Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Old School Still Rules at Trellis

Times may have changed, yet there are some places that have withstood the constantly changing culinary landscape. Food trends come and go, the palates of local diners continue to evolve, and the influx of new flavor experiences disrupt the familiar with something refreshingly different. After more than thirty-four years, one place has seen all these changes, preserving the classic flavors for a new generation to discover. 

Trellis is one such place, where its signature dishes continue to draw a loyal base of diners, along with their families, to discover and rediscover classic comfort food. Old school has never been cooler than at Trellis.

Since it opened way back in 1980, Trellis has become one of the metro's iconic institutions built around one dish, the sizzling pork sisig. Through the years, Trellis expanded its menu with other dishes, offering diners more options. The wide open interiors remain familiar and comforting, just the way it should be.

But it's the classic Sisig that remains the bestseller to this day. The dish has long been a culinary secret in Pampanga, and Trellis is credited with bringing the dish to the metro, and serving it on a sizzling hot plate to keep it warm. A cold beer and sizzling pork sisig, it still doesn't get any better than that...

The dish that made Trellis famous, the classic Sizzling Pork Sisig (P 195), a blend of tender and crisp pork ears and cheeks, with calamansi and chili. Simple, no-fuss, and uncomplicated, this is the way it should be, with just pure and clean flavors. The sizzling sound and aroma completes the dish. The richness of the dish is balanced by the sharp notes of the calamansi and chili, making this a perfect match with an ice cold beer. After trying countless versions of sisig, the original at Trellis still reminds me why I love this dish.

Or you can order off the menu, and discover some of the secret house specials. Like the Sizzling Crispy Squid...

Crisp, breaded calamari served on a sizzling hot plate. But the real magic happens when you pour the "secret" sauce on the hot plate, as the dish comes alive with a sizzling sound releasing an aroma that makes you want to dive right in. The delicate flavors of the squid are perfectly complemented by the sauce for a burst of flavor, great with a beer.

Then, there's the refreshing Lettuce Rolls (P 190), minced pork served with fresh lettuce and hoisin sauce. Simply grab some fresh lettuce, add some minced pork, pour some sweet hoisin sauce, roll it up and take a bite. And repeat.

Burong Hipon "Balo-Balo" (P 95), served with grilled eggplant and mustasa. A traditional Capampangan dish of fermented rice with shrimps and tomatoes, best paired with fried fish or grilled vegetables. The version of Trellis is authentic and traditional, and seriously good, with the same familiar rich and briny flavors that just perks up your palate for more.

Sizzling Chicken (P 385) a half chicken on a sizzling plate with buttered vegetables. The sweet sauce creates the familiar sizzle, giving the tender and juicy chicken a light char on the bottom for contrasting textures. As is or with steamed white rice, this one is a meal in itself.

Trellis also offers a variety of fresh seafood, including grilled and fried seafood, but the Inasinan na Hipon (P 420), salted deep-fried shrimps with a vinegar dip, is another must-try dish. Deep-fried to crispy perfection, the light salt coating brings out the subtle flavors of the shrimps.

Then, it's time for some serious pork. The Crackling Liempo (P 270), crispy deep-fried pork belly with a side of tomatoes, onions and bagoong balayan, completes the feast. Have another round of beer for this one...

Perfectly fried, the pork belly has a light and airy crispness that's just great when paired with rice, or better yet, another beer.

All time classics, and still favorites, old school still rules at Trellis.

Trellis is located at 140 Matalino Street corner Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City or call 924-1056 to 56 for inquiries.

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