Thursday, December 25, 2014

Food News: Vikings Invade SM Jazz Mall

Prepare to the newest branch of Vikings.

Vikings Luxury Buffet opens its 6th branch at the new SM Jazz Mall, redefining once more the concept of buffet dining with an elegant twist.

Formally opened just last December 19, 2014, the new Vikings branch at SM Jazz Mall exudes a classic European vibe, an old world Italian charm that adds to your dining experience.  The ornate and colorful blown glass chandeliers mimic the craftsmanship from the famed Venetian island of Murano to complete the Italian theme.

In addition to the open seating areas, Vikings offers several private rooms that can be enclosed to fit your requirements. Details from the chairs to the murals and glass windows on the white brick walls reinforce the classic Italian theme, giving the newest branch a different and distinct look from the other branches of Vikings.

To celebrate the opening of their 6th and newest branch, Vikings offered a special 60% Discount for both lunch and dinner to the first 100 walk-ins from December 19 to December 24, 2014. And it's no surprise to see the long lines way before the 11am opening... 
The chefs at the different stations prepare for the 11am lunch service, and the different kitchens are fired up. The layout follows a simple linear design, with all the stations arranged in a straight line making it easier to navigate. 

Executive Chef Anton Abad heads the culinary team at Vikings SM Jazz Mall, tasked with creating an entirely new menu every week. Executive Chef Anton Abad encourages his team to be creative, and this is evident in the sumptuous spread. Here's a sampling of the culinary offerings at Vikings SM Jazz...

Start your feast at the Salad Station, with its impressive selection of fresh greens and dressings, including a refreshing Greek Salad and Thai Pomelo Salad. Or go for some appetizers, like cheese and cold cuts with freshly baked bread, or Deviled Eggs (L) and Sliders (R).
The station also offers a range of intricate appetizers delicately prepared in individual servings. The elegant selection is consistent with the theme of the new branch, matching its equally elegant interiors. 
You can find a well-stocked bar at one side, with an extensive wine list to pair with your feast. It's these little details that truly separate Vikings from the usual buffet restaurant. 
Vikings offers more than a dozen Flavored Ice Tea and Fruit Juices, like Apple Cinnamon Tea, Honeydew Lemon Mint Tea,  and Blueberry Tea,  along with the usual unlimited soda and coffee. There's also a tap for unlimited Draft Beer to complete your feast. 
At the Asian Station, you'll find the usual suspects, including a range of Japanese dishes including fresh Sushi, Sashimi, Yakitori, Tempura, Tonkatsu, bowls of Miso Soup, Okonomiyaki, and Teppanyaki
The Asian Station also offers a wide variety of Korean, Chinese and local dishes to satisfy any craving, like the crispy Shrimps with Salt and Pepper (L) and Pata Tim (R), along with other favorites. 
You'll also find their Crispy Pata Kare-Kare (L) and Pakbet (R) at the Asian Station, just in case you're in the mood for comforting local flavors. 
Craving for Dimsum? Choose from a wide selection of freshly steamed pork, vegetable and seafood dumplings at the Asian Station. Pair it with your customized do-it-yourself Hot Pot for a perfect combo. 
The Asian Station also offers a variety of Korean favorites, like Galbi Jjim, the traditional Korean beef stew (L) and Jap Chae (R), Korean style stir-fried glass noodles, along with other dishes like Kimchi, Korean Style Fried Chicken, Heamul Pajeon, and different varieties of Bulgogi
At the Italian Station, you'll find a wide selection of dishes, including Italian style Lamb Stew, Pesto Calamari, a variety of pasta dishes and some unique pizzas like the Lamb Shawarma Pizza (L) and the Black Carbonara Pizza (R).

But it's the Carving Station that always impresses me at Vikings. And here's why...

That day, the Carving Station featured premium beef, pork, turkey and lamb, ready for carving. Start with the Herbed Orange Stuffed Turkey...

...followed by a few slices of US Beef Entrecote...

...a few slices of the tender US Angus Beef Belly...

...and finally, some New Zealand Garlic and Rosemary Stuffed Leg of Lamb to cap your feast.

But there's more. Don't forget the signature Spicy Belly-Chon, crisp, juicy and tender pork belly, to complete your feast at Vikings.

For dessert, Vikings offers an equally extensive range of indulgent sweets, like the Mango Cream Cake (L) and the Colossal Caramel Cake (R). Go ahead and take a slice. A big slice...
Other options include Red Velvet Mini-Cakes (L) and Brazo de Mercedes (R), along with ice cream, a Halo-Halo Station, a soft-serve machine, and other decadent pastries. 

One last piece of Pate Choux ends my feast at Vikings' newest branch. A wide and diverse selection of flavors and cuisine in an elegant setting, Vikings continues to redefine the buffet dining concept with its own distinct and elegant touch.

Vikings is located at SM Jazz Mall, Metropolitan Avenue corner Nicanor Garcia Street, Makati City. For more information, you can visit their site here at

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