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Got SPAM®? 7-Eleven and SPAM® Presents the SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

An iconic staple deeply ingrained in our collective and nostalgic culinary memories takes the spotlight once more in yet another masterful and creative collaboration. Your favorite neighborhood convenience store brings your favorite canned pork product to the shelves with its novel and innovative spin inspired by Japanese and Korean flavors with the latest offering from its 7-Fresh line...

SPAM® fried and browned on a frying pan at home never fails to immediately trigger our appetite whether it's breakfast, lunch, a light snack or dinner straight off the can. Easy to prepare and full of flavor, it's become one of many comfort food staples in the home pantry. Paired with hot pandesal or fried rice and egg with kimchi, everyone has a particular way of enjoying the enduring brand and your go-to convenience store adds to the flavorful play list with its newest product offerings. 7-Eleven and SPAM® team up for a savory fusion of Japanese and Korean flavors from its innovative 7-Fresh line with the new SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich. After celebrating its milestone 40th year (see my post, Forty-gether: 7-Eleven Celebrates Forty Years in the Philippines), your favorite neighborhood convenience store is rolling out even more tasty treats in the pipeline. Ready for a bite? Then, read on...

Photo provided by 7-Eleven Philippines
The new SPAM® Japanese x Korean Snacks from the 7-Fresh line of 7-Eleven marks the latest offering from a long series of creative collaborations with noted chefs, restaurants and brands providing affordable and tasty options any time of day. The duo of SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich offers new and unique flavors yet comfortingly familiar guaranteed to satisfy any appetite. 

"Spiced Ham" or "Shoulder of Pork and Ham," the origins of the name from Hormel Foods Corporation's iconic brand is said to be known only by a small circle of former Hormel executives. But one thing we do know is that a brother of a Hormel executive came up with the name and awarded a $100 prize. Little did he know that the name would be recognized the world over becoming one of the iconic and timeless brands celebrated in popular culture. Specifically created to boost sales of pork shoulder, it has since reached epic volumes of a billion cans in 1959 and topping the eight billion mark by 2012. Since 1937, SPAM® has become part of the daily culinary and cultural mainstream and a home pantry essential. And now, you'll find inventive and tasty renditions of SPAM® with the SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich on the shelves of select Luzon 7-Eleven branches

Photo provided by 7-Eleven Philippines
The versatility of the brand can be seen in the way we enjoy it, from homestyle silog to fried rice, sandwiches and even soups and stews. 7-Eleven showcases yet another flavorful rendition with the new SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich. It's innovations like this that make 7-Eleven everyone's favorite neighborhood convenience store. And 7-Eleven knows how to tease and delight your palate and taste buds with buck-saving and inventive offerings. Following the success of the Beef Bulgogi Onigirazu and Korean Egg Drop Sandwich adding to its portfolio of bestsellers alongside sumptuous meal offerings (see more on my previous post, Satisfy Your K-Ravings with the Savory New Additions to the 7-Eleven Chef Creations x Romantic Baboy On-The-Go Korean Meals from early this year), 7-Eleven continues to roll out new products for tasty and satisfying bites. 

And who doesn't love SPAM®? 7-Eleven offers SPAM® lovers a double dose of pure SPAM® goodness with a tasty snack and meal from its 7-Fresh line. The new offerings reflect the infinite possibilities with SPAM® drawing inspiration from Japanese and Korean flavors straight off the shelves of 7-Eleven. The SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu (P 79) and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich (P 99) lets you rediscover your love for SPAM® from that first bite all the way to the last. 

The SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu (P 79) is an intricately executed snack with soft and sticky rice, SPAM®, cheese, fluffy eggs and smooth and rich mayo dressing wrapped in a nori sheet for a quick, satisfying and tasty hand-held snack on-the-go. 

The subtle sweet and nutty notes of the nori sheet along with the delectable textural play from the rice combine well with the bold savory flavors of SPAM® smoothened by the fluffy egg, cheese and mayo in an elegantly complex yet flavorful weave. And the SPAM® really cuts through draping the palate with its savory richness. 

Like a stacked and fully loaded version of a musubi or onigiri, the new SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu delivers both on flavor and value built on the 7-Eleven values of providing the best quality that's easy on the wallet. And that's a winning formula. 

The SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu is not only tasty but quite filling too. One is a hearty snack, and two can be a satisfying meal in itself. The new SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu is a welcome addition to the 7-Fresh line of 7-Eleven, and that means more options for loyal fans of everyone's favorite neighborhood convenience store. 

The new SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich (P 99) is a heftier handheld meal and the latest in a growing series of Korean-inspired egg drop sandwiches at 7-Eleven. Imagine SPAM® layered with cheese and egg in between soft and buttery brioche bread. The K-style egg drop sandwich is given that unique SPAM® treatment and it works. Perfectly. 

The bold savory hints from the slab of SPAM® anchors the sandwich with its lingering flavors complemented by the cheese, fluffy egg and thick yet soft brioche for a hearty meal in itself. Each component stands out yet complements the other in a seamlessly balanced blend of rich and contrasting notes. I've always enjoyed SPAM® sandwiches at home and 7-Eleven clearly has a winner right here with the SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich

Best enjoyed hot, you can have it conveniently warmed up on the microwave at 7-Eleven or better yet grill both sides for a few minutes on a pan at home to get that delicately light crispness on the edges. Each bite is then accompanied by that subtle crunch that will have you going for more. The filling of SPAM®, egg and cheese combine for a lavish play on rich, creamy mildly salty hints for a quick savory meal anytime at 7-Eleven

It's really no wonder that the industry leading 7-Eleven is regarded by many of its loyal fans as the paboritong kapitbahay driven by its unique and creative renditions and product concepts that's big on taste without busting your wallet. And as 7-Eleven continues to innovate as your favorite neighborhood convenience store on its milestone fortieth year, you can expect even more delectable bites and hearty snacks and meals like the SPAM® Egg and Cheese Onigirazu and SPAM® Egg and Cheese Korean Egg Drop Sandwich now available in select Luzon branches. Got SPAM®? 7-Eleven definitely has it on the shelves, so head on over your nearest go-to convenience store for that much-awaited SPAM® fix...

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