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Lambtastic: Meat and Livestock Australia Appoints Chef Robby Goco as the First "Lambassador" for the Philippines

Chef Robby Goco adds yet another feather to his cap with his recent appointment as the new Lambassador for Meat and Livestock Australia. And that's no surprise among loyal customers at his restaurants serving his signature lamb specialties. At Souv by Cyma, Chef Robby Goco unveils his new menu selection for the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors... 

In an exciting and significant milestone bridging culinary cultures with Australia, the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) in collaboration with the Victorian Government recently appointed Chef Robby Goco as its latest global Lambassador representing the Philippines. The innovative initiative identifies and selects influential food professionals from around the world who are passionate about cooking with the finest Australian lamb. The very first Lambassador for the Philippines, Chef Robby Goco showcases his mastery with Australian lamb through his savory and exquisite new lamb dishes for the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors at Souv by Cyma. Ready for an all-out lamb feast? Then, read on...

The popular lamb dishes of Chef Robby Goco has always been on the list of bestsellers at his restaurants Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma. Since 2006, Chef Robby Goco's signature lamb specialties like the Loukanika or lamb sausages, Lamb Keftedes or meatballs, Gyros and Lamb Kebabs, Lamb Chops, Paidakia or lamb ribs, Lamb Yiouvetsi and Kreatika Meast Platters with lamb were always at the very top of everyone's list. 

As the newest member of the prestigious global Lambassador program by the Meat and Livestock Australia, Chef Robby Goco unveils four new lamb dishes for the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors of Souv by Cyma and Cyma Greek Taverna. Roasted, grilled, stewed and fried, Chef Robby Goco highlights both the quality and versatility of Australian lamb in his special menu additions at Souv by Cyma and Cyma Greek Taverna (for more on the Greek cuisine of Souv by Cyma, see my post Fresh, Modern and Progressive Greek Cuisine at Souv! by Cyma from way back in 2017). 

And when it comes to lamb dishes, Chef Robby Goco is the man for the job. A pioneering trailblazer and restaurateur, Chef Robby Goco brings his own take on traditional Greek cuisine including sumptuous lamb dishes to the local culinary mainstream with the continued success of Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma. His inspiring culinary journey continues with a new chapter as Lambassador for Meat and Livestock Australia entrusted with the mission to drive awareness and appreciation for world class Australian lamb in the Filipino dining experience and the local gastronomic landscape. 

His partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia as the country's Lambassador includes creating and developing exciting new dishes highlighting the unique qualities of Australian lamb encouraging diners to explore and experience the premium meat. And that's a welcome development for the local dining scene. For fans of Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma, that means new lamb dishes to try and add to your list.  

The global Lambassador initiative by Meat and Livestock Australia brings together the very best chefs and food professionals on a journey of discovery and learning to showcase natural, free range, pasture raised, grass-fed, high quality Australian lamb to the world. Chef Robby Goco's appointment as Lambassador was formally celebrated at Souv by Cyma last April 17 with guests from Meat and Livestock Australia and trade partners. It was also the launch of the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors featuring four new lamb dishes at Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma. That day, the stage was formally set for a lavish culinary experience celebrating the best of Australian lamb. 

The appointment of Chef Robby Goco as Lambassador for Meat and Livestock Australia is in recognition of his pioneering efforts in making lamb a mainstream ingredient not only in his restaurants but in the larger stage of Filipino cuisine. 

"We are thrilled to appoint Robby Goco as the Philippines' Lambassador, promoting Australian lamb across the Philippines," announced Spencer Whitaker, Meat and Livestock Australia Market Development Manager for the Asia Pacific. "Chef Robby's passion for culinary innovation and dedication to quality perfectly aligns with our commitment to delivering premium Australian lamb to consumers worldwide. We look forward to collaborating with Robby to elevate awareness and appreciation for Australian lamb within the vibrant culinary scene of the Philippines." 

Chef Robby Goco's new lamb dishes explores the infinite possibilities and versatility of premium Australian lamb promising new and delectable flavor experiences. His uncompromising commitment to real and bold natural flavors elevates the status of lamb and Australian lamb in particular to the next level as reflected in four new savory and masterfully executed renditions. 

