Thursday, December 4, 2014

University Comfort Food and Good Times at Skull & Bones

Remember those times when a good burger and a cold beer would just make any bad day a whole lot better? At Skull & Bones, it still does...

Burgers, mac & cheese, and fried chicken tenders with a cold beer, comforting flavors that just brings back so many memories. Owners Patrick Santos and Chef Cuit Kaufman recreates those days with its classic menu at Skull & Bones.

Inside Skull & Bones, the brightly colored sofas and checkerboard tiled flooring give it a cozy college "clubhouse" feel, where you can just sit back and relive those wild days back in college with a cold beer and a burger. Or a hefty burrito. Or a bowl of mac & cheese after one too many beers. Skull and Bones is that kind of place...

Lining the walls of Skull & Bones are an eclectic mix of collegiate memorabilia, including old photos, banners, golf clubs, and these wooden oars giving it a distinct east coast university town vibe.

On one side, vintage style lockers add to the old college vibe and deep inside, a beer pong table completes that youthful feel. And just like those times back in college, you get that positive feeling that here, anything is possible. Maybe it's that feeling of youthful optimism that I miss, and one can't help but feel so at home here at Skull & Bones. 

Start with the crisp and juicy Buffalo Chicken Tenders (P 180), with a spicy chili sauce and cream dip to spike up the flavors. The light yet crisp breading adds that layer of crunch contrasting with the tender chicken that makes it hard to stop. Grab one more beer and and go for another piece.

Then, Chef Cuit Kaufman transforms the usual loaf of bread into something totally new and different. The Bacon Cheddar Bread Pull Apart (P 360), round sourdough bread topped with bacon and cheddar, sliced to easily "pull apart." Wrapped in foil and baked, the sourdough bread is loaded with rich and bold flavors, like something you'd whip up after a night out. Different yet familiar, just what you'd expect at Skull & Bones.

More dishes arrive, like the Trailer Park Mac & Cheese (P 260), topped with American Cheddar Cheese and Saltines crackers. The melted cheese and and crisp crackers add contrasting textures in every bite, just can't get any better than that. 

You can't mess with a comforting bowl of mac & cheese, and the version of Skull & Bones reminds you yet again why mac & cheese has a place in your personal list of comfort food favorites.  

Then, it's time for a serious meal. The classic Cheeseburger (P 260), a juicy 5 oz beef patty topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and American or Cheddar Cheese on a soft sesame seed bun. An honest-to-goodness, no-frills burger with all the familiar toppings, served with some crisp curly fries.

The thick and juicy patty is "smashed" for more flavor, and you get exactly that as it releases all its beefy goodness in one big bite. The fresh tomatoes, onions, and shredded lettuce add even more texture and flavor. Simple, uncomplicated and big on flavor, grab another ice cold beer with this one.

Or you can enjoy your meal with a refreshing Coconut Spritzer (P 120 Glass/P 500 Pitcher), sweet and creamy, pairing well with anything at Skull & Bones. You can also go for a spiked Coconut Spritzer, just in case you want something with a bite.

Remember those Hostess Twinkies? Reacquaint yourself with this iconic snack from the past at Skull & Bones. For dessert, go for the Homemade Twinkie (P 45) and Raspberry Zinger (P 45), classics reinvented with a unique spin. Good food, good times. At Skull & Bones.

Skull and Bones is located at the Second Floor at UP Town Center, Katipunan, Quezon City or call 0916-220-1668 for inquiries.

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