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The Flavor of New York: The New York Original Comes to Manila at Nathan's Famous in SM Mall of Asia

Baseball, apple pie and hot dogs. Through the years, nothing describes or defines classic Americana perfectly. Now you can experience and immerse yourself in the flavor of New York with the enduring all-beef hot dogs that began as a nickel hot dog stand in Coney Island back in 1916 by Nathan and Ida Handwerker... 

An all-American original brings the flavor of New York to Manila with the recent opening of Nathan's Famous at SM Mall of Asia featuring their signature offerings of all-beef hot dogs and more. That burst of rich and savory notes announced by an audible snap with each bite comes from 106 years of the American Dream for a New York Original that's ready to take on the next century as it expands its global network of stores. And it's now in Manila, adding that cool Big Apple vibe to the local culinary scene. Fix me up a Nathan's Famous, please... 

SM Mall of Asia's newest dining attraction features an open and spacious layout highlighting the glass and steel counters of a New York Original, with the world-famous hot dogs, burgers, fries, all-day breakfast, fried chicken sandwiches and wings, fish fillet salad wraps, pasta, lemonade, milk shakes and desserts by Nathan's Famous tempting your eyes and palate for a taste of the iconic flavor of New York.

More than just another American fast food chain, Nathan's Famous brings both nostalgia and tradition updated with a modern and contemporary look bannered by their enduring all-beef hot dogs and all-American offerings. It's tasty piece of the Big Apple in the metro.

Since 1916, Nathan's Famous brought their all-beef hot dogs in a bun weaving it with the countless stories of New York from their original Coney Island stand. Even US President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought the famous all-beef hot dogs to the King and Queen of England in 1939 for a unique taste of America in a bun. Originally offered for a nickel, Nathan's Famous quickly became part of the New York experience. Years later, a hot dog in a bun remains the most quintessential American staple enjoyed on the go, in baseball parks, theaters, the beach and wherever you find good times. 

Made with 100% beef and a secret spice recipe, Nathan's Famous is truly a New York original with each bite immersing you with its rich notes. The Plain Hot Dog by Nathan's Famous with onions, relish and a generous dab of mustard and ketchup is by no means plain, and still the best way to enjoy an All-American classic. 

In addition to their all-beef hot dogs, Nathan's Famous is synonymous with another Fourth of July tradition with their Hot Dog Eating Contest. Legend has it that the iconic and long-running hot dog eating contest began with an argument among four immigrants over who was the most patriotic, a dispute settled with a hot dog eating contest at the Nathan's Famous Coney Island stand back in the early years of the brand. In 1972, Nathan's Famous held its first major hot dog eating contest on the Fourth of July in Coney Island and has since become major sports event followed by millions adding to the brand's legendary status. The current record of 74 hot dogs with buns consumed in ten minutes still stands, held by current and thirteen-time champion Joey Chestnut.  

You don't have to beat or even match the world record to qualify. But if you love hot dogs, go for it. If you want a shot at this popular Nathan's Famous tradition, then step inside the SM Mall of Asia store and sign up. Who knows, your name may be part of the lore and continuing story of Nathan's Famous. Just check out their FB Page for more updates at

From its humble stand in Coney Island, Nathan's Famous takes on the world with its hearty all-American staples. The brand's growing global focus and presence is a reflection of the changing times continuously adapting to an evolving consumer landscape, but the basics remain at the heart of the Nathan's Famous experience. At the counter of Nathan's Famous, each order is prepared fresh and served hot off the grills made with the finest ingredients. 

The variety of toppings transforms the basic all-beef hot dog layering it with bold and rich flavors to suit your mood or craving...

...but the all-beef hot dogs at Nathan's Famous remains the core and main story of the brand. The savory richness and distinctive snap takes you back to the original recipe of Nathan and Ida Handwerker when they opened a small stand in Coney Island back in 1916. And it still hits the spot today.  

How to begin your authentic Flavor of New York experience at Nathan's Famous? Here's my personal picks...

