malaysian, you can create your own customized hotpot with the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot to suit your rainy day cravings at home. Then again, it doesn't have to be a rainy day, you can enjoy a satisfying bowl of hotpot any time you wish. Just go for the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot, and you're on your way to a sumptuous bowl without leaving home.

The popularity of easy DIY Kits during the height of the quarantine experience remains one of the enduring reminders of the pandemic and the new normal. Champion Hotpot adds its own specialty twist with its convenient Easy Hotpot Kit so you can enjoy a comforting meal any time, any where to your list of options. Weather may dictate what's for lunch or dinner at home and a rainy day often results in a sudden craving for certain dishes or cuisine, but you can satisfy any mood or craving any time with the Easy Hotpot Kit. And you can enjoy it without the fuss and complicated set-up at home too. What's on the table this cloudy and rainy day at home? That's easy. #EatLikeAChamp at home with the Easy Hotpot Kit by Champion Hotpot, conveniently packed in a box and ready to serve in just a few minutes. 

Champion Hotpot is located at the Ground Floor of Santolan Town Plaza, San Juan City, Metro Manila. You can also call 0917 703 4517 or visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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