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Sumptuous Feasts, Wine Down Fridays and Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf

Wine Down Fridays, Farmhouse Sessions and of course, a hearty feast with the famous Leg of Beef, indulgent cakes and desserts and many more prepared by Chefs Jayjay and Rhea Castro-Sycip. That's just three of so many countless good reasons to visit The Fatted Calf in upland Silang...

Chef Jayjay and Rhea Castro-Sysip reimagines destination dining with their rustic and sumptuous farmhouse fare made with the freshest local ingredients and decadent cakes at The Fatted Calf. And now, Chefs Jayjay and Rhea adds even more layers to your dining experience at The Fatted Calf with Wine Down Fridays and the Farmhouse Sessions. Curious? Then, read on...

Less than a kilometer away from Tagaytay, The Fatted Calf by Chefs Jayjay and Rhea Castro-Sycip offers some of the finest dining experiences in Silang with their own creative take on traditional and comforting classics as well as modern spins inspired by the couple's travels. From breakfast and brunch to soups and salads and hearty savory mains to decadent desserts, The Fatted Calf adds a warm and casual farmhouse vibe to all-day dining. Chefs Jayjay and Rhea combine years of culinary experience between them, and this is reflected in their sumptuous menu (for more on The Fatted Calf, see my previous post Serendipitous Journeys: Feast and Celebrates at The Fatted Calf Farmhouse Kitchen).

With both indoor and al fresco dining options, The Fatted Calf is the perfect escape from the city surrounded by lush and verdant greens...  

...while the spacious interiors with its warm earth and wood tones makes you feel right at home the minute you enter. There's just a whole lot of good vibes at The Fatted Calf.

And a big part of the warmth and homey vibe comes from the dynamic couple behind The Fatted Calf. A shared culinary philosophy on freshness and the finest ingredients are reflected in each and every dish at The Fatted Calf, delivering bold and real flavors. Have a chat with Chef Jayjay and Rhea when you visit The Fatted Calf, and be inspired with their amazing and inspiring story.  

Destination dining has been around for quite some time, and it's great to see yet another example of the concept refined by the collective culinary experiences of Chef Jayjay and Rhea with their spin on traditional Western and Asian flavors using the freshest local ingredients. Soft and buttery homemade Dinner Rolls signals the start of another memorable meal at The Fatted Calf...

...followed by the first of many (and new) dishes served that day. The inventive Pulpo Gochujang using fresh octopus from Chef Rhea's hometown in northern Palawan, grilled and glazed with gochujang or Korean red chili paste topped with fresh and creamy slaw kicks off our feast with its bold and vibrant notes.

The sharp hints of the red chili paste comes through with each bite, mellowed by the fresh, clean and briny sweetness of the tender grilled octopus. Perfectly grilled with its delicate charred layer delivering bold smoky hints kicked up by the red chili paste, each bite weaves complex yet tender savory notes teasing the palate.

A pair of refreshing salads were then served, starting with the Three Mushroom Salad, one of their popular dishes. Garden fresh, naturally farmed and crisp greens from Tagaytay combine with the deep, earthy and nutty notes of pickled shimeji, candied shiitake and seared oyster mushrooms dressed in a sweet and tart honey garlic vinaigrette. The abundance of fresh produce down south makes every dish come alive with vibrant flavorful bursts at The Fatted Calf no matter how simple yet masterfully executed by Chefs Jajyjay and Rhea.   

The mushrooms are clearly the stars of the dish, complemented by an able supporting cast of fresh ingredients. Pickled, candied and seared, the mushrooms bring their own distinct notes into play in a hearty and refreshing salad at The Fatted Calf completed by the honey garlic dressing. 

In between bites, enjoy the warm and soothing notes of the comforting Farmer's Soup made with roasted bone broth and the day's fresh harvest of vegetables. Like most dishes at The Fatted Calf, the menu takes inspiration from the land and its abundance produce enhancing the farmhouse vibe. And Chefs Jayjay and Rhea transforms the freshest ingredients into masterful expressions of their culinary philosophies honed by years of experience in the hotel industry.

Freshness is flavor, and the wide variety of dishes at The Fatted Calf clearly makes the case with its salad offerings. The second salad dish, Coconut and Shrimp Salad, brings textural contrasts and flavors in a seamless and balanced blend... 