Start with the signature Crinkle Cut Fries (P 110 Regular/P 150 Large), thick cuts of potatoes with that distinctive ridged pattern. Delicately crisp on the outside and soft inside, the fries are the perfect start to your Flavor of New York experience. The ridges also adds more surface area to your favorite condiments like ketchup for flavorful bites. Other tempting options include the Cheese Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Bacon Cheese Fries and Bacon Ranch Fries

Corn dogs and state fairs are another colorful layer of the American fabric, and Nathan's Famous adds their own unique twist to timeless Americana with their bite-sized Corn Dog Nuggets (P 175-6 pcs/P 270-12 pcs). The crisp and crunchy batter with its subtle sweetness complements the mildly salty and spiced hints of the all-beef hot dog for that delectable play on textural contrasts and balanced flavors. Once you start, you'll soon find out that the Corn Dog Nuggets are gone in a flash.

Each bite brings comforting and nostalgic memories of childhood summers, recreated in the tasty Corn Dog Nuggets by Nathan's Famous. A dip in ketchup completes the flavors. 

Nathan's Famous also includes a selection of burgers in its menu, like the Cheeseburger (P 250). A good burger doesn't have to be complicated, and Nathan's Famous adheres to this simple philosophy with the use of premium beef and cheese with fresh red onions on a soft bun. And it works. 

No unnecessary frills with pure, uncluttered flavors, the rich beefy notes of the patty punches through smoothened by the cheese followed by the sharp bite of red onions for uncomplicated yet comforting flavors. Other burger options at Nathan's Famous include the Plain Burger (P 220), the Bacon Cheese Burger (P 290) and Super Bacon Cheese Burger (P 330).  

A salad in a wrap? Nathan's Famous has that too. The Fish Fillet Salad Wrap (P 220) offers crunchy textures from the crisp battered and fried fish fillet and garden-fresh vegetables for a light yet satisfying meal. The flavors are fresh and clean, with contrasting textures for that perfect finish.

Now it's time for the all-beef hot dogs at Nathan's Famous. Dining at Nathan's Famous just isn't complete without their signature offerings of all-beef hot dogs. Call me an old-fashioned traditionalist, but I enjoy classic hot dogs over fancier versions with complicated toppings any time. And the Sauerkraut Dog (P 185) works for me. An all-beef hot dog longer than the bun smothered with a mound of mildly sour and tart sauerkraut offers the perfect play of contrasting yet perfectly balanced flavors with each bite. 

The subtle and fresh crunch along with the bold flavors of the sauerkraut just complements the all-beef hot dog, all you need is a cold beer and a baseball game to complete the vibe. 

If you love cheese with just a whisper of soothing heat, the Jalapeño Cheese Dog (P 225) should do the trick. The all-beef hot dog is draped in creamy cheese topped with sweet and mildly spicy Jalapeño for that extra kick in flavor. But the heat from the Jalapeño doesn't overwhelm the palate, so you can rest easy. The pickled peppers deliver a hint of sweetness followed by gentle sharp notes that will have you going for another bite. The richness of the cheese, snap of the all-beef hot dog and buttery softness of the bun rounds out another winning flavor combo from Nathan's Famous

But if I have to pick just one at Nathan's Famous, then it has to be the Plain Hot Dog (P 160) with pickles, relish, mustard and ketchup. Why? Because the flavors are real. And timeless. Just the way Nathan's Famous started back in 1916 with simple yet satisfying meals on a bun highlighted by their specialty all-beef hot dogs. And they've been doing it right for over 106 years. And counting.

When you break it down, all you need are three simple components for that perfect hand-held meal. The hot dog, condiments and the bun. Start with the all-beef hot dog, the essential mix of condiments including pickles, relish, mustard and ketchup, and a soft bun. And everything just works from there, from the first bite all the way to the last.

Pure Americana expressed in hearty flavors prepared well, you'll find it at Nathan's Famous

While at Nathan's Famous, why not bring home the experience with their selection of specialty hot dogs? A quick scan of the chillers reveals a tempting selection of hot dogs like Nathan's Famous Jumbo Restaurant Style Franks, Pretzel Dogs, Bagel Dogs and this Evergood Pineapple Sausage as some of the tasty options for a piece of Americana. You can also order online for delivery, just send a quick PM to Nathan's Famous on their FB Page at

Nathan and Ida Handwerker spent their life savings to start what would become an iconic New York institution. It's the American dream, retold with each serving of their specialty all-beef hot dogs not only in Coney Island and New York but around the world. And it's now in Manila. Experience the flavor of New York at Nathan's Famous, now open at SM Mall of Asia...

Nathan's Famous is located at the Ground Floor of SM Mall of Asia Entertainment Hall, Pasay City Metro Manila. You can also call 8929 9000 or visit their FB Page at for more updates.

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