As Chef Robby headed back to the kitchen, guests were served some of Souv by Cyma's popular mezze or appetizers like the Fried Seafood Platter with shrimps, sardines and calamari with cocktail sauce, tzatziki and a wedge of lime. Also served that day were Marinated Beets and EVOO, Taramosalata or whipped Greek caviar with lemon, dill and salmon roe and Dakos or Greek panzanella with sweet tomato pulp, feta cheese and sweet onions. Little Yering Chardonnay and Little Yering Pinot Noir from Western Australia were paired with the mezze and savory mains. 

A table featured the new lamb dishes by Chef Robby for a tasty preview of the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors at Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma...

...led by the fork-tender and juicy 8-Hour Roast Lamb Shoulder laid on Greek fries with lemon and oregano. Slow roasted for eight hours, the savory roast lamb with its charred edges teased the palate with its contrasting textures and bold flavorful richness. The quality of the lamb becomes evident from the very first bite with its clean notes and subtle sweetness. The thick-cut fries completes the dish. In between bites, the fresh flavors of the marouli or Greek Spring Salad cleanses the palate and you're ready for another round of tasty bites. 

The aptly named Low and Slow Lamb Stew is a comforting and hearty Greek stifado-style dish with grape molasses or petimezi, carrots and whole shallots topped with fresh parsley and sweet and tart sumac onions. Like butter, the tender slabs of lamb just melts in your mouth raping the palate with a savory richness. The thick stew, infused with the distinct notes of the lamb and vegetables releases a burst of indulgent flavors perfectly tempered by the sumac onions and the sweetness of the carrots and shallots for that decadent yet balanced finish. The dish pairs well with the soft Brown Rice Pilaf for a satisfying complete meal.

The fall-off-the-bone Paidakia Lamb Ribs Verjus is another tasty variation of one of Chef Robby's popular dishes. The unrestrained savory richness of the lamb ribs comes through, glazed with the sharp and mildly acidic vinegar verjus made from unripe grapes enhancing the flavors for contrasting notes. The complex play on flavors comes together in a balanced weave with each bite from the bold notes of the lamb ribs to the tartness of the verjus glaze and just a whisper of fragrant smoky hints from the charcoal grill completing the flavorful layers. Pair the Paidakia Lamb Ribs with the Greek Village Salad or horiatiki for a winning combo. 

The three dishes presented earlier each offered unique sets of flavors highlighting the quality and versatility of Australian lamb but the biggest surprise of the tasty lamb quartet by Chef Robby was the Country-Style Fried Lamb, tender breaded fried lamb chops topped with a lemon wedge. Similar to the southern style chicken fried steak with lamb chops instead of beefsteak, the Country-Style Fried Lamb offers deeper and richer flavors along with textural contrasts from the juicy meat and the delicately light and crisp layer of breading that will have you going for another bite. A fresh squeeze of lemon brings out even more flavors. What to pair with this dish? I suggest the briam or Greek Roasted Vegetable Stew

Back in the kitchen, Chef Robby and his team prepared and assembled the trays containing all four new dishes for the guests...

...and after a few finishing touches, The Lambtastic Festival of Flavors feast was served. 

8-Hour Roasted Lamb on Greek fries, Low and Slow Lamb Stew, Paidakia Lamb Ribs Verjus and Country Style Fried Lamb, four masterful and savory renditions with world class Australian lamb by Lambassador Chef Robby Goco. And you too can have a taste at Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma

It's good to see premium Australian lamb take the limelight enriching the local culinary landscape. And there's just no one better for the job than Chef Robby Goco leading the charge for Meat and Livestock Australia. For fans of Cyma Greek Taverna and Souv by Cyma, you're in for a treat with the Lambtastic Festival of Flavors. For those looking for a new flavor experience, the new lamb offerings are the perfect menu options to explore and experience the flavorful richness and versatility of Australia's finest.

For more information about Chef Robby Goco and Souv by Cyma, visit their website at You can also visit their FB Page and IG Feed at and for more information and updates. 

For more information about Meat and Livestock Australia and the Lambassador initiative, visit their website at and for additional information.

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