Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Flavorful Eruptions: Meet the Limited Edition Black Volcano King by Ramen Nagi

Richer, deeper and bolder. Ramen Nagi unleashes an explosion of flavors in a bowl with its latest limited edition King Ramen. Are you ready for the Black Volcano King?

From April 8 to May 8, 2024, Ramen Nagi serves up its latest Limited Edition Ramen King variant with the aptly named Black Volcano King taking both flavor and richness up a notch. The intense notes with each sip and bite from the savory and fiery tonkotsu broth enriched with squid ink and loaded with blackened garlic drapes the palate with its lingering notes followed by its explosive yet soothing heat from the red oil. Could this be the boldest ramen rendition yet from Ramen Nagi? Maybe so. Read on for a tasty peek...

Long known for bringing traditional as well as modern renditions of the classic Japanese noodle staple with its inventive Limited Edition King Series, Ramen Nagi turns up the heat with its newest offering appropriately named the Black Volcano King. Bannered by its signature Butao King with the original tonkotsu stock, Green King with its fusion of olive oil, fresh basil and Parmesan; the Red King with its layer of fiery heat and the Black King with its blend of blackened garlic and squid ink along with the continuous roll-out of creative limited edition variants keeps the ramen experience constantly refreshed and updated. For ramen lovers, this constant stream of regular new offerings becomes a much anticipated event. And from April 8 to May 8, 2024, Ramen Nagi promises pure bursts of savory flavors with the new Black Volcano King. Guaranteed.

The new Black Volcano King combines the deep and nutty richness of the Black King with the lingering heat of the Red King for a potent double dose of flavors. If you've tried the both the Red King and Black King before, then you can already imagine the intense blend of bold and unrestrained flavors. Loaded with more black garlic than the Black King with its distinctive squid ink broth and the intense heat from the special chili oil of the Red King, this is without a doubt the richest  expression yet by the ramen masters of Ramen Nagi

That first sip sets the tone driven by the deep nutty richness of the black garlic and the bold savory notes with just a whisper of briny sweetness from the squid ink. Then, the second layer in the complex weave of flavors sneaks in with the fiery finish of the special chili oil. Add the extra punch from the spicy mound of minced pork and you have one solid bowl of pure ramen goodness. 

The other components of the new ramen creation then comes into play, from the savory and fork-tender slabs of the pork chashu to the indulgent tamago. And of course, the noodles completes the dish absorbing all the infused flavors. It's unapologetically rich without holding back all the way to the last sip and bite. For many, this may be the ultimate Ramen Nagi variant while some may find it just a bit overwhelming. Then again, taming it down to a milder version just defeats the novel concept and intent behind the Black Volcano King. It's all-in or nothing without compromises or concessions for a safer approach to flavors, and Ramen Nagi clearly makes a bold statement with the new limited edition variant. 

For ramen lovers, it's an experience you should try at least once. And if the level of savory richness is right up your alley, come back for a second and third visit maybe more until May 8

I personally enjoyed the multiple layers of flavors, gaining in intensity with each succeeding bite. It's this unbridled even unrestricted style that defines the Ramen Nagi experience differentiating it from the other ramen options. And this is reflected in the aptly named Black Volcano King. The name just says it all. 

The Limited Edition King by Ramen Nagi captures the innovative spirit of the ramen masters, with each new variant refreshing and updating the ramen experience. And that's reason enough enough to visit your nearest Ramen Nagi branch. Ready for the bold, deep and rich bursts of flavors of the Black Volcano King? Go all in and commit yourself to a new ramen expression only at Ramen Nagi. But better hurry. The new Black Volcano King is available for a limited run until May 8...

Ramen Nagi is located at O-Square 2, Greenhills Shopping Center, Ortigas Avenue, Metro Manila. You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at https://www.facebook.com/RamenNagiManila/ and https://www.instagram.com/ramennagimanila/ for more information and updates.

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