...delivering fresh, clean notes with a subtle sweetness. The topping of crisp and succulent shrimps adds even more flavors to the dish, complemented by the garden-fresh vegetables. The newest salad offering from Chef Jayjay and Rhea, the Coconut and Shrimp Salad is great as a side to your feast or even as a light meal in itself. Perfect for sharing, the salad offerings at The Fatted Calf opens up the palate for the other specialty savory dishes served that day...

No comforting dining experience is complete without a traditional pasta course, and The Fatted Calf dishes out a creamy Seafood Carbonara with Crab Meat and Salmon Roe for a light yet indulgent option. The sweetness of the crab meat, briny flavorful bursts from the salmon roe and subtle nutty notes from the nori is a refreshing spin on a classic. Craving for noods? This one's a keeper. 

The delicately light yet elegant richness from the creamy carbonara, crab meat and salmon roe topped with nori strips combine for fresh and clean briny notes draping the palate with a smooth and lingering richness with each bite. 

The Pork Belly Bao, one of their popular bestsellers, is another must-try on the menu reflecting the diverse flavors at The Fatted Calf. This Asian vibe continues with their newest savory offering...

...with the sweet grilled pork in skewers Thai-style. Inspired by their travels, Chefs Jayjay and Rhea shares their take on Asian flavors with the Thai Style Pork BBQ slathered with sweet panutsa and served with a refreshing side salad. The sweet panutsa glaze pairs perfectly with the delicate savory notes of the juicy grilled pork, with the side salad completing the savory dish.

Sprinkled with sesame seeds, the juicy pork skewers with its delicately charred edges brings both sweet and smoky savory hints with the panutsa adding depth to its flavors. It's comfortingly familiar, and requesting for extra rice with this dish is no surprise at all. Sumptuous and comforting, Chefs Jayjay and Rhea's diverse menu brings a refined elegance to the rustic farmhouse vibe at The Fatted Calf.

Many restaurants have that one dish that stands out and defines your experience. A quick glance at the kitchen reveals the dish that clearly placed The Fatted Calf high on my own list...

...given the final finishing touches by Chefs Jayjay and Rhea before being served. Fresh off the oven after ten long hours, the savory main course isn't quite done just yet. 

A final drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and the celebrated main course completes the feast at The Fatted Calf (due to limited availability, be sure to call in and order in advance).

The Whole Roasted Leg of Beef at The Fatted Calf never fails to impress. The 10-hour roasted local grass-fed beef shank seasoned with aromatic spices and served on roasted vegetables with rum jus is the centerpiece for your feast away from the city in upland Silang. 

Any way you look at it, the Whole Roasted Leg of Beef just teases the eyes and palate with its fragrant aroma and presentation. It's the one dish that threads your memorable dining experience at The Fatted Calf, and one that guarantees a return visit.   

The fall-off-the-bone and fork-tender beef drapes the palate with a savory and butter-like richness lingering long after the last bite. And don't forget the prized bone marrow. Nothing sets up the table like the Whole Roasted Leg of Beef by The Fatted Calf making any gathering or celebration even more memorable.

Chefs Jayjay and Rhea have one more savory treat at The Fatted Calf with the Cracklin' Belly, a slab of pork belly finished with that perfect juicy and crisp texture. Elegantly plated, the dish served with garlic sauce and radishes is another masterfully executed play on rich textures and flavors.

Crisp and juicy, it's pork belly just the way you like it. New on the menu, Chefs Jayjay and Rhea constantly updates the offerings of The Fatted Calf so there's always something new to try when you visit. 

For dessert, Chef Jayjay served homemade Passionfruit Ice Cream for that perfect sweet ending at The Fatted Calf. And there's more...

Dessert at The Fatted Calf just isn't complete without Chef Rhea's indulgent selection from Flour Pot Manila (for more on Flour Pot Manila by Chef Rhea Castro Sycip, see my posts, Celebrating a Local Harvest with the Ubi Kinampay Cake by Flour Pot Manila on her her seasonal offerings, Tea Time with Tea-rrific Tandems by Steuarts Tea for World Tea Day from a previous promotional collab from early this year, ECQ Eats: Up, Down, Sideways with the Classic Pineapple Upside Down Cake by Flour Pot Manila from last year, Indulgence Comes Humming Your Way with the hummingbird Cake by Flour Pot Manila from 2019). That day, Chef Rhea served her popular creations like Strawberry Shortcake, Tablea Choco Cake and Ensaymada

From starters to mains and desserts, The Fatted Calf offers all the elements for that perfect destination dining experience with each dish by Chefs Jayjay and Rhea. The sumptuous offerings remains the primary reason to visit The Fatted Calf, but here's two more reasons to close the case and sweeten the deal... 

