Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Five Days with Yummy Diet

I always thought a healthy diet meant bland flavors with little else to excite your palate. Fifteen meals in five days changed all that...

Yummy Diet offers a range of healthy flavorful dishes from 1200, 1500, and 1800 calorie sets, including No-Rice and No-Carb options, with prices starting at P 1,800. And that includes Free Delivery too in selected areas. Sticking to a diet was never this easy. Or tasty.

Each day's set menu is neatly packed, with instructions on the day's meals. Each meal is marked, with coffee and hot tea, fresh fruits and snacks, including a fork and spoon. Delivered a day before, starting your Yummy Diet is easy. Simply microwave your meal and you're ready for a taste of Yummy Diet's special meals. 

Day 1: Breakfast. My five-day Yummy Diet experience begins with a hearty and flavorful breakfast of Asparagus, Mushroom, and Tomato Frittata with pan de sal and black coffee. The rich flavors of the vegetable frittata was a pleasant surprise, not at all like the usual diet food flavors. And it was surprisingly filling too. Paired with black coffee and a banana that comes with your meal, my first taste and experience with Yummy Diet is off on a great start.

Day 1: Lunch. After a filling and flavorful breakfast, I was looking forward to lunch. Yummy Diet's Cuban Roasted Pork with Steamed Red Rice, tender lean pork with a hint of lemon paired with red rice and fresh fruit, for lunch. The delicate flavors of the pork are punctuated by the lemon, and together with the soft red rice, I enjoyed another healthy meal with rich flavors.

Day 1: Dinner. Later that evening, a light meal with Yummy Diet's Fish and Cream Cheese Roll-Ups with hot tea concluded my first day. The fish and cream cheese combo delivered perfectly balanced flavors. Light yet filling, and full of flavor, I never thought I'd make it past the first day, and was looking forward to the next day's menu from Yummy Diet.

Day 2: Breakfast. I start my second day right with Yummy Diet's Aroz Ala Cubana wth Steamed Red Rice, black coffee, and grapes. There's a comforting familiarity with the day's breakfast, and the flavors of Yummy Kitchen's version come through. The sunny side-up, lean ground beef and fried plantains pair well with the red rice, with rich flavors in every spoonful.  Another good start with Yummy Diet.

Day 2: Lunch. A light yet filling lunch with Yummy Diet's Lettuce Bowl with Mushroom and Hoisin Shredded Chicken and an orange, with tender chicken and fresh lettuce. The contrasting textures of the juicy chicken and crisp lettuce combine for a flavorful lunch, with the light hoisin sauce adding more flavor. Simply roll up and fold your chicken-stuffed lettuce and take a big bite. End your meal with an orange...nice.

Day 2: Dinner. Going vegetarian for dinner with Yummy Diet's Vegetarian Curry with Steamed Red Rice and hot tea. I've always wondered how I would fare with a vegetarian meal, and I have to say, this isn't bad at all. The creamy curry with vegetables and tofu are packed with flavor, and the meal is quite filling.

Day 3: Breakfast. My third day starts with Yummy Diet's Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich, black coffee and an apple. The lemon and pepper hints add that flavorful kick to the delicate and tender chicken and the whole wheat bread rounds out the flavors with its nutty notes.

Day 3: Lunch. For lunch, Asian flavors come alive with Yummy Diet's Chinese Beef Broccoli Stir-Fry with Steamed Red Rice and a pineapple cup. Rich and robust flavors for another comforting lunch. I like the fact that each meal is perfectly balanced, with fresh fruits to complete the dish.

Day 3: Dinner. I end my third day with Yummy Diet's Hearty Chicken Stew with Steamed Red Rice and hot tea. Lean chicken breast in a light yet flavorful sauce with potatoes and carrots, paired with red rice, and another satisfying meal from Yummy Diet. So far, each dish is surprisingly rich with flavor, something I totally did not expect. And Yummy Diet continues to surprise with the next round of dishes...

Day 4: Breakfast. A creamy Tuna Casserole with Garlic Red Rice, black coffee and kiat-kiat starts my fourth day with Yummy Diet. I enjoyed the creamy texture of the tuna casserole with the garlic red rice, and this was gone in few minutes. Cap your breakfast with some refreshingly sweet and tart kiat-kiat, and you're ready for another day.

Day 4: Lunch. Lunch for the day is a hearty Fish Fillet Au Gratin with Greens and Steamed Red Rice, which I enjoyed as well. The hefty fillet is rich and filling, with delicate yet satisfying flavors. Knowing my appetite, I was satisfied with the lunch portion, and surprised it was more than enough to get you through the rest of the day.

Day 4: Dinner. I end the day with a light dinner, with Yummy Diet Kitchen's Lite Carbonara with hot tea. At first glance, you might think the pasta dish would have subtle flavors, but Yummy Kitchen has a way of bringing out the flavors. Another surprising meal from Yummy Kitchen.

Day 5: Breakfast. My last day begins with Yummy Diet Kitchen's Black Bean Burrito and black coffee. Like all the previous breakfast dishes from Yummy Diet, the Black Bean Burrito is packed with flavor, and filling too. Paired with black coffee and some fruit, it's another great start for the day.

Day 5: Lunch. Stir-Fry Kangkong with Tofu and Oyster Sauce and Steamed Red Rice, another vegetarian meal that's light yet refreshing, and tasty too. The sweet and sharp notes of the oyster sauce add so much flavor to the dish, I didn't mind another vegetarian dish. And the best part is you feel completely satisfied after this meal, all the way until dinner...

Day 5: Dinner. My last dinner with Yummy Diet is also a personal favorite, with Yummy Diet's Lebanese Chicken with French Beans and Potatoes, with its light and delicate flavors. The lean chicken breast is punctuated by a medley of spices, adding layers of subtle flavors. The potatoes provide the starch component for the meal, and the crisp French beans complete the dish.

Fruits and snacks accompany your Yummy Diet meal, and each day with the Yummy Diet Plan leaves you happily filled and satisfied. Have a chat with Yummy Diet and create your own plan based on your own specs and requirements. A healthy diet doesn't necessarily mean bland flavors and small portions. Five Days with Yummy Diet is convincing proof, with each dish packing so much flavor. And I wouldn't mind going another five days with Yummy Diet...

Yummy Diet's Weekly Sets start at P 1,800 with free delivery in selected areas, just call 0917-889-8660  and 0917-889-8601 or email at yummydietph@gmail.com for orders and inquiries. For more information, you can visit their FB Page at https://www.facebook.com/yummydietph.

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