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American Classics and Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mix: Let the Good Times Roll with Fourteen Awesome New Flavors by Sebastian's Ice Cream

Fourteen exciting new flavors in two collections from Sebastian's Ice Cream. It's time to let the good times roll with the new Poppit Pint Mixes...

Sebastian's Ice Cream introduces its American Classics and Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mixes featuring fourteen all-new creations inspired by enduring Filipino and American flavors. With its successful and unique Poppits as the base, Sebastian's Ice Cream goes on a nostalgic and flavorful ride revisiting and reimagining popular flavors for its new Pint Mixes (for more on the innovative Poppits, see my previous post, Forget the Spoon. Enjoy Ice Cream in a Fun New Way with Poppits in a Pint by Sebastian's Ice Cream). Ready to roll? Then, read on...

The inspiration behind the Poppit Pint Mix is based on an observation on key consumer habits where customers would order Poppits with a selection of flavors in one pint. Taking a cue from their customers, Sebastian's Ice Cream offered the Assorted Party Mix with seven different flavors at two pieces each in their online store. The success of the Assorted Party Mix prompted Sebastian's Ice Cream to create two all-new Poppit Mixes, each with its own unique theme of seven flavors. For Sebastian's Ice Cream, they didn't have to look far for inspiration. And the inventive Poppits is the perfect base for the new flavor expressions by Sebastian's Ice Cream. The best part? No spoons needed, simply pick up the Poppits with your hands and pop it in. 

Digging deep into the Filipino experience, Sebastian's Ice Cream showcases local ingredients and delicacies for the new Pinoy Favorites Poppit Pint Mix (P 260)...

...with uniquely distinctive homegrown flavors like Ube, Keso, Mango, Champorado, Suman, Kapeng Barako and Guinataang Halo-Halo. Wrapped in a crisp and crackly shell, the Poppits deliver intense flavorful bursts of pure ice cream goodness allowing you to fully enjoy each of the new flavors. Imagine the familiar cheese-flavored ice cream from childhood, draped in a white chocolate shell with the Keso variant or the sweet mango ice cream dipped in salted white chocolate for the Mango with its contrasting flavors. Each bite is nostalgically and comfortingly familiar yet refreshingly different in its Poppits form. Sebastian's Ice Cream explores the full range of flavors that have defined the local ice cream experience with even more refreshing versions of traditional classics... the Champorado with chocolate kakanin ice cream dipped in dark chocolate and crisp pinipig crumble or the Suman with coconut kakanin ice cream wrapped in white chocolate and pinipig for a fresh lavish take on local delicacies. The bold nutty notes of the Kapeng Barako with native coffee ice cream dipped in mocha chocolate lingers on the palate while the Guinataang Halo-Halo with coconut ice cream infused with kamote and langka dipped in white chocolate perfectly recreates the traditional and festive iced dessert in that distinctly creative Sebastian's style. The Ube variant with ube ice cream dipped in white chocolate is another flavorful pairing highlighting yet another traditional local flavor expressed in the cool Poppits form.  

Champorado, Suman and Guinataang Halo-Halo clearly stand out with its faithful recreation of the local delicacies, yet the simple, straightforward and bold flavors of the Keso, Mango, Kapeng Barako and Ube variants will have you going for another bite. For the brand that introduced sapin-sapin and even bitter gourd as ice cream flavors, the new variants come as no surprise and are just what you'd expect from Sebastian's Ice Cream (for more on Sebastian's Ice Cream's unconventional flavors, see my posts Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend: Meet the 2020 Valentine's Collection of Sebastian's Ice Cream on their previous seasonal offerings including one made with bitter gourd and Fast-Forward to Summer with Sebastian's Ice Cream... where I first sampled inventive ice cream flavors like Sapin-Sapin, Champorado at Dilis and Green Mango & Bagoong from 2018). 

Each reimagined flavor is perfectly reinterpreted and executed by Sebastian's Ice Cream, delicately packed in a Poppit. It's the play on textural contrasts and rich flavors that make the new variants a must-try at Sebastian's Ice Cream.

And there's more. The new American Classics Poppit Pint Mix (P 260) builds on the "Big Three" of ice cream flavors namely Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry with seven refreshed expressions in Nutty Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Butter Pecan, Mint Chip, Banana Nut and Cookies n' Cream.  

Silky smooth and rich vanilla ice cream becomes even more decadent when dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkled with roasted peanuts for the Nutty Vanilla by Sebastian's Ice Cream. The Dark Chocolate with luscious dark chocolate ice cream dipped in dark chocolate works for me with its double dose of chocolate decadence while the Butter Pecan with brown butter ice cream with roasted pecans dipped in caramel chocolate is a personal pick. The blend of butter, caramel and pecans is one of those classic and enduring combos that always hits the spot.  

The clean, fresh tartness of the Strawberry variant with the bold notes of strawberry ice cream is perfectly mellowed by the white chocolate shell for that balanced finish while the Banana Nut offers layers of distinct sweetness from the banana ice cream, chocolate chips, roasted peanuts and white chocolate shell. 

The Mint Chip with peppermint ice cream dipped in mint white chocolate sprinkled with Oreo crumble is as classic as it gets and the Cookies n' Cream with white chocolate shell and Oreo crumble warms the palate with its familiar and nostalgic vibe. The new flavor selections from both Pinoy Favorites and American Classics by Sebastian's Ice Cream are like one of those memorable and always dependable playlists you keep going back to again and again. And with the Poppit Pint Mixes, you get to rediscover all the familiar flavors you love one bite at a time.

Pinoy Favorites or American Classics? Depending on your mood or the streaming episode on the net, I'd say go for both and experience the full range of Sebastian's Ice Cream's creativity with all fourteen new flavors. With each bite distinct from the other, the new Pinoy Favorites and American Classics Poppit Pint Mixes not only pushes the creative boundaries for ice cream expressions but also reflects the unrestrained style of Sebastian's Ice Cream best enjoyed with all fourteen new and unique flavors. Ready to let the good times roll? Order up your Poppit Pint Mixes online at 

For more information on Sebastian's Ice Cream, visit their website and online store at for orders, pick-up and delivery. You can also visit their FB Page at for more updates and view the entire range of frozen offerings.

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