Wine Down Fridays at The Fatted Calf

Wine sessions at The Fatted Calf adds a whole new layer to the experience. And if it's Friday, you can enjoy endless rounds of libation with Wine Down Fridays at The Fatted Calf. Unlimited pours from the featured wines of The Fatted Calf's extensive selection, that's just what you need to start the weekend right.     

For only P 999+, guests at The Fatted Calf can enjoy glass after glass of wine every Friday starting at 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. And no, you won't find a similar deal close to this in upland Silang except at The Fatted Calf

If you've been looking for a quaint spot to enjoy a good bottle of wine and then some, The Fatted Calf is clearly the place. Pair your unlimited pours of fine wine with The Fatted Calf's tasty offerings... 

...including the Seared Kesong Puti, Terrine Board, Chicken Liver Pate...

...and inventive Inasal Rillette for tasty nibbles in between sips of wine. A leisurely tipple away from the city, it just doesn't get better than that. Add the Wine Down Fridays to your list of reasons to visit The Fatted Calf.

Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf

Thinking of activities for bonding and learning? Chefs Jayjay and Rhea add yet another layer to The Fatted Calf experience with the unique and curated personalized lifestyle classes dubbed the Farmhouse Sessions. Hands on, face-to-face baking and cooking classes in a relaxed farmhouse setting, Chefs Jayjay and Rhea takes you and your friends, office mates or family through complex recipes guiding you each step of the way while learning new skills and having fun too.  

If you're looking for a fun family or cool team-building activity, the Farmhouse Sessions may be the one for you. Chef Jayjay does a quick demo on a simple yet hearty pasta dish, the Spanish Sardine Pasta for a sampling of the Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf

Spanish sardines, pasta, onions, cherry tomatoes, white wine, chili flakes, salt, Kesong Puti and Thai basil are some of the ingredients needed for the pasta dish as Chef Jayjay brings it all together in a light yet fun and entertaining manner.  

But the best part of the Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf is that you too can recreate the dishes... 

...and add to your personal list of recipes. The Spanish Sardines Pasta by Chef Jayjay and recreated by none other than yours truly. Easy and fun, bring out your inner chef at the Farmhouse Sessions.

Chef Rhea also offers baking classes as part of the Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf. And this October 22, Chef Rhea presents For the Love of Strawberries highlighting recipes such as Strawberry Pavlova, Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry Tres Leches for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Priced at P 4,500 per participant, For the Love of Strawberries Farmhouse Sessions also includes a glass of Moscato from Estate Wines.

Known for her indulgent cake creations, Chef  Rhea presented a demo for the Tres Leches Cake with Fresh Strawberries in a preview of the For the Love of Strawberries Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf.

Chef Rhea takes you through the different ingredients and processes behind the indulgent dessert, and novice as well as new bakers need not worry as Chef Rhea makes it a light, fun and stress-free experience.

And before you know it, your own creation is proudly presented. Prepared and executed like a pro, the Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf may be the start of your own culinary journey.

The For the Love of Strawberries Farmhouse Sessions at The Fatted Calf on October 22 starts at 9:00 am to 2:00 pm with part of the proceeds going to the Kapuso Foundation. Sumptuous and hearty cuisine, Wine Down Fridays and Farmhouse Sessions, there's a whole lot going at The Fatted Calf.  

And more reasons to visit The Fatted Calf in upland Silang. The Fatted Calf is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays and 11:00 am to 8:00 pm on Fridays. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, Wine Down Fridays and Farmhouse Sessions. The Fatted Calf is more than just a dining destination down south. Discover and experience the many layers of unique experiences at The Fatted Calf bannered by its rustic and comforting fare, Wine Down Fridays and Farmhouse Sessions.

The Fatted Calf PH is located at 23 Vito Belarmino Street, Bucal, Silang, Cavite. Call 0917 789 2352 for reservations. You can also visit their FB Page at and IG Feed at @thefattedcalf_ph for more information and updates. Reservations are highly recommended due to limited tables. 

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